Transmission help Raleigh NC. New products helping local area car owners put off costly transmission repair - by ending 4 biggest transmission shift negatives.

Transmission help Raleigh NC: Contact Info: On a smart phone, To ask a question. Order items listed by phone, call me at 512 665 3388

This new transmission treatment is helping Raleigh car owners put off costly transmission repair - and hated by some mechanics, for one reason - it works! Just under $100 - not $3500 - the price of a typical transmission repair.

9 out of 10 transmission problems can now be ended with this easy-to-install Mega Power Transmission Treatment - that works to end residue and friction-wear shift hang ups while you drive. Some times "in as little as one day of driving" -customers report!

Order Mega Power now, to shift smoothly again - get on down the road of life, avoiding a costly repair and big hit to your finances.

Ordering info.

      The Mega Power Transmission Treatment. Pictured above. Includes 3 items, easy to follow directions, Guarantee, and my phone  help if needed during installation. Shipped FedEx to your door in 3 days.  Just $60+ $15 s&h= $75 total.

Transmission help Raleigh NC.
A couple transmission shops gave my car a test drive. They did not have good news! "My transmission was basically shot"- they said. "A rebuild was $3745." "Are you kidding," I said! I found this product called Mega Power on the internet and it fix the shift problem - for under $100!

When you have car trouble, especially transmission problems, you know its almost always going to have a big detrimental financial hit to your bank balance. Mega Power avoids that hit for you. Oder now!

My Transmission help Raleigh NC story. How a transmission product I found on the internet called Mega Power save me and my car a lot of grief!

My transmission leaked on my drive way. Then it started to shift a little slow, then shifted rough. Around 45 miles an hour, it produced a kind of shudder. It looked like my transmission and my bank balance was about to take a hit!

A couple popular transmission repair shops gave my car a test drive. They did not have good news. My transmission was basically shot - they said. A new one exchanged was $3745. "Are you kidding," I said!

Another Raleigh, NC transmission shop suggested the car be put up in the air on a rack, and the transmission pan removed for inspection inside. When the pan came lose after a dozen bolts were removed, a gallon of oil fell into the catch-pan with it.

They showed me metal shaving in the bottom of the pan. It looked pretty bad - it meant there was wear in my transmission. So, at that point, I followed the sales person into the office, he filled out an estimate for repair - Total? $3359.75

So, I paid for a new transmission filter, $35, and they said, drive it and see if the new transmission oil would make a difference. I did! It didn't!

So, a couple nights later I go checking on the internet for deals.

I come across a web site selling transmission treatments. I gave it a look. They had a transmission help Raleigh nc page covering their product.

They mentioned that varnish and friction are primary causes of a half dozen transmission problems - and maybe, my car had them all!

They promoted a product called Mega Power Transmission Treatment.

They sold it on a money back guarantee. Ya, I bet! It was true!

So, those are the 2 transmission help differences. Which is right for you?

Order Mega Power now, to get shifting smoothly again - on down the road of life.

Transmission help Raleigh NC Ordering info.

      The Mega Power Transmission Treatment. Pictured above. Includes 3 items, easy to follow directions, and my phone  help if needed during installation. Guarantee. Ship by FedEx to your door in 3 days.  Just $60+ $15 s&h= $75 total.

The web site gave some tips and directions to install their Mega Power transmission help Raleigh nc product - It's pretty simple. Nothing to take apart. Just add, and drive - like the easy to follow directions say.

You do - do a fluid change after the special cleaner soaks free the varnish - and it does so as your drive for about 10 minutes. The transmission smoothness started to reappear! 2 conditions are added along with fresh fluids. Would it work? I wondered...

The detailed way they describe how this Mega Power transmission help Raleigh nc treatment could get in places the fluid could not caught my eye. The page describe how this product removes varnish and smooth wear roughen transmission pistons, bearing, shift valves and gears.

That advantage sound like it was what my transmission needed. And it cost $75 plus a little bit for shipping. This is a picture of the product I ordered - and it does everything they say it does! it's pretty amazing!

The odd thing was, about 6 months ago,  a big chain part store sold me a  Lucas transmission help product, in Raleigh nc. I think it might have made my shift problem worst!

Make a long story short. I'm happy with my Mega Power transmission help product, I bought online from Raleigh NC. My car shifts so smooth again! In about a week the 45 miles gear shudder just went a way. Its pretty good stuff in my book - and I understand tens of thousands of car owners love it too!

It is only sold by internet - right now. Remenber  the name: Mega Power.

Click on this link to order Mega Power at our discount price. You may be pleasantly surprised to know some good products are still out there. GC  

Order Mega Power now, get shifting smoothly again - with one less big worry, down the road of life.

Ordering info.

      The Mega Power Transmission Treatment. Pictured above. Includes 3 items, easy to follow directions, and my phone  help if needed during installation. Guarantee. Ship by FedEx to your door in 3 days.  Just $60+ $15 s&h= $75 total.

Order Two Treatments to protect both your cars or trucks.
6 items Plus 2 $25 MP Engine Treatments FREE Bonus.  A $160+ $15s&h= $175 Value. Just $110 total. Save $50 during this special.

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