$1000 to $5000 Profit monthly is what repair shops earn with our Mega Power Program

More Distributor Opportunity Details.

The $1000 extra monthly profit program  helps a tune repair shop, and or lube business grow customer satisfaction and adds $1000 each month profit using the Mega Power Profit Building Program.  

More Distributor Opportunity Details.

The possibilities for hard word, drive, motivation, and a vision of a better future for you and him.

That's the theme here: Can you see yourself helping him and others like him grow his business with more daily customer satisfaction and profit using the Mega Power Profit Building Program?  

The profit potential is above average for our distributors.

That account, typical, produces $100 to $500 monthly income for  the distributor. A lifetime income that can provide you with $60,000 to $200,000 income as a rereat customer for you.

Multiply that profit by 50 such accounts. Or 100 such accounts and you see what this this Distributor Opportunity Details can produce from a Mega Power Distributor Opportunity Details.

More Distributor Opportunity Details.

The business we are in is to get you up to speed , that hundreds of local repair shop seek out as a vendor. Bot win!

  • A local auto repair shop owner would loved to have a way to produce an extra $50 profit off his customers. this is how that is possible for him - from your effort.
  • Lets say, he has 50 customers during the month.  If he could sell what would amount to an extra service he found the car needs, and can have the customer OK that service for $99. And $50 was the resulting extra profit off that sell.
  • Selling just 10 of his 50 customers each month would jump up his months income by $500.
  • Our products and the problems they solve - when explained to the shop owner, now gives him new expertise to take home $500 he never could were it not for you and Mega Power.
  • Customers will like the improvement in their car running as a direct result of Mega Power inclusion. Customer-likes give him and his customers a reasonable confidence Mega Power servicing of the steering radiator, and transmission - other serviceable components, can also provide protection and improved car running operation - rather than the down-hill slide most car owners feel their vehicle is on.
  • Typically, the shop will inventory  5 to 10 engine treatments and about 3 of each of the other component service treatments.
  • Each 10 to 20 day visit by you inventories what missing and you replace what's sold - being given a check or cc to cover what's replaced each visit. You profit is the net part of the process - and repeated each month, by as many accounts as you can open.
  • End More Distributor Opportunity Details.

The shop owner is taught to repeat customer experiences as part of his assurance the customer is getting the best around - from him.

More Distributor Opportunity Details.

  • the shop owner isolates, and explains what he has found, and  how this Mega Power Service  - price set by your suggestion and the profit involved for the shop.
  • Mega Power solves residue and wear related running problems - in 5 of the cars components  -promoting longer trouble-free life for the customer and his car.
  • with 50 accounts like the one just described, producing $100 profit for you, you would earn $60,000 a year. Great tax breaks. freedom of how you control your time. Unlimited potential income.

His interest in this product would be because he sees an income potential he can capture with it. It is his means to assure his and his family's financial stability.

He would know how many accounts he would need to have to produce $100,000 income annually. He may have a feel for how long it would take.

You would be familiar with prospecting, opening accounts and then servicing accounts a regular basis.

You would know he is a valuable part of his accounts profit making growth, and lively hood.

More Distributor Opportunity Details.

He enjoys introducing himself and our product line and its competitive and financial growth advantages to area small fleet owners, and the automotive service, tune up, and repair businesses nearby - like the one pictured above with the Mega Power Product Servicing cart. Is that something you can see ing spend your days doing? If so, read on...

Fleet owners, automotive lube service, tune up, and repair businesses look for and depend upon vendors to keep them supplied - and encouraged, and are always on the look for new growth opportunities - now rare - but available by you, as a Mega Power Product vendor.

Distributor Opportunity Details: Making Financial Growth Possible.

Like all businesses gross income and net  - net being what is yours after all expenses are paid for, depend on how you see the opportunity. 

If you feel your offering is the key to the furthered success  of many others in reach - your success is assured. That is the confidence our product line gives, and us as distributors have.

Each shop can be looked upon as an in reach way to help the shop produce $5000 to $10,000 more income each year from your service to him - he cannot gain in any other way.

More Distributor Opportunity Details.

That shops purchase - what ever it may be means 25% profit for you.

As your show nearby business owners our product line and the sales opportunity they open for the shop owner, the shop owner sees Mega Power as a possible new avenue of service-income. 

While you may not know how to fix cars, what you can convey can indicate you are the new source of profit that can amount to $50,000 to $250,000 for small fleet owners, and the automotive service, tune up, and repair businesses nearby - over the coming years - not otherwise possible for them. All business owners want such opportunity!

Rudy is such a shop owner who uses Mega Power for over 15 years - providing the Mega Power Distributor thousands of dollars in repeat income - and of course, Rudy's is profiting off Mega Power too, in a big way - no other product can do for him. 

More Distributor Opportunity Details. Rudy's.

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