Oil life Indicator. They Skip The Ideal Way to End Your Engine Problems.

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Motor Picture shows piston and valves as condition dirty them to cause engine problems.Motor Picture shows piston and valves as condition dirty them to cause engine problems.

     An oil change indicator flashing on your Dash does not show you your motor's condition, nor ways to remove harmful carbon, friction, and varnish from your engine. 

    What's needed are additives to clean your fuel system, motor oil system, and remove sticky engine residues causing problems.

     - to protect your motor, and keep it running clean - if important to you, is to try products featuring the following the additive names for all you need to know.

On a smartphone, to ask a question, or order products recommended, please call me at 512 665 3388  ...George 

The following is what you need in addition to good oil and specified oil change indicator intervals -  if you want to end your engine problems. Read this review about new problem-solving additives that add to the protecting of your motor, since your specified oil change does not do so entirely.

Taken from linkin.com on a discussion on oil quality and oil life indicator 's that turn on when they feel you need an oil change. And the info on my oil life indicator oil change procedure. 

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The oil life indicator service for:

Mega Power Engine, Transmission Wear and Residue Problem-Solving Additives Overcoming oils inadequacy. The trouble with oils, even synthetics, has to do with combustion negatives oil cannot prevent, nor neutralize entirely: including blowby's contaminating influence. Included in blowby are a bit of acid, maybe a gallon of raw gasoline, a couple gallons moisture, and a bit of sticky residues that form as a byproduct on rings, valves, intake manifolds, and emission system and converters.

Oil change indicator:
Engine trouble comes from all negatives which regular oil changes cannot remove after five years . They mostly get sucked up and re-burnt. Carbon on rings and valves and valve lifters becomes the target for engine trouble - Mega Power Will remove.

Trouble comes from all those negatives which oil and the oil life indicator cannot entirely control before those negatives pass into the oil and mostly get sucked up and re-burnt.

By the change in color of most every part - showing the etching away of the surfaces by acid, and footholds for varnish on sticky valves, stuck lifters, sticky piston rings and shift valves and such, you can see the problem is beyond that of oil to control entirely.

And those cars that miss the ideal driving condition - which all oils try to cover, you see millions of cars with valve tapping, sludge, loss of vacuum, rough shifting, and higher emissions - all contributors to performance problems - and premature failure even synthetic oils cannot prevent - or remedy.

Additives, beyond what oil contain, are sold to correct those problems and the car and equipment owner with such trouble are benefited by such problem-solving additives - like those from Mega Power - with neutralize acid, and remove footholds for varnish on sticky valves, stuck lifters, sticky piston rings and shift valves and such.

Oil life indicator 

Maybe, oil and the oil change warning devices are not entirely meant to be the total answer to proper maintenance we are led to believe they are!

The beneficial results of additive product addition to oils to end valve tapping, remove sludge safely, restore the loss of vacuum, end rough shifting, end oil burning, and to lower higher emissions - all contributors to a restored performance and years more dependable performance, is oils hidden partner in car care - not a dash warning alone. See this link for more:  https://www.auto-tune-up-and-repair-options.com/worn-motor-treatment.html

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