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It's The Perfect Sales Position Because:

Count the reasons - including unlimited income.

  • There's Always A Demand For Good Products and Good Sales People.
  • Even those coming back into the field. Retired PT's. Beginners. X Armed Force ers.
  • Few have the opportunity to profit off any job  - let along a good sales position. This is a rare opportunity!
  • What you earn you keep! There's no limit hourly, either.
  • You see the potential in easy grip. However, it's not for everybody. 
  •  Its for go-getters. Its a show and sell routine like any other business - this one has no limits on income. You keep all you make.
  • You go to them. Profit is made between cost and suggested selling prices. I always got top dollar prices.  My accounts average  me $100 to $200 profit for the hours time spent in them. Others made more. Some less.

That's some reasons why this the perfect sales position to apply for. Here's more...

  • US? Our ownership includes the greatest names in racing and racing oils. This is the additives division. These are of superior quality, do exactly as they say. Highly profitable. Exclusively shown, sold and are meant to be locally distributed. Have a long history of superiority.
  • The accounts are yours. You keep all your earn. Account are mostly cash and carry. No limit except in you. Sell out anytime. Your shown how to start a route book of accounts and prospects. Ordering and an initial inventory suits you. Grow it as needed. But a take orders and we fulfill is an option for a small fee. 
  • You canvass with flyers about your wears - their unique features. Show setup and pricing to profit features. New ways they create profit. Make known you're local. Keep inventory. Spend money locally. In Head To Head comparison, our products always show themselves superior. You are shown a dozen demos to impress, educate, build value to want.
  • Once a competitive comparison point is made, discussion shows the  shop the profitable advantages of using them in every aspect of his business. An inventory of about $500 is set up for the shop to work from. An automatic refill occurs 2 to 4 weeks apart. No one likes to run out of  a product in the middle of a job.
  • You are shown the paperwork to keep organized. Your work Bible. You're the Boss. You control the investment. Have Lower overhead, and vehicle tax advantages, and enjoy work from home. You set the hours. 
  • Working from home means saves you a day of driving each week off freeways. You gain hours of profit making - not driving. 
  • Prospects are wherever people own equipment, repair shops, or local grocery, hardware, chain, and part stores. Customers usually become lifetime accounts depending on you as one of their wholesale suppliers. 
  • They usually become a friend and look to you for advice, news and tips because you are in the field knowing what's happening. The trust is there from the beginning.
  • You work from home. You can work drop-ship, or from your own inventory in a corner of the garage. Or from a van. You can put ads on it.
  • You. Your freedom shows you have an enviable job. Yet, there is no limit to your income. Account becomes a lifetime funnel of income as your products become a daily use item. You keep refilling his inventory every month as long as you want. 
  • It's not for everybody.  Its a show and sell routine like any other business - this one has no limits on income. You go to them. Investment is small. Profit is made between cost and suggested selling prices. I always got top dollar prices.  My accounts average $100 to $200 profit for the hours time spent in them.
  • Large city area: A Sales person for each Half Million resident count.
  • Small county's:  One Salesperson under one million resident count.
  • Call for an application requesting an area. Amount to invest.

Wholesale Additive Distributor Business Is Perfect For You Because...

It lets-you-be-you - but when the need for money for next months bills are near, you can go gather that income - more, if need be. And it easily builds up a cash reserve. A mostly cash business. The potential is always growing. Non-existent competition. Then, resume your regular lifestyle until the next monthly harvest is ready. 

Another reason why its perfect: You don't have to know a thing about auto repair. Previous contacts an advantage but really not needed. Any age, even retired. Man or women. a 3 month learning curve is typical - not yearss of time. You don't wait for business - you go get it. Can be an extra handy income source OK>

The business. When you find a Prospect, he checks out what you offer and orders from a catalog. A price sheet tells them the cost and suggested retail. If he decides to make our service mixture an every job inclusion, as a "completes the repair" option income improver. That price and directions is given him. If just for inventory, and use as needed, You can price tag them so the cashire knows what to charge. Any discounts for over minimum quantities is also given. An unusual deep discount given to make the first sale, if they chose to stock the whole line - usually about 3 each or 6 each of each of the 16. That order makes you about $100 to $200 or more profit. You can carry stock with you if having a suv or van - or arrange to deliver the items within a few days - from your your inventory, or we can ship it to him. They pay by check on delivery or by cc.  Most times they have a spot where such items are keep. Some in a retail place for customers to buy, and if a shop, a location where such items are stocked foe when needed. Other pricing tips on their work orders: list a spot on ten such for products and labor for your product purposes. Some shops bump up the labor rates, but tell customers the higher rate includes about $200 worth of items they don't have to pay taxes on. The repair shop makes about $100 extra doing so. Other list your products as parts and its install labor, on the customers invoice. he can be informed of our "customer returns for morse services" program.  When they normally wouldn't as one of your profit making incentives for them.  Making more product usage and profit for both his and your benefit. More details... Mega Power Distributor Opportunity details....

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Profiting off products to help vehicles run better, longer. Like this idea?  Learn of the growing income making advantages of being a Local Mega Power Additive Distributor. Its the way your efforts can earn hundreds more in a days work than any job pays. A local way to freedom no regular job offers. That's what I've been doing here and all my life. I can help you look into the potential in your area. Inquire to learn how to get started. 

Know a friend who Likes tinkering with cars or machinery, who may benefit as a local additive distributor?  Send them a note  with my phone number 512 665 3388.

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