Racing engine additives:
These will blow ur mind - with happyness - as they help you you win oftener - not blow ur engine, and bring sadness to you.

Winners do many things - a little better than losers!

These racing engine additives have been in the winners tool chest of the top consistent winners over the years. Additives that are:

  • Limiters of metal migration.
  • And excessive friction drag reducers.
  • Combustion enhancers.
  • Fuel burn enhancers.
  • Oil film enhancers.
  • Penetrating cleaners.
  • Heat transfer enhancers.
  • Heat reducers.
  • Anti-wear, Anti-friction enhancers.
  • If you want to produce the most foot pounds continually over the longest time spans, while limiting horsepower loss, horsepower sucking negatives. 
  • Those are the fuel oil and gear power-producing products that help you blow street, strip, and track competition away, as you tend to win oftener!  
  • Tips, secrets, and the products that makes ownership of a race vehicle, even car, truck, tractor, boat, RV, motorcycle ownership a joyful ownership. Better, when you edge out the composition because of their help.
  • Racing engine additives Contact Info: On a cell phone, to ask a question, order items reviewed, order below, or call me 512 665 3388

    Which racing engine additives get you to the finish line oftener? Those that reduce the most friction, send the most horsepower to the wheels!

    These Mega Power Racing engine additives help to go faster, go longer, win oftener. On-line ordering.
    Contact infor: On a smartphone, to ask a question, or to order products listed by phone, call me at 512 665 3388... George. Our review.

    Week after week race car owners spend hours time and thousands of dollars to get their car ready for the next race. As for oil they chose a purple oil, a red oil, a brown oil. However,

      The real remedy was unknown until research by specially trained chemist in the 1950 and 1960's were able to use new magnifying equipment showing how metal surfaces wore. It was then shown that no oil cuts wear and reduces metal-to-metal horsepower eating friction!

      The reason? As huge pressures from movement exerted pressures against the oil film separating every motor and gear part, the pressure breaks thru the oil film - called shear, and as movement continues, one surface grinds against the opposite surface.

      Friction raises surface temperature to the melting point and point the touching fused. The strongest part of this weld rips out the weaker - you now have a gritty surface causing more friction - friction causing extremely rapid wear. That is called metal migration.

      Mega Power's friction modifiers prevent that weld and turn normally rough surfaces to smooth. The race car owner can now extend engine life by including Mega Power in his oils and fluids. Results are dramatic.

    You generally lose 5% t0 15% of your horsepower from 3 factors new additives from Mega Power can now end - to help your race vehicles run stronger, faster, longer, with up to 50% lest wear

    The 3 Mega Power factors are:

    1. Healing and smoothing.
    2. Friction reduction and ending of metal migration.
    3. Ends slow valve closing.

    Research did show

      What chemistry, not oil, could slow the rapid wear-out factor. And which of the many additives could send more horsepower to the wheels. That ended the mystery - but the secret was well-guarded for 40 years - or was difficult to advertise.

      Those race car owners that knew, edged out competitors at the finish line.

      However, even today, what products have such "wonder liquids" are keep secret, or obscured by additive makers who sell worthless products in parts stores, big box stores, and quick lubes.

      Those phony additive makers copy the wording identifying such beneficial product features from the few additive makers who do have such. These useless additives are sold in part stores. And car, truck, and race car owners buy and try such worthless additives, find they do little to solve their engine racing wear negatives. With those results, they bad-mouth all race engine additives as worthless. B>

    Science, research and chemistry

      First of all, an additive that works produces immediate results. The way to determine such results can be done in several ways.

      It was that high-tech equipment that could show the jagged micro structure of surfaces of pistons, bearings, valves, cams and gears, and what certain chemistry could do to change the jagged, fast-wearing surfaces to slow, smooth-wearing surfaces that one could appreciate products like Mega Power and its chemistry in race engine additives.


      Now, please note: many products reduce friction, but do not have horsepower or wear reducing factors. Zinc has been removed from oils because it had no history of friction ort wear reducing evidence.

      Some additives will fill surface valleys reducing the jagged feature, bur have no friction reducing benefit, nor any wear reducing value, nor any horsepower scavenging advantages.

      I favor the Mega Power Brand as a beneficial race engine additive using chemistry that stops metal migration - the fastest, most destructive form of engine and gear failure and horsepower absorption.

      And because Mega Power ups horsepower output, by better valve closing action and by ending absorption of horsepower. This passes former horsepower lost-to-friction and slow-closing valve action now on to your wheels to make you go faster!

      And Mega Power slams the brakes on metal migration - the fastest most destructive. These feature give you the edge as it saves your engine and transmission - compared to what you do or use now!

    Which racing engine additives are right for your motor?

      Which end your the #1 metal migration, friction drag rapid wear, horsepower eating negatives. Our review

      Metal conditioners. Helps existing, when rebuilding race car engines. Review.

    Which racing engine additives are right for your motor? Zinc or friction modifiers. Which are needed?

    Mega Power, I hope. Here's why...

      Mega Power limits metal migration and excessive friction drag. It helps produce the most foot pounds from your racing engine over the longest time span.

      What are metal conditioners?

      How do they help street and race engines run stronger, longer.

      Tips for using metal conditioners in racing engine additives.

      AS A BREAK-IN LUBE when rebuilding engines.

    These Mega Power Racing Engine Additives are BEST for your motor!

    These racing engine additives are right for your motor! New additives end metal migration your engine's fastest destroying enemy. What ends this destructive negative? Zinc or Metal Conditioner MC+? Review.

      As a racing additive to protect your car or truck lke this truck uses.

      Order a 6 pak of Mega Power protection for your radiator, power steering, engine, transmission, fuel and A/C. 12 oz each for any car pickup RV. 6 items. Just $65 plus $15s&h = $80 total. Sent FedEx to your door.

    George Formen and Mega Power Car Additives

    What is metal migration? How will Mega Power racing engine additive help.

    Racing engine additives... do work.

    These at the microscopic level, as metal melting temperature occurs upon contact. The two surfaces will melt together - weld. As movement continues the weld breaks. The stronger weld will and up with a new chunk attached to it. The metal transfer is called metal migration.

    If overheating of the engine or transmission occurs much more widespread abrasion occurs and migration can be seen.

    It is the fastest form of destruction.

    That is how all metal is worn away - either slowly over years, or it can happen in minutes in a self destruct.

    Mega Power racing engine additives reduces this problem.

    Order a 6 pak of Mega Power protection for your radiator, power steering, engine, transmission, fuel and A/C. 12 oz each for any car pickup RV. 6 items. Just $65 plus $15s&h = $80 total. Sent FedEx to your door.

    How MC+, a Mega Power Brand Product additive ingredient reduces metal migration.

      Certain chemicals in the orthometelic range will provide metal conditioning to reduce metal migration.

      Racing engine additives...

      Of course, its exact chemistry is proprietary - a secret. However...

      I've enjoy its benefits and had it explained in this way - a way that can be seen when the surface is magnified 25,000 times.

      A dyno test will also show improvement. Improvement is greatest when abnormal friction is present. And with wear present.

    My theory about MC+ racing engine additives.

    My theory - from what chemist in this tell me, is this.

    Mega Power is thin - the MC+ part. It will soak into the metal surface. As friction occurs, the chemistry molecule blends with the metal in the melting process - and alloys.

    This action prevents the weld - or reduces it greatly.

    The surface alloyed, upon abrasion now permits movements with migration resulting.

    When you add Mega Power to the gas and oil and gears and wheel bearings a performance gain results and surface temperature goes lower.

      You can't drag every person into a quarter million dollar test to see results every couple days - but..

      Put Mega Power in your car, truck, race car like I tell you and you can notice more zip, cooler temps, and a longer life for that engine and drive train components.

    My test anyone can do to show which brand can metal condition properly.

      I repack one wheel bearing with the grease it uses and a 1/3 oz Mega Power mixed in it. After a 20 minute run - that wheel hub will be cool to the touch and the other hot - like the breaks have been on.

      That is proof of MC+ metal conditioning in Mega Power.That is what makes it a great racing engine additive.

      In a week or so, those bearings and races will look like chrome plated. This is called micro-smoothing. A Mega Power plus.

    My experience

      I replaced the a/c compressor on wife Linda's car. It upper radiator hose clamping view is hidden - and I forgot to tighten it.

      A month later, going to Corpus - crusin about 80, I got a sudden whiff of anti-freeze. The temp gauge looked OK and the rear view mirror didn't show any smoke - so I drove on listening to the radio.

      I drove 20 miles before it started to act strange and lost a bit of power. The gauges all looked OK.

      Finally, it just would not go and I pulled over.

      After I had towed it home is when I discovered the hose came undone - and why it overheated.

      Metal migration took 20 miles to suddenly freeze up and size the engine. Mega Power keep it going until it finally used itself up.

    More about racing engine additives...

    You may be thinking...

      If any thing, I want help so my engine maxes the torque and always peak its speed.

      Since I'm at it, I want to get and extra couple races out of my engine before rebuild. And I don't want it to run slower as it wears.

    Building a race car engine? Use Mega Power racing engine additives

      Have you ever put together an engine or transmission and the fit was tight?

      You noticed it took a battery charger to help the cranking process. Upon starting, it runs laboriously and underpowered until sometime has passed - until it seats-in. Over time, it does not last as long as expected.


    Research by additives companies like Mega Power have discovered the problem to be a condition called “metal migration.”

      What some call "breaking-in and engine is really wearing out your engine a hundred times faster.

      I'll give you tips and products to slam the brakes on this problem. Anyhow....

      This drag and friction occurs when new, tight-fitting parts are installed in a rebuild or overhaul. And when hot spots, and overheating occur.

      Those conditions are ripe for producing a lot of metal-to-metal contact and metal removing. Not good at all.

      More on this, if you want.. A man who knows, Robert Sanborn, chemical engineer explains the problem and remedy, similarly..

    This review

      Tells you how to use racing engine additives known as metal conditioners to end the problem and have a better running, longer lasting race or street motor.

      Metal migration refers to a common type of wear condition of say a piston, bearing, gear, and such metal parts.

      Racing engine additives called metal conditioners help to end or reduce this problem.

      We found the Mega Power Brand to have the strongest metal conditioner racing engine additive available.

    More about metal migration, additives to reduce it, and how they protect the motor.

      Metal migration is the fastest, most destructive, sometimes instant type of engine, transmission wear out. Over heating, high temperatures, and common, internal extreme pressures, as well as external stresses set it of - besides tight, new fitting parts.

      When your piston, bearing, and gear moves, it naturally breaks-thru the lube or oil separating film, touches and fuses to the opposite metal surface; a minute weld occurs and breaks off as movement continues.

      Most of the time, the weld or fusion breaks such, a portion of the weld sticks to one or the other surfaces. Thus, you have metal "transferring or migrating," as its ripped away from one surface – by the bonding or welding to the opposite surface.

      That is how wear occurs naturally – if its not an acid or an alkaline condition, which also degrades, rust, the surface. This results in a sandpaper effect kind of wear.

      The occurrence, on a molecular level, of metal welding, breaking, and fusing is minute, but is the fastest, most destructive form of wear out. That is what is called metal migration.


    When new, pistons, bearings and gears, are machined to certain smoothness. The smoother, the better.

    What smoothness?

    Here’s one way its scaled or calculated.

    Imagine the dot on the end of a sentence. What would that dot look like when magnified to a foot square shape?

      You could count every ridge and valley at the molecule level.

      I would say a foot-square of blacktop is comparable. Look at a foot square of blacktop.

      Lets say, you counted 2000 peaks or pebbles poking up? We call that a 2000 micro-finish.

      On your pistons, bearing and gears, a 2000 micro-finish might not last as long as we like.

    A 2000 M-F may not be good enough – by any standard. Although cost and profit-gaining advantages make it a popular new car manufacturer recipe.

      Engine failure - when it occurs years sooner than expected can give our budget a big hit.

      In a racing event it can be devastating.

      Either way, it can be costly to us in downtime - no vehicle for a couple weeks, we lose business and race schedules, and the expense of repair cuts deeply into our profits – maybe, too deep. Such a hit, is not recoverable, once the vehicle is running again, for the race car owner or the business.

      The cost to overhaul the engine and transmission pre-maturely drives-up cost-per-mile-driven expense 20 to 40% – which most of us did not allow for.

      Looking for a remedy.

      So, we complain. The machine shops says “OK, we can reduce the micro-finish down to 1,500 or 1000 micro-finish by performing several other steps to the finishing process – but it will double the parts bill cost 150%.”

    Or the parts store says, we have these really expensive pistons, bearings cams, and gears. They last longer, but they are three times the cost of what you will spend now!

    Introducing "Metal conditioner."

    What is a Metal Conditioner for racing engines? Or MC+.

    A metal conditioner either fill the micro-level valleys and reduce friction-drag and wear, or they chemically bond with the metal molecules and alloy it – changing it from hard and brittle to softer, more giving.

    The latter - a better type of metal conditioning, does not permit the weld-effect to occur as often. All this provides a better wear-reducing advantage. A friction-modifying advantage. The benefit provides longer spans of time between wear-out!

    How does Mega Power work?

    Mega Power Engine Treatment with Metal conditioner called MC+ works as part of a complex formula along with special cleaners and co-polymers. This method cleans and frees, smooths, seals, coats, and fill worn spaces - there by the term "treatment."

    You add Mega Power to the motor in one or more ways.

    1. By a special procedure that is easy to follow
    2. You mix it in a certain proportion, to a lube rebuilding grease or oil lube
    3. Add it as a parts soak
    4. And mix it with assembly lube when you rebuild your engines and transmissions.
    5. I'll show you how - if you call me. george 512 665 3388

    Now, what do you have?

    You have surfaces changing from

      Dirty, sticky, and binding; and causing rough idle, loss of full combustion, tapping, clap and rattle, and brittle fast wearing, changing to smooth, clean freely moving, and with way less friction drag.

      If new, tight-fitting parts, the motor will hand turn easily and start running smoothly and easily. The Mega Power Break-in is smooth and nearly ends in minutes - and ready for a gradual load speed in a short time - with out injury to the internal touching surfaces.

      Now, as your pistons, bearings and gears try to break thru the oil film, a slippery coating tends to want to let those parts slip forward.

    Racing engine additives in your running engine...

    If forces are such –

      And they are, as you crank the motor, put the transmission in gear, and takes off, then shift to higher speeds, those forces are what causes pistons, bearings, valves and gears to go-thru or break-down the oil film. At that POINT, the co-polymer film is contacted, to hinder direct meta-to-metal contact.

      If actual contact occurs - and it does, Mega Power Metal Conditioner MC+ alters the ability of the two surfaces to weld.

      The slight pounding that occurs at metal-to-metal-contact – it occurs millions of times, creates a "what I call alloying of the surface from rough and brittle to smooth or softer," and tends to flatten the peaks and turn the surfaces to shinny smooth.

      The result now is there is 10, 15, even 20% more power developed and passed along to speed the car or truck forward faster and easier. With less drag, your foot on the gas pedal sends to you 5, 10 miles and hour faster. Hey, too fast.

    What do you do?

    You back-off on the gas pedal. Less fuel is needed. You may go 20 to 40 more miles between fill ups and 5 to 10 years longer before wear out occurs.

    If racing, you know have what's know as the racers-edge working for you. A bit more snap, cooler temperature - as there is less friction drag, and maybe a bit faster zip to a higher speed over others. That is the advantaged of racing engine additives.

    I feel, it may be costlier to not use Mega Power!

    Not most dealerships, but independent master mechanics trained to select and install mega power at oil change, tune up or repair is the way you get this valuable advantage to your vehicles, budgets, and driving satisfaction.

    If you build race-car engines and transmissions, or are a mechanic, auto repair garage owner, you may qualify to become a Mega Power Product Installer and retailer.

    Mega Power offers a good profit building, customer-pleasing expertise that is sure to help build on your present success.

    To find out more, call our Factory-Direct Mega Power Rep, George Christ at 512 665 3388 for advice and supplying you of the racing engine additives, you may need for better running, longer lasting race and street engines - new or older.

    racing engine additives - the winners edge!

    Racing engine additives, Home page and index...

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