Sales position opening. PT FT Hourly plus commission. Chose your hours. Chose the income. The job you turn into a business.

Contact info. Call now to see how to start in your area. Have questions answered. Call 512 665 3388.

  An additive distributor you set up accounts all around the area. This sales position can be the best job ever. While you sleep and do other things life needs done, people are buying and using your products all over town. Or some ones products to solve car problems. 

   You have worked hard to set up 50 accounts or more.

   The more ways you found to expose your product displays to the reach of people, the more ways people will put money in your pocket.

   Their purchase of products off racks you set up make you $2 off of each items sold. The account makes $5. The accounts  are serviced once a month. Takes a day to service up to 24 accounts. A cash and carry business. Our setup makes it easy to get started. 

    Profit off 100 items = $200. Made from 5 to 10 accounts.

   And the best part is this. More people are keeping millions of vehicles on the road for another 5 to 10 years - avoiding the costly new purchase. They will need our additives to keep them going  and will keep your income growing - and that's where you can profit - while you work another job, Play.  

    Call now to see how to get started in your area. Call me... george 512 665 3388

    Ways to profit. For example, with people wanting to keep their vehicles longer.  They know they will needs servicing. Chances are some will do the 4 services the car needs themselves. They are prospects for products from your rack display advertising.  Others will go to their mechanic. Those given help by you directly. Or you will hand customers the servicing specials to protect your cars.

    Our flyers on servicing encourages their going to their mechanic or a repair shop to professionally do so. The flyer features our 4 Mega Power Slo-Wear Pre-Cleaners to clean the customers 4 components with them before fresh oil or fluids are installed.  This means the fresh oil and fluids won't contaminate the new fluid and oils.  

  • and additive to preclean the 4 components needing service every vehicle has over Hourly pay plus commission. Its has a growing income making secret. When commissions exceed hourly pay, you may chose to switch to full commissions.  

   Typically, our sales people are the type that are friendly, sincere, want to be helpful. Their accounts becomes friends who find our products are more than top quality. Have good acceptance. Cover all possible car problems. Sold with a money back if satisfied with the promised results.

   The setup usually results from a demo of the products ability to protect or stop a vehicle problem. A sales book outlines the 2 or 3 ways for a business to buy the product. The business usually pays you for each refill - usually monthly.

   The demo: You do a demo to show what the product does for the car problem and show the profit potential for 10, 20 or 30 products each month. The business may used the products as part of the service or work they do for their customers. A tech line for customers and repair shops using the product helps them to be acquainted with the product line. Ailto, each product proudly advertises its purpose. 

   The products we want you to use - the Mega Power Slo Wear Brand cover bumper to bumper components. They fill the need for those wanting a product to protect their engine transmission radiator steering and a/c system. They are also use to end a problem time and mileage produce. They fill emergency situations - most users find also end their car problem. They are usually set up in a display rack for customers to see. You may spend time at each account doing a demo of the products ability to end a vehicles problems - a simple demo that is very impressive.

Additives are used by millions everyday. Most accounts an additive distributor obtains in the additive distributing niche, to have 50 such accounts makes the distributor between $100 and $200 an hour. The time it takes to restock inventory sold - each month. I could do 10 accounts a day. Times $175 apc profit, the sum made would be $1,775 from that days work. I repeat this about 10 days a month - and I'm husseling up new accounts or doing other things in between refilling account intervals. 

Most times 

"Its better to have two or more sources of income in an hour or day than one source like a job offers. 

The simple math income comparison is like this. 

By the hour/day  income       Serving accounts each day

      Hourly/day wage              Per account profit

      $15 to $30 hour                  $100 to $200 One hour per account

      $600 /$1200 per week         10 accounts serviced per day =                                                               $1000 to $2000 income per day    


True : If you buy an ongoing business,  investment can be up $100,000 to millions. There may be a huge debt involved in that method.

True :  If a distributor starts from scratch, it may take him 6 months before profit rolls in. A source of income or savings must cover any shortfall each month until accounts grow.

True : Not for the easily discouraged. Initial income may be low, but grows when once established makes a whole new life possible. It feprnds on your drive and how well you understand the problem prospects have with income growing we solve.

True : A top higher paying can double or triple your income. But usually requires 4 years of lifetime debt and a college education in a particular well paying field  - years down in time.  However, a distributor business income growth starts a few months after learning the in's and out's of opening accounts. It then grows as accounts grow.

True : Working for someone ties you down to one income source - with another profiting off your sweat. But is a steady form of income. Lack of sufficient income is the reason for a extra part time job, or business venture. So there is the crux of the problem to solve.

A distributor puts in the sweat but keeps all the money. More sources of income he develops for his products the higher income grows per hour = per day.

True:  A Mega Power Additive Distributor has fewer expenses than a business at a location. May have better tax breaks. Works when he choses. Knows he is helping his clients also earn more income asaa result of the features in the products he provides.

Imagine 50 people giving you $100 every month = $5000.

Imagine the same people doing so month after month for 20 years but the ability to keep adding accounts. 

That is my experience as an additive distributor and it can be yours.

Can Your Income go from $500 to $1000 or more a week with this sales position? Maybe from $1000 to $2000. Its dueable following our systematic way to make those amounts a week in sales.

 What if you don't know anything about additives or cars? You can easily learn. Why Sell, and Why Sell Additives? 

    The potential! ... There are millions of older motor vehicles in every locale. As they age, each will have a tune up, fuel, engine, transmission, and radiator problem needing to be solved. Some..vehicle owners

  • Will buy an additive somewhere to end the problem.
  • Others will go to a mechanic to replace the bad parts for new ones.
  • That opens up several avenues of income for you. Stores, repair shops, equipment owners owner will want the $50 to $1000 it can make off that traffic. 
  • The repair shopm when shown how easy it is with our products and the profit boost, using our additives to clean the internals up, so new parts and the service make the component and vehicle operate in a better way. By far our biggest profit maker  - as repair shop work on 25 to 50 cars a month.

    According to data... about one additive is sold for every 100 such problems. So, the market is hardly touched.

   Those other 99 problems are put up with, or handled by repair - and that is where the opportunity our good income making product lies for you. with 50 such shops... 

    This sales position earns more - in a day than most make in a week.

Job duties include: 

    Salespeople sign up sources who profit off a resale display.

    Salespeople sign up repair shops to have our additives on hand for usage and extra income making.

  • Those areas makes it possible for a nearby high income potential.
  • Sure, its not for everybody, but those so incline - its a good occupation.
  • For those mastering this type work, it can produce a higher income than an 8-5 job can offer. Servicing about 6 to 10 accounts in a day.
  • This position has several levels of income. Investment and sales.

$1000 + week sales position with more freedom to control your time

What most people know about sales  that's negative.

   It's about selling what most won't buy. We sell to likely prospects.

   It has to do with door to door persausion. Sort of.  You work off a salebook the person flips to note the advantages.

   If you don't sell there is no income. True. But tens of thousands use additives or will if given a program.


    Besides a few lucky entrepruniers, the next highest paid people are board of director chairmens, business owners, and those in sales. So, its a well respected field you can learn and earn more as you learn the ropes we show you to practice. Your sort of grow into being the expert. You grow into it.

    The sales person's thinking is not driven by the risk and chance, but by seeing the need in their prospects filled by them. Salespeople are paid handsomely more than hourly workers, for taking on the challenge of getting orders one-on-one. 

   They see greater a form of freedom they like - not possible in a job most have - with a boss over them. They apprciate...

   Both company and sales people have income needs solved. The company pays a higher commision to sales people who make sales from prospecting. Others have a repeat sales arrangment - and where monthly risiduals on sales, along with new accounts as income makers.

   A salesperson and a distributor both sell. A distributor may have rights to a territory, and hire salepeople to canvess for business.

    What a sales person sees in sales and selling, others see as a dislike and not for them.

     A non-type salesperson would worry about losing a sale, and feel the world will come down around him - for the loss income chance. 

   Sales people see that same situation - not as a loss, but having a certain power to add more clearity in the sales process. Their go-getter attitude - is, a weakness in the sales process that lost him the sale. And, he wants to conquer the flaw in his presentation - much like a 

    A golfer, or sports players - who have a drive after a loss to perfect their efforts - not give up or feel beaten.

    Its this mentality to understand the sales weekness and improve on it  that can have earn  $ 1000 w week in a sales position. 

If this makess sense, the next step is to find a source to sell for.  It's highly limited.  This is one of those positions. 

    Are you the go getter type always thinking of ways to help the prospect select your solution - if the best.    

     The Slaespeople in our auto repair shop additive niche can make $1000 to $4000 more a month than their present method of income misses out on.

     What our additives do is provide the chemical treatment to clean smooth and restore the cars performance just replacing parts do not. 

An additives distributor has a huge local nische to call on. 

     Our additives feature a unique quality that recovers absorbed or lost horsepower and again sends it to the wheels.

     However, they may be called upon to do a more important task. 

releases it so the ca owner sees an amzing performance increase. The shop offering that benefit attracts better paying results that putting the customer out on the street with a car that only runs a good as it did before the repair.

Can you visualize making more in a week than most make in a month learning how to prospect for clients who need the product we sell?

$ 1000 week sales position with more freedom to control your time

Those sales jobs on straight commission are not for everybody.

If interested, investigate what we offer higher insales or distributor openings. You'll join thousands of men and women in sales who enjoy an above average income to a better life.  And you can do so in your spare time!

Be your own boss.  Choose your own hours.

   With Mega Power's state-of-the-art additives you will offer a winning income making opportunities to individuals  nearby. 

$ 1000 week sales position with more freedom to control your time..

Following our proven techniques, you'll quickly learn  how to gain repair shop clients and walk away with $100 or more in your pocket  - from each for an hours work - repeated by monthly producing efforts from the start of this endeavor - that last for years. And there's thousands of repair shops nearby. Many sales people earn twice that when they work full time. $ 1000 week sales position with more freedom to control your time

                       Why Sell Additives? 

    The potential! ... There are millions of older motor vehicles...  in every locale.  Locally, each will have a tune up, fuel, engine, transmission, and radiator problem to solve  one or more times in their lifetime - the additives we sell will end their problems.  According to data... about one additive of all brands combined are sold for every 100 such problems. So, the market is hardly touched.

   Those other 99 problems are put up with, or handled by repair - and that is where the opportunity our good income making product lies for you.

That's because, each repair shop owner loses on the average $25 to $50 income by not having the means to completing the job - meaning, the repair cause is never addressed.

By showing our  additives end the cause, their lack of $25 to $50 income making per vehicle gives the  a $500 to $4000 higher profit each month; by addressing the cause problem, and  our product healing to recover horsepower loss; gain performance 101%  - clients will see the potential in. They are what you provide them to add hundreds more to their profit and income - besides the conscientious ending of the cause not now addressed. $ 1000 week sales position with more freedom to control your time...

Customer Feedback

   And customers feedback acknowledging the service or repair is, common: "their car never ran as strong and yet quieter," they say..\  Repair shop owners will see our program and product you provide them as their ideal dual solution to more, happy repeat customers, and more income every week. You then fill the role of monthly refilling inventory sold. I and others used our very first account feedback on results and income made as proof to others of the good you offer. 

Another complaint about mechanic's solved.

   Not ending the cause of operating problems during  part replacement is the reason for customer complaint - "the mechanic did a bad job."  Such complaints end with our program. 

   The present state of repair does not build customer loyalty for that reason. And many repair shop owners - and many car owners wonder what's the solution.

   So, there's an urgent need for our additive solution. And there is no one selling additives that do so. The potential is enormous. Get your share!

 Here's what your part time weekly income could look like.

2 Repair Shops X $100 = $200 Monday.         

2 Repair Shops X $100 = $200 Tuesday.     

2 Repair Shops X $100 = $200 Wednesday.  

2 Repair Shops X $100 = $300 Thursday.

2 Repair Shops X $100 = $200 Friday.  

                          Weekly $1000 income .

Backed by 50 years of How To         

    With our top on-going training, you learn life-long skills in closing and conversion. Learning how to distinguish good  statements to close sale. Additives,  and our method that will make your income growing skills never end. Added to that our additives build a following fot the features enjoyed. They are different, better, solve the total problem feature, and offer the way shop owners can build his future faster, and your future faster, too!

    As our local independent distributor, you help the repair shop owner and yourself with a non-aggressive way to gain a lifestyle few hourly jobs offer. Unlimited income. Offering a way to move up, have kids attend better schools, better healthcare, good retirement income.  Even the means to be more charitable.

Fabulous Earnings? Maybe?

   Our distributors go on to capture the majority of repair shops as customers over time - and our programs provide an automatic, repeated monthly income provision. Difficult  somewhat, but masterable. Backed by our years of know how. to help you. 

     $1000 week job. What You Should Know About Making $1000 Week In Your Spare Time.

    You'll be shown what it takes to help the local under-financed mechanic, in business turn his dreams into reality, while you do the same.

                     No Strings Attached

   You keep all you earn. With our Mega Power Brand Slo-Wear Better-Repair Line of additives there are no franchise fees, no  commission payments.

   For an investment under $5000 you get the at home training, and by phone, and products to start making money immediately. 

What's included

   This includes our famous stand alone products -meaning each can build their own business on their own. Demos, and our famous friction test  that win over repair shops to our performance improving features car owners love. Enough product to recover your cost when turned a couple of times. You can also control higher pricing for to suit your endeavor. 

   Most important of all: Our Program works even if you know nothing about auto or repairing. You are provided the introduction, benefit features, and closing outline offering an irresistible way for them to , buy today, offer.

   There are introductory letters,  Ads, web site instruction, manuals, and other techy stuff, and ongoing training in plain english. And did I mention demos, showing each products stand above any other product feature. And our famous friction test that shows no other product or oil  - can match.  All to help you develop clients in the easiest fastest way.  Earn more, in several other niches, also to broaden you income pursuit. Shipped in any quantity to your door. Fills a 5x5 space in a garage. Van.

Free information Kit

   Join the tens of thousands who have found personal freedom, success, and the time to do the important things provided by selling. 

Learn more. And for the sum of $25 shipping cost, I'll send you the very products to try out on your own top or older vehicle to see their instant better operating improvement - what a racing team discovered gave them the winning edge and vehicle endurance, you need for your vehicles too.  A $200 deal of 16 items package as the treatment  to protect all 5 vehicle components - exceeding the all new car makers servicing requirements. You will never see and easier way to invest in your future for so little. Satisfy this quest to learn more about a future we provide you really need.  See our demo…      Thanx     …george 

Click the cart button below.  You'll get the sample of amazing products that will help you make $1000 or more a week. Start as soon as you like. Call if you have questions...   george 512 665 3388

Your $1000 week job. What You Should Know About Making $1000 Week In Your Spare Time.

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