Oil filters. What is a good filter? What may be more important than filtering?

Oil filters, good and bad ones.

The links below provide eye-opening info showing popular filters are poorly made. Learn what filtering really can't clean - that now is costing you hundreds of dollars car upkeep you can now avoid.

http://people.msoe.edu/~yoderw/oilfilterstudy/oilfilterstudy-updates.html [See bottom of page for live link on this study]

This web site is a learning site on a better car care.

This site deals with the method of engine cleaning your filter and regular oil changes can't get to - that cost your a lot of your hard earned money. It shows you how to spend less and get years more service from your cars. See links below.

About oil filters...

I like the Sure Filter Brand. They filter a lot better than common filters because they trap twice as much, and because the safety valve in them is better. There is almost twice as much filter material volume so they can filter for many more thousands of miles.

Even good filters cannot clean your motor - just the oil.

What about your motor's cleanliness?

I think cleaning the actual parts of your engine, and smoothing their wear roughen surfaces is just as important.

This picture of a greasy kitchen fire is similar to what your pistons, rings, valves, combustion area, and exhaust look like in your engine after a few years. Can't be good!

No wonder your car is acting up. Now I'll show you how to remove that carbon with this amazing, new product. You're about to learn how to make your cars run good as new again, then stay that way.

This motor protecting product from Mega Power is the only one I've found that really cleans - so it will no longer look like this kitchen. It cleans 6 sub-systems of your motor, then smooths and coats every. All sorts of wear and performance problems disappear. Check it out!

Get the nasty out of your engine - this way.

Interesting oil filters info to understand filter quality

What's in Mega Power? Check this out and see

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