The worn motor treatment Details.
.It is a way to chemically end Loss of power Lousy mileage Tapping Oil burning Leak Wear Performance Problems. Is it right for your motor? Our Review

Treatment Details.

Introducing a new oil additive treatment that layers a protective coating to fill worn-away surfaces - this quiets the motor like it use to run, stops leaks, and closes the wear-widen gaps so lost compression and power is restored. This advantage ends oil burning and power loss from combustion blow-by or escape pass the pistons.

Mega Power's Worn Motor Treatment details

Where and how to you use Mega Power

    Mega Power is a engine wear protector and power restorer.

    Mega Power is added to the fuel and oil to overcome power loss and performance problems caused by wear, excessive friction, and sticky residues. If that's your car problem, try this product.

    Such negatives speed up wear out by several years and deters full combustion development - or the loss of it from blow-by escape pass the piston. More Treatment Details.

    Mega Power helps new, rebuilt, and more commonly, worn engines, transmissions, drive gears, power steering, air conditioner compressors, and such end friction drag, sticky residue, acid damage and other wear increasing negatives in car trucks tractors and motorized equipment.

    If your motor shows a Loss of power Lousy mileage Valve Tap & Oil burning, order this product to end it problem and restore its former new power.

    New chemical technology makes this possible. More Treatment Details.

This Review covers the Mega Power "Worn Motor Treatment."

Treatment for Worn Motor Revitalizing

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Order Mega Power now! Get it in your cars. Get on down the road of life faster, smoother, less expensively.

Mega Power is easy to install. Nothing to take a part. Just add as shown to the gas and oil. Driving does the actual needed conditioning.

Order one or more treatments from these specials below...

    One Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment 6 items as shown
    Shipped Fedex to your door in about 3 days. Comes with easy to follow instructions, guarantee. My personal help by phone. I'm a mechanic. $65+ $15s&H= $80 total

    Two Treatments 12 items. $120+ $15s&h= $135 total. Save $35
    Six Treatments $300+ $15s&h+ $315 total. Save $180

    Save $30. Protect both your motor and transmission too:

    Order One Motor Treatment of the 6 items, for your motor $65, and a similar Treatment - The Mega Power Transmission Service #TS3 -3 items: $60+ $15s&h=$75, for your transmission you want to protect: 9 items, just $110, plus $15s&p= $125 total. Specify this WMTE&T combo pak 9 items - if you want the motor and transmission combo protection.

    Order Two Combo Sets for two car engines and transmissions, 18 items, just $200 plus $15s&h= $215 total. Save $65

Motor problem help. Call me to ask a question or to order at 1 512 665 3388

    Order by mail: include check or money order made payable to
    George Christ Mega Power: Address: Mega Power. 210 Durango St. San Marcos, tx 78666

    Email question, motor problem help needed, or place an order to:

    Treatment Advantages.

    We chose Mega Power because

    • Mega Power More Treatment Details. The product is in its uniqueness to help vehicle owners reduce or avoid expensive repairs in older and worn motors for years on end. That is unique, wouldn't you say? How it works... More Treatment Details.

    • Deep inside your motor, 6 different beneficial actions begin - to end several wear problems and restore a like-near new performance again. Six ingredients make the treatment work. See picture. They are easy to install by anyone.

    • To work, Mega Power cleans and frees, then smooths friction-roughen pistons, bearings, valves, and gears so they once again slide and move freely as they should. That is good, but it does more... More Treatment Details.

    • Next, it layers a protective coating to fill worn-away surfaces - this quiets the motor like it use to be, stops leaks, and closes the wear-widen gaps so lost compression and power is restored.

    • This is what makes possible the sudden feel you think you have a new motor. The combined improvement makes for smoother shifting and for faster zip and power down the road.

    • You might say, "Mega Power with its MC+ chemically slows to a crawl the 3 main causes of wear-out in anything mechanical." It is a great invention!

    • The end result is a great performing car again and able to provide years more usage to its owner.

      I guess you know - new, tight-fitting pistons and gears and such have a lot of friction and have to "break-in." The problem is this. Some parts never do. That is OK if it happens during the warranty period.

    • But you pay the bill - when pre-mature wear out of some part occurs after the warranty period. That is not the Motor problem you want, is it?

    • Mega Power smooths the wear-in process instantly.

    • Those who want to stop the wear-in process from continuing - have found a simple remedy to do so that Mega Power invented. We have found it adds years longer time span before repair and overhaul in our cars and equipment is needed, as a product advantage.

    The Treatment Details. Problems Mega Power Ends in Older Motors

      You know or heard that friction, acids, metal-melting temperature, combustion, and oil breakdown residues rob a car of years of extra life.

      Mega Power stops the Motor problem and damage chemically.

      This makes possible the recover of the original new power, or maintains it indefinitely.

      Steam ship builders added it in brand new ship motors to extend their life. Mercedes Benz owners, in some parts of the world, use it keep their new-car warranty valid. Chrysler found it the only chemistry in the world to stop premature wear - and added it to their engines.

      However, me, and car owners - perhaps like you, who don't know a gas cap from a radiator cap, and mechanics who use Mega Power in older, worn engines and discovered, Mega Power:

        * Stops oil burning * Ends blue and black exhaust smoking * Overcomes age, wear, low compression problems * And - Restores worn-away power before you can drive around the block! * Quiets noisy motors and valve tapping * Stops oil leaks. Gaskets seepage, too. * Ends rough idle - Frees sticky valves. Cleans dirty emission valves. Cleans dirty spark plugs

    What typical Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment users say, and the results given:

    * "My new Ford pick up has been back to the dealer 3 times to fix a leaking crank shaft seal. Your Mega Power Treatment stop the leak the fourth time. It's been two years and no new leak yet.

    You were right, George! Piston combustion blow-by created high pressure in the crank case - and caused oil to squeeze out and leak - not bad seals. Mega Power stop the leak and the cause of the leak. The dealer did not figure out the cause - but your Mega Power did. It works. I now use it at every oil change to keep the problem away." BB *

    My 98 Honda burns 2 quarts of oil between oil changes. The mechanic said wear and high mileage was the cause. About $2000 would fix it.

    A friend recommended your Mega Power for my engine. I can go 5000 miles and only add a half quart of oil now. It use to used two quarts between 3000 mile oil changes. I go 5000 between oil changes with your products help. And the power it use to have has returned. I use it just like you say." PM *

    "Stop my valve lifter tap when synthetic oil couldn't do it, and the engine runs much better - surprisingly." *

    "I bought my Chevy Astro Cargo Van cheap because the motor had a lot of wear and 124,400 miles on it. It ran sluggishly and had a rough idle. I tried your Treatment and within minutes it ran a lot smoother.

    Hot or cold, it now starts up fast, runs great, and has full power up and down hills. It picked up a good 30 or 40 more miles distance between fill ups. I install the Mega Power Refresher each 5000 mile oil change. The mileages is now at 278,293 and it runs as good as new. The same goes for the transmission and power steering Mega Power Treatments you sold me, to end their rough shifting and steering growls." GCul>

    "Why is Mega Power so good at all this,"people ask?

    Mega Power is a great anti-wear motor problem preventer.

    Mega Power's inventor, originally MADE the formula TO PREVENT all kinds of wear and performance problems by ending the problem at the microscopic level:

    * HOWEVER, IN DOING SO, it was found Mega Power helped to avoid some expensive tune and repair problems * Gets any size or brand of engine running Good-as-New again - instantly * Keeps it that way for years on end * When others - not using Mega Power are force to spend up to $3000 for a motor repair, or $30,000 for a new vehicle, to solve their vehicle wear problem - us Mega Power Treatment users enjoy great running vehicles years and years past.

    Here's what you should know about my help in solving your Motor problem.

    Who Am I? I'm George Christ. They call me The Car Doctor.

    I have 30 years direct experience testing and using additives to solve wear an residue caused problems.

    My methods keeps any size, age, and brand of vehicle running great, years and years past what any other method of care can provide.

    As America's Expert in this field, I train mechanics in this type of maintenance. I know what to use, and I'll show you what you need to end your motor wear and performance problem.

    This Web site covers my tech-side experience using "Mega Power Remedies" for engine, transmission, cooling system, power steering, fuel related, exhaust, tune-up, and wear-worn related problems.

    Bud Esterline and his company, Mega Power invented this formula - called The Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment. The picture of if this Treatment is shown below.

    You will notice 6 products make up the "treatment."

    The following is what it takes to solve the problems listed above.

    You need chemistry to return smoothness to, and to fill the gaps worn away by rough surfaces. That is two of the ingredients.

    Your motor needs a great cleaning process to remove dirty, sticky residues left behind from previous oil changes. They are big contributors to, or the cause of your wear and performance problem. That is is two of the products - one for the top and one for the bottom of the motor.

    Finally, you need to layer a anti-wear coating over lose-fitting, and worn-away spaces.

    This combined action stops the above problems almost indefinitely.

    Chrysler, Mercedes Benz, even huge ship builders have solved and prevented engine wear, and performance problems with Mega Power.

    Now, you can use their Motor problem-solving abilities, too!

    I'll give you easy steps and explanations to follow - and in an hour to a few days driving, the chemistry will have your car or equipment problem ended and running great again - I Guarantee it!

    About your Motors problem and its remedy

    They are all in some way due to common wear and tear. Something we imagined our regular oil changes would prevent - but, just do not!

    Just follow "My Recipe" - the directions I show mechanics to follow. They are listed on a page I will send you to. They are included with your order. You can always call me and I'll help you with installation - that's what I get paid for.

    Its easy.... It's inexpensive, fun, fast, amazingly impressive.

    A ride around the block always sells the product - as you can feel the power instantly return - just like what a near new motor gives. Imagine what that will do to relieve you of worry and end your anxiety as to what-you-need-to-do for your motor problem.

    I say, "This Motor problem solver will work - or there is no cost for trying it to you!"

    The Guarantee I give with your Mega Power Motor Treatment Product

    I want you to used and test my product recommendations, Risk Free, to make sure - For 12 full months. If, during that time, you feel it does not meet my promise, or are not satisfied with results any time during the year, just call me. I'll refund you your entire expense.

    No refunds for the last 267 days requested.

    No one in their right mind will let a person try their additive for a year and then offer a Guarantee of satisfaction to do as advertised - but I do! That's how good this product is and the confidence I have about recommending it.

    This following shows the product to order to fix your problem. You can click the picture and it will take you to the details your after.

    Or, read on to learn a bit more... Then click the link below for details.

    Its my job To introduce you to the way Mega Power - and me, will solve your vehicle wear and performance problem.

    * This instant-fix is a true engine rejuvenator. It works as you drive, by adding 3 specific additives to the fuel and oil, followed by 3 different chemicals, one week later. *

    It is the only way ever discovered - for under $100, to the address the problem areas, and correct the cause of those problems - unless you spend $2000+ to tear apart the motor, clean each part, and rebuild it.

    So, if it sounds weird - consider it like several kinds of medicine - like a doctor would give, to end your loved-ones problem, and assist healing purposes.

    Tens of thousands of us car buffs, mechanics – even people who don't know a gas cap from a radiator cap, have enjoyed this Mega Power Treatment - their secret fix, too. That is what you motor needs, too! Details here...

    Of course, if it’s broken, it really needs actual repair.

    However, if your Motor problem feels like it needs strong medicine, follow the links above.

    The Motor problems discussed above have specific, common causes; found wherever fuel, air, combustion, emissions, oil, and exhaust go, that Mega Power chemistry ends.

    Those common causes is exactly what this treatment ends or corrects - to end your motor problem. The chemistry works wherever fuel, air, combustion, emissions, oil, and exhaust go. Anyone, can install it. Its easy - not just mechanics.

    Order this treatment Now! You known your motor needs it! Its what you need to have it run great again. Nobody has anything like it except Mega Power. More power and performance to new and older, worn vehicles, results.

    Cost. $75+ $15s&h= $75 total. With a "No Risk, to try it," guarantee.

    Save More - Specials

    Now is the time to order this product, by hitting the order button, or phone. Order on line. Or, Call and talk direct to me, and you'll have the products in a few days.

    My name is George Christ Factory Distributor and Trainer for Mega Power Products. 210 Durango Street. San Marcos, Texas 78666

    I invite you to call or email for specific help on your engine or power train problem. Email: Or call me at 512 665 3388

    Take a moment to understand the common cause of 8 out of ten Motor problems that cause vehicle performance problems.

    Did you know.... Nearly all mechanical failure problems start when your oil change leaves behind sticky, wear-causing, acid loaded crud? City driving makes it worst! However, constant highway driving is the least likely driving to cause a Motor problem.

    It is stop and go city driving conditions that causes your gummed-up piston rings, valves, and such to become sticky coated, bind, and decrease your motors performance.

    The end result of those conditions causes your car to burn more fuel, act like its worn out - leak fluids, causes engine "miss," faltering, performance decline, smoking, tapping noise, and oil burning.

    The Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment is what your Motor problem needs

    It will correct your Motor problem, and ensure its future, long-term health. I gave it its name. The Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment.

    This product includes 6 items. Included are My Recipe Directions. My, "No Risk to try it," Guarantee. It takes about 4-5 days shipping to get it - Order it now while your thinking about. Click the Buy button. Save a few dollars with two or more kits. Return to previous page to order this product

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