Professional fuel injector cleaning and valve tune up for quicker results  - more power

New, easy, professional fuel injector cleaning anyone can do for a professional fuel injector cleaning and internal piston bearing valve, lifter and gear tune up, also.

Your older motor needs both, details... from 23rd, 2010 | Author:

No one likes car trouble – especially when it comes to doing tune up. Raise your hood and you can quickly see it’s not a place for anyone but an expert. However, after years of working on tune ups, I found today’s motors seldom need a tune up.

What usually happens is a little bit of carbon-buildup spread around the fuel, combustion, oiling and hydraulic valve and lifters, all combine to reduce power, cause rough idle, tapping noise, lousy fuel economy, and smelly exhaust problems.

When the motors computers tries to make adjustments, results are confusing, and usually runs the fuel in a richer mixture as a best remedy.

Properly cleaning of those dirty systems using special cleaning and friction modifying chemistry is called for.

After cleaning and friction reducing – which restores free movement and function to every internal part, and this restores proper breathing and combustion, the computer will re-tune the settings on-the-fly – meaning, as you drive along, to a best-ever setting. Does this make sense to you?

This following describes how to do a professional fuel injector service and the ideal products to order and use.

A product I use successfully to clean fuel injectors, eliminate rough idling, loss of power, end valve tap – all a common cause of all of the above problems, is called, the Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment.

Its simplicity of use and instant results shows it to be a great invention. It will help restore the motors performance and get the job done right. The success of is due to 4 specific cleaners and two friction reducers,

Now you know the secret I use. Below, I'll show the do it yourself steps so you can tune up like an expert - even better!

If you can add oil to the motor you can do your own professional fuel injector cleaning procedure. I'll show you the secret I use. It is easy to do and perfect results occur immediately!

Basically, you split cleaning of the motor into two sections. There is a top-side cleaning – using 3 different cleaners. 1- Add a gas tank cleaner to the fuel tank. 2- Add the valve cleaner to the oil. 3- Add a combustion cleaner into a vacuum line like the PVC valve. This cleans the top side of the motor. I will WALK YOU THROUGH THE PROCEDURE, and make it easy for you to clean the fuel injectors, and other motor systems, for pleasing results..

This is followed by a bottom-side, or oil side cleaning, using 3 more products. One in the dirty oil which is replaced during oil change, and two added to the new oil. Hundreds of car owners – not just mechanics have followed this method to solve their motor problems – and saved themselves hundreds of dollars.

Have a question, need to order this product, call me now at 512 665 3388. ... george

Details at Mega Power Professional Fuel Injector Cleaning Procedure,

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