Radiator cooling facts. Explained no where else --  that you should know. Service procedure. Best stop leak. Cooling aids

..Exactly what are today's car cooling system problems?

    Why your coolant should be changed every two to 4 years, if you do stop-and-go driving, mostly. Not every four, as the book says. 

  • Our research shows anti-freeze - even when old will still protect against freezing.

  • However, in about two years, 9 out of ten vehicle coolants tested show they turned acidic, eat gaskets, create leaks, caused unexpected overheating. Your best bet is to use a kit like this every two years - if you do mostly stop and go driving. Four years for mostly highway driving.
  • How MP Stop Leak SL#6 product stops head gaskets, manifold, heater, and radiator core leaks.

    The chemistry in this product forms a "scab-seal" at the leak point, when air is present. Somewhat like our blood does, and stops the leak.

    How MP Radiator Cool RC#7 product decreases excessive engine/coolant temperature to normal. Three ways:

    1. The flush removes surface scale;
      Which acts as a blanket to hold heat in.

    2. By preventing coolant breakdown and sludge. 
      Which helps coolant keep cooling.

    3. And by chemistry which compacts coolant molecules. This permits more molecules to contact cooling tubes. In this way a greater amount of heat is continuously transferred to the outside - than absorbed. This lowers heat levels so heat levels work within the regulated average range./li>

    Good for any size car, truck, equipment. Even police cars, ambulances. Tow trucks. When towing. Or, when in bumper-to-bumper traffic. City driving.

    Large Truck Coverage. Amount to use
    Use one kit for every five gallons coolant volume.
    Larger systems, big trucks, equipment: use one kit for every 5 gallons coolant.

    Want Engine Protection? See our info on our Mega Power Engine Oil Change Kit, for the protection your motor needs, below. Its called, Mega Power Engine Service #ES. A 3 part "kit" with similar usage and benefits, but made for the oiling and combustion areas of motors you want to protect and have last years longer. Also ask for details and pricing on this engine protector. Get a price-break of 10%.

    To order, Call 1 512 665 3388 or use shopping cart button.
    Shipped to your business or home with easy to follow directions, guarantee, my phone help, if needed.

    You may be here trying to solve one of them. This review will tell you about new stronger, safer, problem-solving radiator additives and tips to end by servicing your radiator your self.... george

Order products on this page Or ask a question. Call me, george... at 1 512 665 3388

This page contains new Product Information, including how and what these new products do. With directions, Pricing, an Ordering info.

The Mega Power Radiator Serving Kit-#RS3. The new, tougher breed of problem-solving, radiator and cooling system protecting products

A complete service product to clean, flush and protect your cooling system. A Do it yourself professional product - made D0-it-yourself-simple for any one to use.

Mega Power's Radiator Serving Kit-#RS3 - includes a 3rd product protector not available for the picture, but included with the product as a 3 item treatment. About this product...

    Mega Power includes a complete cooling system package. Mega Power is both a system protector and a problem-solver. Ingredients include a safe, but highly effective new cleaner - safe? Yes sir!

    I put a old dirty penny in my palm and drop a few drops of Mega power Cleaner over the penny - which comes shinny clean right before your eyes. Not even a red mark on my skin! That is what your system needs! You would not do that with any other brand product because of their caustic nature!

    Added to that is its special acid neutralizing quality. Acid is the number one - but hidden enemy to your cooling system, engine, and transmission. Acid ends with Mega Power.

    Heat and acid are coolant breakdown masters. Removing acid, and then fortifying your coolant with conditioners improves coolant breakdown resistance for 4 years, an adds greater, and faster heat transfer and cooling benefits.

    A new stop leak ingredient works like blood. Non-fibrous, it circulates with the coolant. Should a leak occur, the Mega Power stop leak will coagulate - like blood on a cut does, and stop the leak. A pretty ingenious invention, right?

    Further engine - and transmission cooling assist an protection occurs with another Mega Power included ingredient - I call Mr Cool. This ingredient takes out lose oxygen, and packs more coolant into each square inch of space.

    The benefit is that more coolant presses against your cooking hot engine as your flying down the road a 70 mph. That gain in extra heat keeps the motor oil cooler - that is good, and transfer the extra heat to the outside as the compacted coolant goes through your radiator. A needed product when towing for sure.

Here is one more reason to order Mega Power. Mega Power protects your transmission, too!

    Did you know your transmission runs cooking hot, too! Your transmission fluid, cooking hot, is sent to the radiator where, in a container - its heat is transferred to your radiator coolant - making it hotter. Most car owners think their transmission is doing OK, when both their motor and transmission is dying a heated up, premature death! Mega Power avoids that problem for you, too! Mega Power is what your motor and transmission really need!

    More transmissions are ruin by overheating [14 million last year] because people do not know this fact. They may use standard radiator products from part stores and quick lubes, thinking they are getting what their car needs and are doing the right thing. Do you?

    With those old fashion products - which have a high profit markup for the sellers, you lose every time. Most mechanics don't know this either. But transmission shops do, and they are waiting for you! If you are not Mega Power car care wise! Order Mega Power now. Avoid those serious problems, later.

This tougher, new breed of radiator protectors is what every car truck RV you have needs - don't you think so?

Capacity. Mega Power Treats to 5 gallons of Coolant Capacity. Larger systems; Add one MP treatment for each additional 5 gallons coolant. Over dose-ing will not hurt.

Ordering info

To order, Call 1 512 665 3388 or use shopping cart button.
Shipped to your business or home with easy to follow directions, guarantee, my phone help, if needed.

    One Mega Power Radiator Treatment #RS3 Includes 3 items. $36+ $15s&h = $51 total.

Order 2 treatments for 2 radiators. 6 items. Save $15. 2 Treatments for $85 total.

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