Mechanics-tune-theory. Why they don't actually do tune ups. What's missing for a complete tune up.

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How new tune up additives help the tune up:

    Pull out up to 30% more horsepower.

    Help engines idle and run smooth again.

    End miss-fire.

    Produce an amazing zip and performance. 

 There are 2 theories about tune ups.

  1. One theory replaces bad parts and adds fuel               injector cleaner as the fix. That's a normal tune up.
  2. The other also replaces bad parts, but also believes in the use of these 6 products. They produce an amazing horsepower improvement and an amazing zip improvement normal tune ups lack. These advantages will last indefinitely - something fuel injector cleaner alone can't provide.       

The six  additives needed are Mega Power's:

  1.  Fuel system cleaner $99  
  2. Fuel Injector Cleaner   $149  I
  3. Intake manifold, idle, combustion, valve,                                 and catalytic  converter  cleaner  $269  
  4. Oiling and valve lifter system cleaner $129 
  5. Acid neutralizer  $69  
  6. Friction modifier, surface smoother, worn space filler $149

What you don't know - but will is this: To pull out suppressed horsepower you have to reduce power robbing friction, by freeing and cleaning hundreds of dirty parts, and smooth and fill their worn spaces so they operate effortlessly, with those products to have them operate like new again.

Mechanics tune theory: That's because mechanics are trained to just replace bad spark plugs, wires, coils, sensors and such. Not restore the original power lost by wear friction or residues. I know, I'm a mechanic! 

To recap:

The first thing to know:

When a motor is new, all the parts are micro-smooth, fit close together, and slide, roll push and pull with great ease. Those conditions produce are what produces the most horsepower output, the greatest, zip, the best fuel economy, and the slowest wear-out factors.

In time, wear and horsepower and performance problems occur.

The second thing to know is that fuel injector cleaner is a poor substitute as it only gets on need and you can't get full performance improvement from one item.

The 3rd thing to know, as the above picture shows, you have to think like a doctor when tuning an engine, and use the additives like they use medicine if you want your motor to run great and in true perfect health again.

Since wear and residues spread about in 6 sub-systems, those residues cause horsepower and performance problems -  so it makes sense to use additives to restore the horsepower lost by wear, if possible.

Like removing harmful bugs to heal a sick patient - and return a healthy, invigorating state to humans, Mega Power has developed an automotive tune up treatment contain ingredients that removes internal negatives that cause your engine its running and performance decline problems.

Mega Power chemically ends wear and residues problem-causing problems all engines have, thereby returning the engine to its former brand new operating-like performance. Even removes...

   ·         Sticky residues on critical part surfaces

  ·         … and sub-system passage ways describe below.

  ·         Rebuilds friction worn surfaces to smooth. 

  ·         Fills worn away surfaces closing oil loss exits.

  ·         Adds protective and slippery surfaces to every part.

That and more is what this amazing tune up chemical tool will do for the engines you tune, repair, service!  I’ll show you how!

Before I go over those details please note:

Very few mechanics really know what a REAL tune up is because its just not made part of their training. For that reasons, cars, after a repair just run so-so - not good as brand new - as with the Mega Power method. 

That's because mechanics are trained to just replace bad spark plugs, wires, coils, sensors and such. Not restore the original power lost by wear friction or residues. I know, I'm a mechanic! 

This lesson teaches you to go to that next higher level of car tune and repair expertise - that amazes car owners having this as part of the fix, using the treatment shown below. Customers will bring even good running cars to you to be serviced with these very profitable tune up products from Mega Power!!

    Tips for customer invoice billing:

    List under parts:                                                                           Mega Power Engine 6 item cleaners. $150.00

    List under Labor:                                                                           Labor Install of Mega Power.            $100.00

    Car owners who do the install themselves - its easy, save a good deal of money - and will enjoy the benefits of fixing their own car.

    Mega Power Tune Up Products are a problem solver.

    Dirty internal engine conditions produces rough idle, lowers horsepower power, as well as allows more fuel to mix with your motor's oil - increasing wear. Of course, a rich fuel mixture also washes away the oil the lubes your pistons and valves - so they wear our faster. 

    More Mega Power Tune Up Products tips

    These 6 Mega Power Tune Up Products clean the inside part of the motor as the real tune up - I call - the other half of a tune up or repair.

    Those 6 items are pictured above. They are easy to install. I'll show you how. Order a set for your car. Keep  several on inventory for every engine job that comes in.

    The charge is $90 to $275 for the 6 items. and Labor is $150.

    Some shops add an oil change at the time of tune up. The customer comes back for it in a week - pre-paid. This gets customers to depend and come to you for car care - instead of others  -who would sell them more services  - instead of you.

    Learn More Do a Better Job with these Tune Up Products

  1. To burn properly, the fuel needs to be in fog or vapor form and cleaning your motors fuel injectors is needed yearly to keep them working. A special cleaner does that by fuel line feeder or addition to the gas tank.
  2. While cleaning fuel injectors is good, the same cleaner does little for removing carbon and cleaning dirty spark plugs - which cause mis-fire - meaning no spark. And cleaning sticky valves and piston rings. For that a combustion cleaner is needed. That special cleaner is feed into the air intake or fuel tank.
  3. Also needed is something to clean and free sticky valve lifters and valve stems - which when dirty, makes its nosy presence known by making your motor sound like a sewing machine. That takes a special kind of tune up oil that with-stands high temperatures.
  4. Your motor also needs help to smooth wear roughen surfaces, and that add...
  5. add conditioners to fill their worn spaces; so the motor's pistons bearings valve and gear surfaces can pass the horse power along.
  6. And you need friction reducers to slam the breaks on wear-out. That requires friction modifiers.
  7. For all that, you need a product I call the inside half of a tune up or engine repair.

    That is what a new type tune up product from Mega Power can do. Tune up Products>

You can restore your motors original zip, performance and dependability with Mega Power Tune Up Products by the products ability to remove horsepower reducing and horsepower absorbing conditions - Got that?

An engines dirty horsepower deterring and wear increasing ways is what causes your motor 's lost of power, rough idle, mysterious stalling, and lousy fuel economy - all of which end using Mega Power as shown here!

You can imagine the difference in less resistance after Mega Power in your motor - and transmission, if installed there too.

    Compare by imagining that you're rubbing your hand over a dirty, pitted, rusty, paint faded surface. Its rough! it may make your skin a bit rough. Feel the friction resistance? That is your motor as it is running now!

    Now compared that feel to a surface that has been cleaned, smoothed, pits fill, and painted slick. A big difference. Feel how smooth the movement is. Notice The ease to start and stop. That is what Mega Power does for the inside your motor.

    Which is better for the longer term slow wearing condition compared to the faster? The smooth conditioned surface, of course. That is what you're investing in with Mega Power each oil and fluid change.

Mega Power Tune up Products, shown above includes 3 $49 cleaning conditioners, a $69 Desmog cleaner, a $69 rough surface smoother, and a $49 co-polymer to fill your motor's worn away spaces. Packaged as a treatment for under $100.

    All your cars need that Mega Power Tune up Product kind of conditioning, explained here. Mega Power is easily installed in the gas air intake and motor oil using 3 products for the top cleaning and 3 for the bottom motor cleaning and condition - a week later. That's it. Driving does the actual work - felt in just a block or two of driving. Order Mega Power for your cars below.

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