Making Vehicle Problem Solving Easier,
Cheaper, too!
No matter engine transmission radiator steering or a/c . Car To large diesel equipmentThis should be in your repair arsenal

We invest in our Cars and equipment to make our life eaiser. Their problem solving is now easier, too! 

How two company's are making it possible.

The index to auto tune up and repair options Contact Info: If on a smart phone, have a question, want to order this product by phone, call me ot text me at 512 665 

 Index" What could be better than to add a few products to your ailing car and it ends the problem.

 Lesson one: Causes of vehicle Problems.

Here are several reasons why cars and equipment problems can be hard to pinpoint. So expensive to solve. And what's available to end the less expensively. 

  1. They may be hard to tell what the problm. sMechanics are trained to  detect and replace systems having a problem. There may be two problems.
  2. Even though one part in the system is all that's bad.

To additive companies Have a good alternative to that. 

I tell who they are. But also tell What they taugh me to train mechanices to use. 


Here are some reasons and tips I teach repair shops  to use and, so can you. to understand the cause and remedy:

  • Your engine or component has too much sludge, and its restricting oil or coolant flow internal parts need to operate properly. There's a dozen or so such parts making your car operate and now shut off from oil or coolant is causing the problem. Remove the sludge - See my tips to do so.
  • Carbon deposits. Carbon knock upsets engine operation. It developes when oil burns in the combustion process leaving a coating on the pistons, valves and spark plugs. It may  sound like the internal parts are trying to bust thru the motor. Elsewhere, it may appear as a thin scum. Remove the carbon and scum. See my tips to do so.
  • Friction. All components have friction. It can stress, hangup, wear out a component years to soon. Remove the friction. See my tips to do so.
  • And a lot of problems in the  prformance catagory like

An internal part breaks. Although rare, the problem dies happen. Replace it. I do have a tip for avoiding the repair for awhile.

Although our vehicles were made to make our life easier, when they have a performance or mechanical problem it can upset your whole life. But…

There is a way around them. 

Two companies have specialized in treatments that solve these and other problems - Justice Brothers Additives who only sell to mechanics. And Mega Power Additives who sell online to any one. Look for the JB Symble locally.

The following… Shows the Mega Power Automotive Additive Treatments and Servicing solution for 

  • End gallons of oil burning. 
  • Ends engine tapping noise. 
  • Ends Oil leaks. 
  • Ends blowby. Make sure its not a blower tube gasket leak. Can't fix that with an additives. But keeps gasket pliable - not hardening.
  • Restores a Transmission problem thru the gears heavy loaded feel.
  • Stop overheatinng and head gasket troubles.
  • Fuel economy of 20 to 40 more miles distance on a tank of fuel. 
  • Let you control when to do the heavy expensive repair.

Automotive wear and tear can interfere with your veicles operation, causing the browser to crash.

A number of simple trouble shooting steps can pinpoint the cause of the problem and get your car and diesel back up and running. How to Fix Cyor vehicles problem.

Chrome can freeze, slow down, or crash on multiple operating systems, including Windows and macOS. The same troubleshooting steps have a good chance of resolving the problem no matter what platform you use.

 Installing the Mega Power Worn Engine "Overhaul Out Of A Can" at every 12,000 mile oil change May Be Your Best Car Care Decision.

   It's real value is in its lo-cost, once or twice a year Mega Power Additive Treatment  Problem Ending Value to :

  • End gallons of oil burning. 
  • Ends engine tapping noise. 
  • Ends Oil leaks. 
  • Ends blowby. Make sure its not a blower tube gasket leak. Can't fix that with an additives. But keeps gasket pliable - not hardening.
  • Restores a Transmission problem thru the gears heavy loaded feel.
  • Stop overheatinng and head gasket troubles.
  • Fuel economy of 20 to 40 more miles distance on a tank of fuel. 
  • Let you control when to do the heavy expensive repair.

Auto tune up and repair options Value in your future.

  • Not only surpress or removes your problems. 
  • But also for its rejuvanating chemistry to boost fuel economy and horsepower.
  • Allows use of the vehicle for a year more service at a fraction of the cost of a new one - or overhaul. Is that's important to you.

Cost Per Vehicle.

Single Treatment About $400

Small Fleet $200 Per Rig.

  Thousands of Car and Diesel rig and heavy equipment owners are buying barrels of the treatment to service their entire stock of equipment - at a cost of about $200 per rig or tractor. An investment that promotes healthy bumper to bumper servicing, revitalizing the life for more miles and hours operation. A barrel Treats 25 rigs bumper to bumper. Last barrel cost under $3000 shipped to your door. Free Tech help and tips included for life. 

  Is a $200 to 400 investment to directly put off a $5000 to $10,000 overhual for several more years worth the hassle twice a year? It may be. Do the math.

Making Vehicle Problem Solving Easier, Cheaper, Too Is The New math!

  Your investment in Mega Power's Worn Engine Treatment can keep your expenses working for the business - rather than hurting the bottom line for years o- thereby reducing expense :  

  • - Done added to fuel, gear boxes and differentials. 
  • - Features include ending of worn engine problems. i

  • Promises a quieter, stronger engine and gear performance.
  • No more black exhaust.
  • Its rubbing worn rough surface smoothing stops fuel waste. 
  • - adding to its value to release the 20% horsepower absortion old engines and gears steal away from the wheels. 
  •  - which is again made a vailable to spin the wheels. Ending  the loss power hi-mileage takes away.

Rig and equipment owners reports. Making Vehicle Problem Solving Easier, Cheaper, too!:

   "You'll find no other lo-cost way to keep your high-mileage engines going for another 100,000 miles while ending their aging problems." Tom R

   For Example, these are older and worn engine problems reported to product users 

Can those features Pay You many times over?

Order now. Have Mega Power Products in a few days. A small amount is added the the fuels and oils. Results are amazing or your money refunded. Never had a rig owner ask for one.

Making Vehicle Problem Solving Easier, Cheaper, too! No matter engine transmission radiator steering or a/c . Car To large diesel equipmentThis should be in your repair arsenal

happy because she took out advice

This Should Be Your Best Car And Equipment Care and Problem Ending Option.

For 2 reasons:

1- One reason: Years of crude and friction are now showing they are ready to take down yyour and your budget! This stops that crime!

2- Reason two: You  need a product that is far more potent than what part stores and online site sell. The Strongest possible - Mega Power Additives.

Actual repairs set you up for future repair problems by doing nothing to stop their faster frail part failure advance, as your cars go pass 100,000 miles. As your diesels go pass 300,000 miles.**

Ditch the old ways

Traditionally, since grandpa's model A days your car and equipment operating and mechanical problems needed fixed by replacing trouble-causing parts - and they use to need being replaced. 

  1. * Failed parts are rarely seen in vehicles made since 1990. Just dirty, friction binding ones cause the problem in 90 out of 100 engine transmission repairs.
  • Todays automotive additive science and discoveries in chemistry and anti-wear have been fixing such upsetting vehicle operations with chemical problem-ending formulas for 50 years - Adding more products and treatments as they are discovered. 
  • And two companies inventing them?  I've love the result from those two companies making them - Justice Brothers Additives, and Mega Power Additives products. The problem is, few can figure out what to use for what - and that is my thing and what you find at auto-tune  
  • The chemical fix for every componentare listed by the vehicle operating problem they solve. . Ending the problem.

  2.  **I'm a mechanic. For most of my life I've been fixing vehicles with addditives- my own, and my customers vehicles that way.

  • Every internal problem [ the costliest to fix ] are fixed changing a dirty, wear roughen, but still good part - just one hung up by those conditions, into a smooth, clean, freely operating parts again.
  • However, The repair and parts making industrys fight to hide it for being konwn with lies and half truths.


  • I love the way these additives repair -  I call them my auto tune up and repair options. They return to my vehicles a zippy strong pull ahead of the traffic power - wear and tear took away. Climb hills fully loaded a gear HIGHER. Go 20 to 40 more miles distance on each weeks tank of fuel.I want you to learn about and use them to end your problem. Enjoy the extra performance you thought was worn away. 
  • And in tractors, dozers, farm equipment, gain a deeper power to move more dirt in shorter times [ meaning more income made per hour ]. Plow more distance each day, work at ease doing so and running 3 or 4 more hours on fuel than before. - its what I bought them for and this service fix and repair option returns those features - a repair can't!
  • Not to mention an extra ten to twenty years like new life operation [ maintained by adding to the oil changes twice a year. And component changes every 2 years ]. Bumper to bumper. See that link in the menu.

At the coffee shop they laugh when I said that's what helps my vehicles.

    The boys at the coffee shop laugh when talking equipment repair problems nd their expense. And the laugh -more a sneer occurs when  I say these additive prevent those troubles in my vehicles. They laugh and say "it can't be"

Are they costly, No! They pay you for using them.

     Are they costly> Sure, if you compare them to what's sold as additivesonline and in part stores. These are realy sold that way as they need a little schooling the part store can't provide.

Would They Be for You? It depends.

That's depends on which seat at the coffee shop you sit in.

   If you sit in the sit and judge all additives by your experience from part stores  additives, they are bad. Not needed. Are in the oils we use. Not recommended by the dealer.

   If you sit in my seat at the coffe shop in my place, you may try to tell them you appreciate these additives for preventing your engine, transmission, radiator, steering and a/c problems. 

   The real auto tune up and repair options you need.

Automotive and equipment troubles are rarely due to part failure - and rarely have a need to replaced the trouble-causing ones with clean shinny, easy-moving new ones - and these two companies have the additive discoveries that do the same to the toruble cauing - and every other part. They remove the sludge and friction causing the troubles. 

They smooth out the cause reversing the problem to end it. And even can coat their worn areas so a newness returns - that makes possible double and triple vehicle life. You may decide to try my auto tune up and repair options just for those benefits to prevent troubles. They are in these pages.

Which are you?

Review and how to follow my fix you problem options.

Try these links see what hey say and order the items offers and guaranteed.

Call mme if tht; to much for you for by phone recos.

 My auto tune up and repair option walks you through the fix process - adding the needed items to the component in two steps. Those I learned from field testing of what works and guarantees the right result. Bascally...

You add them to the component as hown. Its easy. No skill needed. For the engine its to the gas and oil or the component fluid. 

What results as you drive is the fix.  Is it really possible ?

Check these automotive repair options out to see if your problem is covered.

Read what my customer's say about their auto tune up and repair problem being made easier and cheaper for them. 

      Mike: “I can’t believe the products George sold me made my noisy  tapping, oil consuming old engine I thought was on its last mile, could run sweet, strong, quiet - and not use $20 oil between oil changes! It's been over a year and my old car still runs sweet and strong!” ...Mike 

     Greg : “The estimate price to rebuild my diesel engine to end its compression blowby was $6000. I ran across your $400 blowby fix on Google and ordered it. I can’t believe that in minutes the blowby fumes pouring out of the engine and black exhaust smoke just receded. I followed your tip to add some of the product to the gear boxes and rear end gears. I can’t believe the sudden return to a smooth shifting, and great running engine was possible from any additive - and I tried them all. For a fraction of what the repair shop said was needed, you fix my problem. Following your treatment directions is simple - for solving such a complex problem.” Greg.

    Susan: “ I found your engine sludge removing product online, and with no complaints. It’s sold with its guarantee - no other product has one! My sludge choked down engine has a full recovery. The performance is great and I really can't believe it. The new car dealer said, a new $5000 engine was the only fix. My car is not even worth that - and I didn’t want to go in debt for $25,000 for a new one. However, your $150 Mega Power Brand sludge remover engine revitalizer had it running good as new in a week!  I’m so happy - I'm glad I bet on your product making it so.” ,.. Suzy

     You should know that I have an additive treatment from Mega Power Additives available to end most any vehicle internal, automotive engine transmission radiator steering an a/c problem deep inside. No matter what, even one causing a serious operating problem.

The good the 6 kits has meant for car and equipment owners is …  a new option to consider. Is it worth it to install these additives as a possible lo-cost alternative, or go for the costly repair option?

If so, look for links to your problem and order the items listed.

    A word of warning.
      However,  millions of motorist and equipment owners spend thousands of dollars unnecessarily because they and their mechanic are not aware of this option. 

      Part stores - to make a quick buck, sell knock off products with huge markups that confuse the vehicle owner. Such part store and quick lubes products have proven harmful. Stay away from them.
      Don't go for magic powders, micro ceramics, gooey fluids either. What's needed any any combination of: 

1- A problem part varnish remover.
2- A fuel system injector cleaner.
3- Safe sludge remover.  Problem remover.
4- A lube enhancing conditioner.
5- A specific Friction Remover.
6- Asurfce smoother smoother, worn space filler. 

     They are out there but we improved on them and kitted them for easy usage. \

      My local quick lube refused to promote my products - with a lower profit point, and chose a solvent engine flush service. After several engine failures, the machine sits unused. 

     Such experience with knock offs may sour such ones from trying the original treatments. However...

       Millions have used or are using  3 bands of additives to end hundreds of vehicle wear and tear, residue, sludge, and friction caused problems.  

       Auto tune up and repaire originals. And to learn about them. A place to try them with a guarantee.

     Auto tune up and repair options is a new option to help you solve your car, diesel truck engine transmission radiator steering and a/c operating problem - yourself.  The links and Menu explains the history and you have me to walk you thru the install and satisfactory fix.  you need to do so. Click her to go to that page. 

options is allowed to promote Mega Power Brand Additive. It is for those wanting a place to purchase th

    No tools needed! Just add and drive to end the problem.

    It introduces a treatment method of care, and repair that is faster, cheaper, better.

      To solve and to avoid costly repair of wear and tear vehicle problems I put this information for you.  I’m a mechanic turned marketer of these options because no one else is doing so. Some just sell products - you pic to try to solve your problem. 

     My auto tune up and repair option shows what products do so and those harmful to avoid. options 

How this option came to be.

      Car Buffs Carl Wynn, the Justice Brothers, and Bud Easterline have discovered and marketed products to end complicated and costly-to-repair fuel, engine, transmission, radiator, steering  and a/c problems to help-mechanics and fleet-owners keep their vehicles going longer, at lower cost per mile.

 Car Buffs Carl Wynn, the Justice Brothers, and Bud Easterline have discovered and marketed auto tune up and repair options and products.

Their products help-mechanics and fleet-owners solve and remove wear, residue, friction negatives to keep vehicles going longer, at lower cost per mile. 

These products perform specific functions to solve problems on the pistons bearing, valves, gears, exhaust, and sensors wherever oils, air, fuels, fluid, and exhaust go - to remove the problem.

Since these products are sold to the mechanic, the person who can service his own vehicles does not have access to them, the education in them, or source to order them.

Their products end complicated and costly-to-repair fuel, engine, transmission, radiator, steering  and a/c problems.

And car buffs and mechanics like me train mechanics and repair shop owners how to install these products and methods to remove the causes of  the auto tune up and repair options 

These lo-cost - what I call They offer the car truck owner a lo-cost way to end running, shifting, oil burning. Lousy operating, compression loss, blow-by, tapping, fluid leakage, leaks, and overheating negatives.  I'll help you!

This site introuduces you to the idea 

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