Engine Sludge Fast Flush Products.
New Features Offer Easier Removal. Faster, Safer Recovery

Engine fast flush products contact info: On a smart phone, or to ask a question, by phone, call me  ... george at 52 665 3388

Engine Sludge Fast  Flush Products.

  1. Drain oil.
  2. Fill crankcase with a sludge removal instead of oil. Note product makers engine safety cautions. 
  3. Some flush brands cannot stay in the motor longer than two minutes. This Mega Power Flush suggest 10 minutes. 
  4. Drain out and replace with fresh oil and filter after required time.   $49 and Free shipping. 

Engine sludge removing methods:

 Methods of Engine Sludge Removal. 

 Fast Flush Products:

  • Some engine Cleaning Products offer a trouble free Clean years down the road. 
  • Some fast flush additives sold are solvents - and have engine damaging negatives the label warns you off.
  • Our Engine Sludge Fast Flush Products are 101 % safe! They offer an end to engine  sludge problem, and provide your engine recovery to its former good operation! 

Removal by a mechanic.

  • What the mechanic or dealership charges to remove sludge is expensive.
  • You already know the car dealer has said you need a new $4000 engine. 
  • Maybe more for heavy equipment engine. Down-time loss of income are both negatives we can solve for you cheaper, faster, and  better with Mega Power's Engine Sludge Fast Flush Products. : Not A Rinse 

 Mega Power's Engine Sludge Fast Flush Products Features:

  • Mega Power's Engine Sludge Removing Treatment is not a engine fast rinse product. 
  • Instead of rinsing the sludge free as fast flush products do, causing sludge to rinse lose and  recirculate and resettle, often blocking oil delivery to engine parts, the result being a possible sudden engine destruction - the biggest complaint for fast flushes.
  • Mega Power's Method instead offers a chemical blend of sluggish parts varnish removal and friction modifying, while other ingredients soak into the sludge, where a thinning and liquifying of the muck with anti-flocculants occurs. 
  • Anti-flocculants will dismantle the sludge, preventing resettling - ending the destructive problem of blocking oil passage ways all other fast flush additives have as a negative.

 Mega Power's Engine Sludge Fast Flush Products Benefits:

  1. Instead of rinsing, Mega Power will start the recovery of your dirty engine with its removal of friction drag - the second cause of problems sucking the life out of your engine - besides its choking sludge. 
  2. The treatment is easy, Economical. Avoids a new engine need!  Is done in the following way.

Directions for using Mega Power's Engine Fast Flush, Sludge Removing.

    Mega Power Engine Sludge Removing Directions - A 2 steps method.
  1. Step One starts with draining out the old oil and installing the gallon of Mega Power in its place.  Run the motor for 10 minutes with Mega Power doing its cleaning. Results will be amazing as the engine will smooth out and idle  bit faster. Then readjust to the standard idle speed. Tapping wil stop as will compression blow-by, as the freeing of stuck parts occurs. 
  2. After 10 minutes, drain out the mucky fluid, and add new oil and a filter. A residual of the cleaner will continue cleaning the engine. This can be repeated in 1000 miles if more clenaing is felt needed.  

Large Oil Capacity Engine Sludge Fast Flush Product Usage. 

  1.  If for a 3 gallon to 10 gallon engine oil capacity engine. Change oil and include the one gallon of Mega Power with new oil and new filter. Usually a diesel engine.
  2. Drive 1000 miles and again change out the dirty oil with new oil and filter -  adding one/half gallon Mega Power to the new oil. Mega Power adds MC+ conditioners to remove any friction damage with its MC+ anti wear advantage. It the flush product does not have MC+ -don't buy it!
  3. At the next oil change Add the remaining half gallon Mega Power 10 minutes before changing the oil. This liquefies only sludge still directly stuck on parts, freeing, and ending their sticky, performance affecting problem for good! - While driving.

Customer conclusions.

This explains why - people love Mega Power as the solution to engine protection and ending this problem. Those advantages will end the engine sludge trouble and keep your cars and trucks going at the longest time, at the lowest possible expense.

  • No special skill for the install needed. 
  • Driving does the actual sludge removal.
  • If this appeals to you, ordering info and bonus items can be ordered here.

Ordering info

  •  Mega Power Engine Sludge Removing Treatment. 6 items shown. Includes easy-to-follow-directions. Phone help. Guarantee. Shipped to your door by FedEx in 3 days.  Just $94 plus $15 s&h= $99.00 total. That's way less expensive than a $4000+ engine overhaul. 
  • Bonus: With today's order we add our MP Radiator System Protector. Keeps coolant cooling engine completely for the extra help it needs to keep sludge away. A $29 value, Free with your order right now!  Total items 7. Just $94 plus $15 s&h, = $109 total.  A $140 value to keep your $4000 motor going..  Click cart button for ordering delivery info.  And a few days away from a great engine recovery worry. ...goerge. 

Mega Power's Sludge, Fast Flush Products: 512 665 3388

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