Mega Power Radiator Servicing Product Directions. Tips, Ordering info. Required  product to prevent, or stop overheating, and leaks.

To order, Or ask a question about your car problem by phone, call me... george at 1 512 665 3388 [ Mention this page for these prices. Canada and Mexico add $25 to shipping amounts].Review: 

Directions for Radiator cooling system flushing is simple.

Remove a quart of old fluid from the radiator. Add RS#1 - the cleaner to the fluid run or drive the car for 5 to 10 minutes. Drain and replace with new anti freeze, and add the 2 remaining items [protectors, coolers and automatic stop leak]. That's the Radiator cooling system service procedure.

Tips A cooling system hose carries water to the radiator and interior heater. Replace them when your car is 8 years old. Water pump replacement is usually a mechanics job. Hoses are simple to replace.

  • A head-gasket or manifold leak is a mechanics job. $1500 up. The second item in this package will stop those leaks avoiding repair. Add it to the new fluid and after cleaning.
  • Running hot. Flush - then add the above pictured blue color items RS#2 and RS#3. see help below for products needed. Replace thermostat. $150. Easy to do.
  • The radiator cooling system product we like, listed below stops radiator, heater core leaks, manifold and head gasket leaks.

    Tips below explain how it can be used to avoid replacing your engine head gasket.

    How to service your radiator. If you love your cars, do so every 4 years in the following way, using the following products.

      Mega Power Radiator System Cleaner and Protector Directions.

      Includes 3 items. A 10 minute cleaner. Add to radiator fluid. After 10 minutes, drain, and replace old coolant with new.

      Along with the new coolant add the Cool Exciter Protector, and Stop Leak.

      Besides stopping leaks, Mega Power improves cooling 2 ways. Mega Power removes oxygen, rust and scum so heat transfer is not blocked by them anymore. Coolant breakdown causes rust and scum and acids and happens sooner in todays cars. This results in harmful residues in your radiator cooling system that Mega Power removes - for years longer engine life.

      Besides stopping leaks, a Mega Power ingredient packs more coolant against engine and radiator so engine high killer heat is removed fastest possible. Higher temperatures wears out your motor faster. The cooler your combustion area stays the longer engine life this gives to the weakest part of your car. That is why you should add this very same treatment as a service to every cars radiator every 4 years.

    Tip. Besides stopping and preventing leaks, Mega Power reduces coolant temperatures - in police cars, tow trucks, towing vehicles, motorcycles, boats, and heavy equipment.

    A must engine, transmission towing aid if towing. Mega Power reduces excessive temperatures 40 degrees - some folks have told us, I have that experience, too! This product is the proper service product to protect good radiators and motors - offering total protection to good cars and equipment - done usually when replacing the old coolant.

    Service and Protect your Radiator Engine and Transmission with Today's Special.

    If you like taking care of your cars like you're suppose to, and wondering what to do to service and protect your cars to catch little unknown internal problems before they become big ones. And avoid radiator, engine, transmission system troubles, try Mega Power the Radiator Engine Transmission Treatment Service kit Special.

    1. Includes the MP Radiator Service Treatment described.
    2. Includes the MP Engine Service Total Treatment Service.
    3. Includes the MP Transmission Service Total Treatment Service.

    Mega Power will help you avoid serious engine transmission and radiator trouble and damage by preventing and stopping negatives that can grow, if not stopped into worrisome repairs.

    Gets you years further on down the road of life trouble free and can avoid thousands in future repair avoidance. Ordering info below.

    Ordering the Mega Power Radiator Engine Transmission Service Products Regular price for the 3 just $250.

    Includes 12 items needed. Easy to follow directions. Free Phone help anytime. Shipped to your door FedEx in 3 days. 

    Just $150 +$15 s&h= $165 total. Save $100.

    $39 Bonus items appears when you order clicking cart button.

      Ordering the Mega Power Radiator Service Products

      Mega Power comes with three products shown, easy-to-follow directions, phone help if needed, guarantee. Shipped FedEx, direct to your home, business, or shop. 

      Ordering info

      One MP Radiator Cooling System Service #RS3. 
      3 item system service as described above.
      Just $50+ $15 s&h= $65 total.

    Order 2 Treatments for both of your cars: Just $95+$15s&h= $110 total. Save $20. Order now!

    Fleet or resale for radiator shop or quick lube service. 

    6 radiator Treatments for fleet or resale. 18 items. Just $200 +$15 s&h= $215 total. Save $115.

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