Restore My Ride. New products revitalize new life into your classic vehicles - easily faster cheaper. Each works in minutes - or Free! Engine transmission fuel

What additives can restore My Ride.

Oh dear! I'm expecting  a day of cruising, a fun afternoon with some buddies at the meet, my $40,000 ride - can't get out of its own way!

It could be a fuel, carb, plug, valve, gear shift valve acting up?

What's wrong with it? Will an additive fix it?

I remember when my ride acted up and I just did not see anything that needed fixing.

The fix

As a mechanic, we follow a few steps to isolate the cause to see if, its a fuel caused condition. A charging/battery condition. Or an ignition problem.

  •  To do that, a fuel line is disconnected and ignition key turned on to  see if a half quart fuel will flow in a plastic drink bottle in 20 seconds or so.
  •  A spark plug wire is removed at the plug and its plug end held next to iron so you can see if sparks flow as the motor is cranked.
  • You can tell if the battery is OK during these test.

Additives are my friend!

I'm a guy who uses a dyno, and use that experience to add additives during a dyno run to show what additives work and what do not! This comparison testing made me a believer in the usage of the Mega Power Brand in all 5 areas of my car.

I also make a living now promoting Mega Power and training mechanics and repair shop owners in the use of Mega Power Additives - as the proper items to use for the inside half of their engine, transmission, radiator, power steering, A/C tune up, repair or service.

Results are always spectacular.  Mega Power is a secret internal aid many of us mechanics use to fix our customers cars -because that product can get to areas when oil and fuel cannot go - and end the problem.

While you can read of such restore my ride additives and their usage, by clicking the links on the left for details, I'll show you what I would do with the above scenarios.

So, a bottle in the fuel tank, the motor oil,  transmission, radiator coolant, power steering fluid, and A/C system prevents problems of residue and friction drag.

 New products revitalize new life into your classic vehicles - easily faster cheaper. Each works in minutes - or Free! Engine transmission fuel

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