End or reduce your rod bearing knock for months more driving with this engine bearing friction modifier, surface cushioner, oil conditioner. Just add. Driving quiets the noise customers tell us..

Bummer deal! Your motor knocks - deep in side. Your told by your mechanic a rod bearing has failed.

What you should know.

Your motor has two types of bearings on the crankshaft.

One set of bearings holds the crankshaft in place so it can spin the transmission gears.

The other set of bearings, called rod bearings on the crankshaft are connected to your motor's pistons.

Combustion part in all this.

Hundreds a time each minute combustion occurs on top of your pistons and slams the piston downward causing the rod to spin the crankshaft - and transmission and wheels - speeding you down the road.

About 45 pounds oil pressure forces oil into the tinny space between the crankshaft and bearing on the rod.  This works well and seldom is ever a problem. However.... some of...

Your motor combustion likes to sneak pass the pistons and mix with your motor oil. This is no good of course. This condition is called BLOW-BY, and happens with every combustion action and no harm is done - unless the piston rings become sticky.

Combustion turns into harmful blowby

They do around 100,000 miles more or less, and sticky rings will allow more blowby- at over 1000 degrees temperature and that will tend to sludge your motor oil.

Blowby makes sludge and sludge causes the knock

Sludge from blowby will usually stick your motors valves and valve adjusters and make them tap. But, sometimes, a lump will form, circulate, and block oil to your rod bearing.

Blowby has lots of unburnt gas or diesl fuel in it and this increases weakens the oil film strength increasing friction and wear speed. With friction and sludge, when that happens....

Wear out accelerates, and friction grinds away the bearing and the crankshaft metal - increase the space to 1/8 of an inch and - the slam down on the piston by combustion on that new space makes the knock knock knock sound.

The real remedy for your knock

Mechanics suggest a new engine or engine overhaul.

That means new internal parts for about a $3000 or Close to $5000 for a new engine.

Some people prefer one of those thick gluey oil additives - but this seldom works as some feel their gluey like nature slows down oil delivery and speeds up wear elsewhere - where thin oil can only work.

Mega Power's multi-method to reduce oil knock - under $100

Sticky residues put a strain on all engine parts.

  • So Mega Power frees and cleans your rings and valves  - this improves combustion, yet holds more of it on top of the piston - reducing blowby.
  • Mega Power cleans and frees the oil pump check valves so its sticky nature will deliver full oil pressure as you crank your motor - helping to lessen the knock by having oil present always.
  • Mega Power's crawling cleaning characteristic goes where oil can't - and will get thru the blockage to the bad bearing, clearing it away and allowing oil flow to it again.
  • If not, Mega Power will crawl into the bearing area from the cranks splashing in your motor oil. All that is Hi tech chemistry at work to protect good engines and transmissions - but helpful to your knocking rod bearing.

Shown here, the 6  Mega Power Treatment to reduce rod knock. 3 items clean and condition the top side of your motor, and 3 do the need conditioning in the lower part - where the troubled rob bearing is located.

The Metal Canister is used to make the Mega Power install while the mechanic is doing other work nearby. Not included. Just $125 for the canister, if wanted.

Mega Power also adds a co-polymer film that layers itself over worn surfaces. This on the piston and cylinder also reduces blowby.

  • And does so on that bad crank and rod bearing surface,  too! The Mega Power Co-polymer acts as a cushion - lessening the knock.
  • A Mega Power conditioner included also improves oil film strength - greatly improving film strength helping the stronger oil film to resist the two surfaces form touching as often - also reducing knock and further wear.
  • While this is not the real fix, it has given me on a couple of cars with rob bearing knock up to a year on my ford v8, and on my old Chevrolet Astro, a couple years more life.

Ordering Mega Power - online - by phone

As you can see, Mega Power can help, and help where your budget permits, until you can replace the car or do an overhaul. 

Installing Mega Power is simple and results are noticed in a day or so.  CaLL ME to order by phone, or if you have a question. I am a mechanic ....George call me at 512 665 3388

A Mega Power Rod Bearing Treatment includes the 6 items needed, easy to follow instructions. Phone help if needed. Shipped by FedEx to your door in about 3 days. No promise of rod bearing knock elimination. Just $80 plus $15s&h=$95 total. And right now.....

I'll add an additional $20 Bonus of  the #10 cushioning ingredient while 100 extra are available - to add half way between your next oil change - as an additional help to keep the rod bearing knock under control.

For large truck and tractors or heavy equipment, try the gallon size Mega Power Motor Rod Bearing Treatment  at this link.

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