Easy, DIY transmission flush ends rough shift, chatter, leaks.

We selected Mega Power Flush Cleaner because Mega Power includes anti-wear. It cools as it fortifies the fluid for towing and racing protection, and ends transmission problems while doing so.

We found the Mega Power Flush Cleaner with MC+ anti-wear cleans, cools, and fortifies the fluid ending transmission problems while doing so. So effective its recommended for towing and racing protection.

Easy, DIY transmission flush ends rough shift, chatter, leaks.r.

Transmission flush

This easy-to-use, fast acting Mega Power Product is a great transmission cleaner that ends common transmission problems. Its anti-wear MC+ is the strongest protector you can buy.

What you should know about flushing your transmission...

  • Other brands of transmission cleaners use solvents as the cleaner.

  • Solvent do clean, but dramatically increase friction by destroying the oils lubricity. That increases wear!

  • Mega Power Transmission Flush does not use solvents to clean. Instead, Mega Power contains a fast-acting detergent cleaner with ultra-fast penetrating power.

  • In just 5 to 10 minutes - the time its in the transmission, every part is cleaned and protected ending its friction and residue problem.

  • This is one of two an anti-friction advantages, added during the cleaning process.

Mega Power Transmission Flush Cleaner Treatment

How it works

    Mega Power's Transmission Flush ends transmission problems by cleaning several types of residues -not just sludge. Most problems are caused by residues. Removing them from pistons, gears, bearings, shafts, an o-rings, ends that cause of a transmission problem.

    The other ingredients end the two other causes of transmission problems.

    1. The ingredient called MC+ - a metal conditioner, smooths wear roughen surfaces. This ends heat and rough shifting problems.

    2. Mega Power conditions, enhances [fortifies] the new fluid. Fluids are subject to several problems that cause shift, slip problems, and leaks. Fluid conditioning is one more ingredient to make sure your problem ends - and healing begins.

Now you know why the Mega Power Flush Product is a 3 part treatment. This method is the only complete fluid-change aid, and wear-reducer that end transmission shift, slip, and leak problems. Easy to follow Directions, below.

The picture shows the new-fluid-booster [black items] that make the treatment work. Together, their unique properties end common performance negatives affecting transmissions - like those in the headline.

Like all the products from Mega Power, You enjoy a 90 day personal satisfaction guarantee. If not delighted, your full cost refunded.

How to install Mega Power DIY transmission flush. Product directions.

    One of yellow items is a flush cleaner. You add it to your old fluid 5 minutes before you have your fluid replaced. That process frees and cleans valve body, clutches, pistons, and such, problem areas.

    The other two items are added to the new fluid. Driving makes the products end your problem in a few miles - which is always amazing to me - and my customers.

    These 3 products are what solves transmission problems when nothing else can!

Ordering information visa m/c ok.

One Mega Power Transmission Treatment. Pictured above.

    Includes easy to follow directions, and my phone help if you need, during installation. Guarantee.2-4 day delivery time.
    Cost $50+ $15 s&h= $65 total.

Six Treatments for 6 cars. Fleet or auto repair usage.

    $240+$20s&h= $260 Total shipped to your door or business. 2-4 day delivery time.

To order by

    Mail, or phone, have a question, call or email me. .. george at 1 512 665 3388

    Email: megapower@grandecom.net Prompt replies always.

    Mail: Include your problem, product wanted, delivery, phone info. Question/ To order. Checks OK. Mail order request to:

    George Christ. Mega Power.
    210 Durango Street.
    San Marcos, Texas 78666

For heavy equipment, see links below.

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    Mail, or phone, have a question, call or email me. .. george at 1 512 665 3388
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