Which new car engine additive does my car need for ?               Our review

New car engine additives.

So, your new or newer car is acting up! Bummer deal.

With hundreds of products to chose from - If a product can come to your cars rescue, these from Mega Power will be your best choice, and maybe, your only choice  - other than costly repair

Each of Mega Power's additives act like a packaged treatment to cover the whole body, even though just one area is troublesome. Something like a doctor might give you or a loved one to correct a problem using a wholelistic approach for care.

Whereas, everyone else is dealing with the old idea that a one or 2 ingredient product is still OK for today's Hi-tech cars. Not so! For example.... Note the different parts of your engines head in the power making area is shown. Dirty conditions here must be handled by 6 different chemical cleaners to rid the motor of the residue and blowby lost factors - most feel is a dirty fuel injector problem. Why so?

The normal method most people and most mechanics do when having a rough idle, power decline, lousy fuel economy, ping problem is to clean your cars dirty fuel injectors. A throw back to the 1980's when injectors started replacing carburetors..

They  are still thinking from influence of the 1980's. Did anyone tell them it's 2014 - and cars engines are very different and need new products to restore and protect them?

Back then, when gas and diesel fuels had a lot of resins in the fuel, the fuel dried on the injector tip, where the residue diminished the fuel injectors fogging capability. So cleaning injectors was the usual anwer.

To burn properly, fuel has to be in fog form, and precisely blended with air to burn at a precise temperature - and do so when many factors are working exactly so.

When valves are dirty, when piston rings are sticky, as this picture illustrates something called engine vacuum drops from 22 to 25 inches of vacuum  - the new car reading, to 15 to 20 - an causes what seems like a worn-out feeling to the driver. Vacuum is a measurement of your upper engine health - or lack of it.  In time the engine is torn apart for had cleaning of those parts - at a $1500 to $2500 price by a waiting for you to come in mechanic! So...

By just cleaning fuel injectors, you get the fogging part right but do nothing  to clean residues that have been accumulating for miles and miles in these sub systems shown above - nor does fuel injector cleaning restore the highest 21 to 25 inches of vacuum, as the Mega Power service does.

So, Mega Power's method works to do the cleaning of engine valves, piston rings and something called the motors emission system. This restores instant, smooth strong engine performance and an amazing zip and power producing ability. It is a DeSmog service and engine residue remover in one!

recommended for your new car engine additive is a every 2 year service that restores - your cars like-new performance and dependability each time its installed.

As you can see here we do a different take to problem solving than part store, car dealer service department, quick lubes, and the way most auto repair shops offer solutions to new your car engine problems.

They  are still thinking from influence of the 1980's. Did anyone tell them it's 2014 - and cars engines are very different and need new products to restore and protect them.

Do I need a mechanic for this products install? No!

This is how to determine the right product for your car fix or need.

Think of your car like you think of your body ills and their remedies.

Let's start with the head of the car.

Your cars engine head or heads, if a v6 or v8 contain the most problematic where conditions occur.

 as you are dealing with an area where precise movement is essential to good performance and the reverse is true. Where trouble can affect the whole body or engine.

Which new car engine additive do I need for ?  rough idle, valve tapping, oil burning, blowby, oil leak, ping, break-in. 6 products that solve those problems

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