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Motorcycles require oil that have more heat and friction reducing advantages.

They will specify this by a 15w 40, or 15w 50 designation. Because motorcycles operate such - going from gear to gear, and most riders - like me, love to feel the acceleration, this force tends to let moving parts break thru the oil film - and raw motorcycle oil and friction happens oftener. This is no good, of course.

I hear arm-chair motorcycle experts - at dealerships, and in articles, and forums presuming to be experts; giving opinions, saying, avoid friction modifiers - as it causes slippage. Oil is a friction modifier, and clutches bathe in it. So where is the slippage? There is none.

Hudson - a now discontinued car - having models that were top race winners - used clutches with an oil to bathe and cool the clutch material. Now, oil or brake fluid on brakes pads - usually there by leakage, do help the stopping action - that fluid locks up the wheel and works too good - as anyone with a leaking wheel cylinder will testify, not cause slippage. So much for arm-chair experts knowledge on that subject.

Having had many motorcycles over a 50 year span, I have used JB engine additives and now Mega Power brand oil additives; both brands in a 10% to 15% mix with regular 15w 40 car oil = my way of adding of adding the only products known with true friction modifiers.

My current bikes -Yamaha 750, and a Honda Shadow have Mega Power Engine Tune Up#9 in the gas [2 oz in gas and 2 oz Mega Power Fuel Treatment 2oz] and 6oz #9 in the oil to quiet their noisy sticking valves - I bought them that way. After 200 miles they now start instantly and run with more zip - and quiet as when new.

Both products are metal conditioners and reduce the raw abrasion that occurs - called metal migration, the fastest, most destructive type of wear. And from acid damage when oil can't, and even when overheating occurs.

Both products are famous for helping reduce the worst kind of friction that motorcycle oil cannot as the pistons, bearing, cam, lifter, valve, and gear pressures break thru the oils film. ZDDP, a supposed friction modifier has failed to live up to its 50 year old claim and is being remove from motor oils.

The funny thing is this: Marketers are using the removal of ZDDP from motorcycle oil - or at least car oil, as a quick money maker; by making products advertised with ZDDP in them - hoping the unsuspecting public will buy it up - I have no clue why - since ZDDP is proven no good - especially in older motorcycles and cars.

More about such additives and their many other uses, here

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