New, radiator flush treatment, cleans deeper, stops leaks, lowers temperature. 
Only Non-caustic way to clean the system, stop leaks, lower temperature 20 to 40 degrees. 

No Hassle Radiator Flush Treatment from Mega Power Makes Radiator Troubles Go Away in 30 minutes or less!No Hassle Radiator Flush Treatment from Mega Power Makes Radiator Troubles Go Away in 30 minutes or less!

Radiator flush treatment Contact Info: It's what your cars need! Order on line or by phone 512 665 3388 ...George

Ending Radiator Problems.

    Having a radiator or cooling system problem is a worrisome, engine damaging negative. Just what to do  to end them are crazy - like put a raw egg - pepper, tobacco in it. Others suggestions include using Drano like products that are caustic! However, Mega Power has the first non-caustic  radiator flush treatment to end every know radiator leak, overheating problem - of course cooling fans problems excluded. 

    Mega Power is not caustic, yet cleans deeper by removing  scummy oxygen loaded films - that act as a blanket to keep heat in.

    Mega Power helps end cooling problems in both the engine and transmission by helping those components making heat transfer faster. stops leaks, help engine and transmission run cooler.

    Ordering info

    Ordering MP Radiator Cooling System Service #RS3.

  • 3 item system service as described above. 
  • Includes directions and guarantee.
  • Cleaner. Stop Leak. Cool item.
  • Meets every car makers service requirements.
  • Just $50+ $15 s&h= $65 total. Click cart button to order.

Things that cause problems Mega Power removes.

  1. Best way to remove scum! Always present to hold more heat in , so Mega Power removes the scum. Ends radiator heat transfer ability now hampered by an almost unseen film layer. 
  2. Takes out free oxygen - which mixes with scum adding an insulation factor.  Lowers coolant temps 20 to 40 degrees. Engines and transmissions run years longer with those features in the radiator system. You need that kind of help to protect those 3 systems.

      Mega Power stops leaks in 2 ways:

  1. Stops any physical leak - even head gasket and manifold coolant leaks, but does not contain fibers or pellets to do so.  
  2. Stop leak works like blood always flowing. But in a leak situation it coagulates like blood does to stop the leak.  All coolants turn acidic - containing up to 2 volts electricity.  Mega Power removes that problem with ts cleaner. And a neutralizer no other company offers. 
  3. That eats holes in head gaskets, heater core, and radiator core Mega power heals and stops.  Mega Power removes the scum acting like bubble wrap - to slow down heat transfer- causing oil to overheat, weaken, and cause more engine and gear  friction.

If your car overheated, you know greater amounts of friction in the engine raises its ugly head by putting a noticeable strain and faster wear out pattern on your motor and transmission - Mega Power Radiator Flush Treatment stops.

 Mega Power Radiator Flush Treatment.

Mega Power Radiator, Engine, and Transmission Treatments - also sold on this page, will restore your full like new engine performance it they overheated! Both engine, transmission, and radiator flush treatments will add years more years greater life and operation to your cars and equipment - customers tell us so. I sy so from that experience, also. That's why its has a guarantee of satisfaction.

Easy to use directions

  1. Add the white bottle, marked R1 on the cap, to your coolant and run motor for 10 minutes.
  2. Replace old coolant with new.
  3. Along with the new coolant, add the 2 blue items marked R2 and R3t on the cap. That's it! you're done!

Radiator flush treatment fixes. Tips to stop leaks.

Following the steps above will stop any coolant leak in the process as good as those selling for twice the price of Mega Power Radiator Flush Treatment.

Coolant last two years. Coolant anti-freeze is always mixed 50/50 with water.

Replace hoses when the vehicle is five years old - along with belts. Do so when the the coolant is replaced.

Special stop leak additive should be added at each fluid change after age 5 of the vehicle. Used the type that has no strings or pellets. Go here for that info.

A product that helps coolant transfer heat faster can also help cars that run hot. This is great for commercial vehicles, tow trucks, ambulances, police cars, vehicles that tow. Go here for that info.

It usually cost about $50 more to buy a new radiator than to unplug one. That is a good way to correct a radiator cooling system problem.

Radiator cooling system fixes. Radiator leaks: When a coolant flush is a rip-off and when not!

A fluid exchange machine is a quick way to replace old coolant.

I feel it is a rip-off when only the fluid is sold and replaced.

The right way is to add a pre-cleaner advertised as an acid neutralizer and scale remover just prior to the fluid replacement. This cleans the system and removes the number 1 & 2 problem makers along with the old fluid.

Always pay for a pre-cleaner which is added five minute before the coolant is replaced. Go here for that info.

Radiator cooling system fixes.

This review covers the 3 Best Radiator Cooling System ingredients sold anywhere. Our Mega Power Radiator Flush Treatment. works on Cars and Heavy Equipment.

About Your Radiator

And your motors cooling system...

Is so scaled down, 33% of its former size is gone! Taken away to help reduce your cars weight, improve fuel economy, and put more profit in the car makers wallet - not yours.

For this reason, it takes very little to overpower your cooling systems cooling ability - and ruin both your engine and transmission - you would never know its happening - until its to late. I wonder if the car makers and part suppliers know of that weakness.

The product we favor cannot be beat for its cooling system preventative and problem solving advantages.

Don't fret your car's leak or overheating problem because

This page and web site will help you avoid that expense - and thousands of dollars more avoidable car and equipment repair expense - if, your car seems still runnable.

It's what your cars need! Order on line or by phone 512 665 3388 ...George

Directions: Add Mega Power Cleaner to old coolant. Run motor or drive for 10 minutes. Drain and replace old coolant with new. Add Mega Power Stop Leak and Mega Power Conditioner with new anti-freeze coolant. Leaks stops from instantly to overnight. driving sets stop leak - which crystalizes when hitting air.

Ordering Mega Power Radiator Cooling System Radiator Flush Treatment

    Mega Power comes with three products shown, easy-to-follow directions, phone help if needed, guarantee. Shipped FedEx, direct to your home, business, or shop. Order online or by phone. 1 512 665 3388.

    Ordering info

    One MP Radiator Cooling System Service #RS3.
    3 item system service as described above.
    Just $50+ $15 s&h= $65 total.

Need more than one radiator flush treatments....? Do this>>>

    2 Treatments for both of your cars: Just $95+$15s&h= $110 total. Save $20.

    6 radiator Treatments for fleet or resale. 18 items. Just $200 +$15s&h= $215 total. Save $115.

    To order the Mega Power Engine, Transmission, and Radiator Treatments - to service and protect the whole power train, as described above.

    Order all 3 treatments: one for your radiator, one for your motor, and one for your transmission. 12 item total. $140 plus $20 s&h= $160. Save $75.

    Order above Whole Car Treatments for 2 vehicles. 24 items total. $200 plus $15 s&h = $215 total. Save $90 and service and protect both your vehicles for years to come.

    To order, Or ask a question about your car problem by phone, call me... george at 1 512 665 3388 [ Mention this page for these prices. Canada and Mexico add $25 to shipping amounts].

Call in with a question about your car problem, to make a larger product order, and discounts. Call me... george at 1 512 665 3388 [Stateside pricing. Mexico Canada add $25 shipping.] Radiator cooling system problem-solving page

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