Engine Sludge Fast Flush Products. New Products Do More For Recovery

Engine Sludge Removal Quick Flush Products.

  1. Drain oil.
  2. Fill crankcase with a sludge removal instead of oil. Note product makers engine safety cautions. 
  3. Some flush brands cannot stay in the motor longer than two minutes. This Mega Power Flush suggest 10 minutes. 
  4. Drain out and replace with fresh oil and filter after required time.   $49 and Free shipping. 

Engine sludge removing methods:

Part Store Engine Solvent Flush Additives: 

  • They clean to well! Solvents strips away the lube oil between your motor's moving parts as they cleans 
  • This often causes metal-to-metal friction and rapid wear. 
  • Such damage can avoided if you carefully follow store bought product label instructions. Our method cleans safely and removes troublesome friction.

BG Motor Cleaning Additives:

  • BG is good. But only promises a trouble free Clean years down the road. Our Method end the problem in one day or less.

Removal by a mechanic.

  • What the mechanic or dealership charges to remove sludge is expensive.
  • You already know the car dealer has said you need a new $4000 engine. 
  • Maybe more for heavy equipment engine. Down-time loss of income are both negatives we can solve for you cheaper, faster better.y

Mega Power'ss Engine Sludge Removing Treatment:

  • Mega Power's Engine Sludge Removing Treatment uses an instant, different, superior cleaning method.
  • It leaves sludge where it at, for awhile! 
  • Instead... Mega Power Cleaner ingredients instantly seeks out, thencleans and frees, actual Hot Spot part problem makers.
  • That is where binding, lazy operation, and friction drag Mega Power Removes to end the causes for sucking the life out of your engine. 
  • Then during the next oil change, removes no-problem sludge just sitting there.

  • A new engine is good! But, this elective is for poor folks who can't afford to let something like this wreck their budget - when a lo-cost alternative can get them by for a couple years. Order today! Don't delay!

The Mega Power Engine Sludge Removing Treatment

  • Thousands of car and heavy equipment owners have cleaned their motor the Mega Power way and are satisfied because it did the cleaning as needed,
  • The Mega Power way put their cars and equipment back on the road for a fraction of that $4000+ price. 
  •  Economical: Just $250 if a mechanic installs Mega Power. Only $100 if you do so -  It's easy to install! Comes with a money-back guarantee, too!

Mega Power Directions - easy to clean using 2 steps.

  1. Step One involves adding items shown to the fuel and motor oil. This liquefies mostly and only sludge directly stuck on parts, freeing, and ending their sticky, performance affecting - while driving.
  2. Step 2 at an oil change a week later removes more sludge and adds MC+ conditioners to remove any friction damage with an anti wear advantage.

Customer conclusions.

This explains why - people love Mega Power as the solution to this problem. Consider it advantages to end the sludge trouble and keep your cars engine going at the lowest possible expense.

No special skill for the install needed. Driving does the actual sludge removal.

If this appeals to you, ordering info and bonus items can be ordered here.

Ordering info

  • One Mega Power Engine Sludge Removing Treatment. 6 items shown. Includes easy-to-follow-directions. Phone help. Guarantee. Shipped to your door by FedEx in 3 days.  Just $84 plus $15s&h= $99.00 total. That's way less expensive than a $4000+ engine overhaul. 
  • Bonus: With today's order we add our MP Radiator System Protector, $29 value, Free.  Total items 7. Just $84 plus $15s&h, tax 8= $99.00 +8 tax = $107 total.  A $136 valve. Click cart button for ordering details.

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