Me! Fix cars like this. Its the smarter way to do so.


  HI!  My name is George Christ -  Glad you are here!

  •   Me?  I've made it my now 50th year mission to pass these tune up and repair options to individuals, car and equipment, and repair shop owners their secret.
  •     As a poor teen youth with older, worn vehicles who couldn't afford to pay for engine and gear trouble.
  •     And later as a mechanic, doing good repairs - but still found something missing - in them ---
  •    ....until... That Race Team Showed Me Their "Secret Formulas"  to more wins  - and hired me to sell their formula.

  To get around the repair cost I tried strange products to see if they could prevent them - end a problem; with the goal to avoid their costly repair need- That's me...

      Additives fix or end most internal problems - if not all of them by removing these negatives: 

  1. Acids. Acids pit the surfaces and turn them from shinny smooth to rough.
  2. Friction drag.  Rough surfaces consume 1/5th of the current horsepower.
  3. Varnish and carbon deposits. 

By chance... The lucky additives ....found me.

Ending the internal problem: Someone knows how to.

    ME? My wages were low, and my family struggled, and raising money for repairs increase the struggle -  I thought, someone knows a way to avoid those expensive engine or gear repairs! Who?  That what is My DIY auto tune up and repair avoiding options cover.  But who..????

     After some years, I found the secret to end those caused problems in a strange place. From 3 race car builders brothers.

      They by chance, found the man who did knew. Carl Wynn and his Wynn's Friction Proofing Additives is what the three discover - And in their promotions of them, they showed me the products secrets to ending many engine gear and radiator problems - I wanted to end.

      Products that have the secret work! 

      Over the years of testing, I found what problems they fix and products that do not work  and listed them for my own usage and for other mechanics who wanted in on such info. 

      I turned them into fix recipe - a chemical treatment I hope you try, that ends 95 out of 100 car problems.

     You see, 95 out of 100 automotive internal problems are not caused by a parts failure. But, by 6 negative conditions anyone can end following my recipe!

      They reverse problem causes to end them. - Imagine the good if it worked for your car problem!

What to do to try them at no risk... like me!  

  1. Read a few pages on different fixes to see the steps.
  2. Read the page covering your component problem a couple times.
  3. Order them with no risk of failure to do as advertised.
  4. Your money refunded if it fails to.

     Their auto tune up and repair avoiding options are super powered fixes that are as good as repair, but cheapr.

     They have ended tens of thousands of vehicle owners bumper to bumper operating problems, faster, cheaper and better than actual repair - that use to do so. Is this your goal - a satisfaction guarantee promise was given with them. 

The Secret!

      Me. From my early teen life I've been driven to do things cheaper faster better! I needed such advantages to make every dollar do $2 work to keep afloat.

     And that was true keeping my older, troublesome vehicles going - as an overhaul or costly engine or gear replacement would create financial burdens for me and my family. Finances was already tough, and car repair expenses was a killer one I've wanted to avoid.

     Things I did to help solve car and equipment problems: That didn't work!

     That nature led me...

....into all sorts of products and gimmicks that never did work

  • . For example... Some said, 'add transmission fluid to your oil' - to your gas - don't work.  
  • From an ad, I bought a device to fit under the carburetor - that sucks in more air into the fuel mixture. Not a solution... 

  • I bought a gallon device you put in the engine compartment you put water and or alcohol into it to feed the motor to keep carbon out of your motor. It does, but can't fix any problem. 
  • I bought a device using toilet paper to filter out the carbon in engine oil so you never have to change oil - it should avoid problems. It keeps the oil clean almost indefinitely - oil never wears out they say. But it can't prevent or end friction problems. 
  • From parts stores and quick lubes... 

    Me? I bough additives to end knocks.

    Stop Oil burning. 

    Restore Power.

     Remove sludge..

     Miracle Mystery oils, 

     Injected a slime into spark plug holes.

     Tried green, red, purple and every kind of synthetic oil.

     Even pills you add to the gas tank - all failed to end any problem my cars had.

     What was missing in all of them, I wondered? That's what the 3 race car brothers showed me!

    This was the missing ingredients.

    One day, I met for a job interview by 3 race car builders who sold additives and they showed me those well-hidden engine fixing secrets why their additives did what no other could. 

   They auto-tune-up-and-repair-avoiding options Google sent you to check out  - out of 250 million options available world wide, google links me near the top - because people return to the site. Buy my tune up and repair options. And see no complaints.

    So consider us for your car equipment operating problem google said -check it out!

The Super Hero Car Fixing Treatments. Me. I offer them.

     I'm sure, my 6 "Super Hero" FIX links shown below - or the menu buttons - will help you go to your vehicle's cheaper, faster, best auto tune up and repair solution

  - the one you are looking for - I was shown, I promote to end hundreds of performance and mechanical problems like your vehicles have.  They will cut in half, your and your family's care and repair transportation expenses - for a better financial well being like it does for us.



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