The Blowby Solutions Matters. Only two work! Which will you chose?

 Only two out of hundreds work! Which will you choose matters, and why?

Why What Really Matters When Choosing Your Solution

Here' the point...Your engine has 24 or more piston rings - 3 to each piston. . And - your engine has 12 to 24 valves. And matching hydraulic valve lifters. And several sub-systems. Only and additive that cleans all that into cleaning consideration can do you a real good! Got that! And 6 specific additives have been found to do that - and only one company so far, has mastered its formula. Here's why it takes 6 additives....

    All engine problems need 6 items to clean them when a problem occurs: The 6 problem areas are: 

  1. Dirty fuel injector spray richer than required spray of fuel.
  2. When the air manifold gets gummy, making fuel burn wet.
  3. With sluggish acting piston rings. 
  4. And lifter adjusters can't close valve gaps.
  5. And sluggish valves allow excessive engine fuel and combustion to escape - called blow-by - into the crankcase portion of the engine.
  6. And excessive motor blowby all contributes to an upset running engine - labeled as blow-by when its a whole engine dirty problem that needs cleaning.  6 different product together end the problem it so complex.

Why it takes all this to upset your engine.

     Excessive blow-by changes the normal crankcase 0 pressure to 10 to 20 pounds pressure. This upsets ideal engine operation in many ways - and that pressure is the cause of oil leaks

      As combustion and fuel now slip pass the piston and mix with the motor's oil engine troubles occur. That get your attention.  See arrows of blow-by causes in picture.

 Now you know the blow-by problem and cause and I'll show you the specific remedy.

  1. Mega Power is also cleans oil passage ways - for better oil flow and lubing. And...while doing so...

  2. Mega Power cleans and frees those gummy piston rings and valves of residues from their oil side - also adding back blow-by control. 
  3. Protection boost. Next, Mega Power then adds MC+, a slippery co-polymer that fills worn spaces  - closing that escape route  - completing the control back to normal and the return and re-energizing of ideal engine operation. 

  4. Mega Power includes MC+, a friction reducing surface smoother, and a co-polymer to restore added power gain and stronger performance, while ending the blowby motor  problem. 

       Maybe your choice as a good way to keep vehicles going strong - inexpensively!

Ordering details:

  1. Mega Power comes with 6 items, easy-to follow directions, phone help if needed. 3 day FedEx to your door. Guarantee.

  2. Under $400 a mechanic does the service. 

  3. $400 for 3 to 10 gallon Diesel Engines. Select engine size.

     Sold with a satisfaction guarantee promise. 2 refunds last 267 days.

Click if for a car pickup  motor blowby solution that matters..

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