Restore My Ride.
New fuel and engine products are package to keep your classics and friday night rides running smooth. Keeps the carbon build up away. Smooths the rubbing surfaces to get rid of friction drag. Smooth strong running always ready to rumble qualities. 

Keeps the carbon build up away. Smoothe the rubbing surfaces to get rid of friction drag. Smooth strong running qualities. Order them on line here.Keep the carbon build up away. New fuel and engine products from Mega Power Additives are package to keep your classics and friday night rides running smooth. Order them online here,Smoothe the rubbing surfaces to get rid of friction drag. Smooth strong running qualities. Order them on line here. $39

What additives can restore my poor running Ride.

Oh boy! I'm expecting a day of cruising, a fun afternoon with some buddies at the meet, but my $40,000 ride - can't get out of its own way!

It runs, but not with the gusto it usually has.


Additives are my friend! If you don't want a surprise carbon build up cost $4000 to clean out, they should be  your friend, to avoid that problem.

Some act like vitamins - others, pep pills, still others medicine. I learn to use them on dyno and from the additive inventors who did the research on them.

If you take a small sacer, put a tablespoon of gas in it and lite it, it will give off black smoke.

If you take a test tube with half gas and add a few drops of different brands of additives in them and burn that gas - it will burn blacker. 

When you add Mega Powers Gas Treatment to the gas it will burn almost clean. Not only that, if you add a drop of sulphuric acid into the gas and burn it, it will burn blacker. That what acids and moisture do to your fuel when it sits for a while. And the reason for additives to clean them up. To restore its power again. 

I'm a guy who uses a dyno to show what additives work and what do not! This comparison testing made me a believer in the usage of the Mega Power Brand FISC Tune Up  Treatment. And other in all 5 areas of my car to keep their horsepower consuming ways at their lowest. It can make an up to 20% improvement in horsepower. So why not go for it.

M P Race Truck Geo Forman

I also make a living now promoting Mega Power and training mechanics and repair shop owners in the use of Mega Power Additives - as the proper items to use for the inside half of their engine, transmission, radiator, power steering, A/C. The tune up, fix, or fluid change service. For bumper-to-bumper parts to remove horsepower eating negatives that never get attention.

Restore my rided esults are always spectacular. Mega Power  secret internal MC+ aid us mechanics depend on for that racy performance that amazes customers.  Fix our customers cars -in those areas where oil and fuel cannot - an ends operating problems.

While you can read of such restore my ride additives and their usage, by clicking the links on the left for details, I'll show you what I would do with the above scenarios.

So, a bottle in the fuel tank, the motor oil,  transmission, radiator coolant, power steering fluid, and A/C system prevents problems of residue and friction drag.

 New products revitalize new life into your classic vehicles - easily faster cheaper. Each works in minutes - or Free! Engine transmission fuel

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