Tune repair shop Program
for more income.

Shop owner explaining our Mega Power Product repair aid and free repair value to customerShop owner explaining our Mega Power Product repair aid and free repair value to customer

Our tune repair shop Marketing Program for more income. Helping you understand what to do to attract better paying customers. Earn more by learning more to sell.

  • Signing up for our monthly program will produce hundreds, maybe thousands more dollars new income for you. 
  • The program provides improvement in ads, tune and repair enhancements, while building build stronger customer loyalty.
  • the only real way to expand word of mouth about you. No other program does all that for you!
  • You learn to work smarter - to boost income making skills. 
  • The program walks you through each step to do so. 
  • In a new way each month that prove to your customers your Mega Power Repair Methods teach  the public you should be "their mechanic."  
  • Once in the shop the next step - How to sell the install of our products in their cars to improve their confidence in you.
  • In our ads for your business its message explains what you can now do with our help and products that shows you provide what car owners are looking for.
  • The best shop value provides what's competitors are not providing.
  • Learn how to promote our auto tune up and repair options and features and benefit as yours by signing up for our marketing program.

I made the site for you to have my best way - to:

  • avoid a repair, yet..
  • end oil burning, blow-by, tapping, power loss,
  • rough idle, rough shift, leak, 
  • overheating, growl, steering whine

or such, car or commercial equipment problem you want to end. That is the option you want and given here.

How I look at this same problem.

For my own cars and equipment, an in my customers vehicles, I want to do the "best" repair and "best" upkeep possible - But I want the unusual -  that pays me for its usage - not the other way.

By this "option," I mean...

A fix - the option given, that would avoid, end, or put off a repair - rather than a "I hope this works purchase!"

That is very different from what the common minimum repair shops provide - which is: fix the vehicle, collect for the work, feel proud for doing just that, get on to the next job, service.

That is just us mechanic's are trained to offer as the fix philosophy. That's not what I want for myself or my customers - no!

What's new and better  to fix and end your  vehicle problem, I'll show you here!

To do more than the minimum - like most repair shops offer, I spend years learning what Research and Chemistry developed as a better option. The way to purchase what's available to...

  • - To end wear and tear!
  • to chemically end mechanical problems that upset the normal - oil couldn't fix or prevent. 
  • And to do so chemically - in place of repair - as the repair fix.
  • Or fix chemical product needed as the missing part of the repair ...
  • - that reconditions those half worn parts not replaced.
  • To makes my cars and customers cars run and last years longer. 
  • That's your auto tune up and repair option shown here.

If you have a desire to do the same, for your new, and older, worn cars and trucks and machinery in some way - read a few pages around the site to assure yourself this is so! You found what your really looking for.

Bookmark this site for future return.

To get started, so find a product - if possible, to end your cars running or abnormal performances problem -read on.

What I'll show you is what me and ten thousands others are doing to do so.

Don't be surprise if..

A small yearly investment gives you the same tips, products, and insightful comments and discounts us mechanics profit off of - so you can make the most of reducing the second costliest expense you have - your cars and equipment upkeep.

Subscription entitles you to a full year of site usage and personal phone help. And usage for family  too - as needed.

The best investment you will ever make!

Chose one of the following payments schedules.

Subscribe by the month, for 12 months. At $10 a month.  After the payment, you are given the button to gain access to the entire site and its benefits... and me by phone if you need me.

Subscribe by paying for 12 months in advance.  Save $20. Just $100 total.  After the payment, you are given the button to gain access to the entire site and its benefits... and me by phone if you need me.

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