Keep Mega Power #120 penetrating oil spray handy to lube, free anything stuck, frozen rusted around your home, garage, boat and equipment - like lots of us do!

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What People say about Mega Power Penetrating Oil Spray #120

  1. One can of 120 is better than 10 cans of WD 40
  2. Loosens lug nuts an impact wrench can't
  3. Loosens head and exhaust manifold bolts
    - avoids the problem of snapping the bolt shaft
  4. Stops squeaks on most anything oil can't hurt
  5. Made my rough-turning and binding ignition and door
    locks work like new, again
  6. Great to expel moisture, keep things lubed, free rusted,
    frozen, parts on my boat.
  7. I think its a great gun barrel cleaning oil. The gun shoots better
    because of it. The eject won't overheat anymore!
Mega Power Penetrating Oil Spray Lube 16oz

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More uses for Mega Power penetrating oil spray #120 below. I use 120 for all this page mentions Also, in every motor, transmission, power steering, tune up, and a/c unit I own. Its cheaper to use use Mega Power than not - I found! Below: More, plus story I found mentioning 120


Just want to let people know that most of the door ding problems and lights staying on are from the sliding door contact switch in door post, and on the driver's door.

    I used Mega Power 120 penetrable with lube on the driver's door, and disconnected the sliding door switch, then used a jumper wire in connector, works great. Also shuts off the door ajar light in the dash.

    The misfire problem with the 3.8L is carbon buildup in the intake; remove upper plenum and there are discs that look like nickels in the lower intake, use a coat hanger or welding rod or pick tool, and clean the little holes in them, then remove the EGR valve and blow out dislodged carbon with compressed air thru the removed EGR port, then put it all back together with NEW gaskets, make sure you change the seals in the upper plenum bolts also, they can cause a vacuum leak.

    If you still have the problem, you likely have a bad injector, or have the EGR DPFE sensor vacuum tested at a shop, it could be bad, this is the square aluminum sensor in front of the EGR valve with two vacuum hoses going to it and an electrical connector. I have a 1998 Windstar 3.8L and have to work on the junk all the time, consider myself an expert at this time on Windstar's, P.S. I am also a technician, Mike.

More about 120

Cools down
my chain saw chain,

  1. So the chain cuts better, longer, when I'm cutting tough, older trees.
  2. Kills the fire-ant mound - by kicking the head of the mound away and spraying the nest eggs. It's safe, also.
  3. I been trying to get these lug nuts off this Mercedes for an hour. George sprayed it twice in 30 seconds - and they flew off with the impact wrench this time.
  4. I use it as an air conditioner system flush cleaner. When apart, I spray a little 120 into each hose, condenser, evaporator. Then have my helper hold a couple shop towels over one end while I blow air threw. Me and my customers are amazed at the rusty-blackish, aluminum residue that comes out.
  5. I've added about 3ozs to a closed a/c system and it instantly makes a cooking hot compressor housing to-the-touch cooler.
  6. It water-proofs boat wheel bearing grease and makes the hub run cool -instead of hot

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Order Mega Power 16oz Penetrating Oil Spray Lube. Just $12.95+ $5 s&h= $17.95 Total

Two-cans, 16oz each. $18.00+ $10s&h= $28 Total

6 pak $54.00+ $10s&h= $64 Total

12 pak $95.00+ $15s&h= $110.00 Total

Order by phone Now! Call 1 512 665 3388
Ship Fedex, USPS

Money back, if not satisfied with this penetrating oil spray.
No refunds last 267 days

I tell my customers, Mega Power does more when it cleans and protects your engine, transmission, and fuel injectors, too! My customers love it! So will you, I promise!

Power steering system info here.

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