Ending engine low compression and other worn motor problems with new products

End your motors worn engine low compression 3 ways: Contact  Info: On a smartphone, to ask a question, to order this product, call me at 512 665 3388... george

    The new way to fix your motors wear and residue-caused, power decline problems - From Mega Power:

    Restores low compression
    Stops oil burning
    Needs no tools or special skill 

    Just Pour-in-n-drive for the fix.
    Permanent Inexpensive
    Requires a small touch up once a year

    Your motor needs those advantages to avoid a costly $1500 to $3000 overhaul - Just under $100, not $3000, and guaranteed to please, or no cost to you!

What you should know about ending low engine compression problems

    Take a look at this picture, showing the areas of your motor where your low compression problems develop.

    Notice the 2-way arrows, first of all. They show how your motor, now with sticky valves, allow combustion to escape - causing a low reading when doing a compression test - that makes you think your engine is worn out! Not so!

Ending low compression engine problems with Mega Power

And notice the arrows.

    They are indicating the way loss-of-compression occurs.

    The only thing is this - .....

    Today's cylinders walls and pistons and valves seldom show wear problems. Did you know that? Well, most mechanics don't know it either!

    They tell you those are "High mile wear problems" and mean, you need a $2500 overhaul, or a new $4000 motor, or a new $25,000 + car as the fix. Not so!

Usually the compression problem is

Your car's low compression problem is caused by sticky valves, friction, and dirty pistons rings - which, gum-up the ability of those parts to seal-in combustion. Remove those residues and reduce friction using Mega Power to get those parts to seal-in properly, and normal  compression returns, got that?

That was then, and this is now!

    You may have thought your good motor oil was suppose to prevent those problems? "Hello, Houston, we've got a problem! This isn't suppose to happen." However, even with the best oil ...

    Your motor's sticky piston rings, valves, and such, become coated with tar-like residues both oil and old fashion additives cannot remove - causing your problem.

    Some minor wear occurs, but it is those dirty conditions and an increase in friction that diminish compression and cause your power loss.

Your best remedy option.

    Cleaning your different compression area problems with new additives - called treatments by the inventors, Mega Power, will restore your motors compression in minutes.

    The product box pictures shows before/after low compression causing areas cleaned and protected by Mega Power, to end your motor's problems.

Low compression picture of causes, and remedy

Now, you understand the problem...

And I know

    The power restoring remedy to end your low compression problem with.... But, appreciate these points...

    While most mechanics wrongly associate motor overhaul as the remedy for low  power indicated problems - it was true with a motors - from the Model A car days, and usually, if high mileage is present.

    Not so, any more - even with high mileage motors, today.

    New engine metals, race car engine designs, better lubes and fuels - and pollution controls avoid the older rapid wear-out that use to require overhaul for low compression problems.

Sticky residues and friction

    Are today's compression loss and transmission shifting issues Mega Power removes!

    The new Mega Power chemical cleaning and friction modifying treatment now end residue, friction, and wear-caused low compression problems like yours.

    You can see the links below for specific details and ordering info.

The Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment Compression Revitalizer

Low compression ending product from Mega Power

I'm amazed at how many of today's engines with lost power and low compression...

I have taken apart to find so little wear, but having dirty, and friction roughen metal surface conditions, but not yet worn out.

Those are the sticky, friction-deterring negative problems Mega Power ends, using the products shown here - that put-off that need.

If this sounds like your motor problem - with a little oil burning and other performance or leak problems thrown in. Now you have a second remedy option, besides costly overhaul.

But us mechanics

    Are still ingrained with the old ideas about solving such problems with those expensive $2000 plus overhauls.

    However, with this product, anyone can re-power their car, truck, motorcycle, RV, boat, or tractor in just a half hour - ending wear, friction, and compression causing conditions.

    Compression loss is caused by sticky valves, friction, and dirty pistons rings - which, gum-up those parts such they do not seal in compression - that allows combustion to escape - making for low compression, got that?

    Call me for recommendations... My own experience...

    I have over a dozen high mileage cars and equipment working again like new - and for years on end, with this treatment.

    The following links detail what to do, and give ordering and guarantee information. Get on down the road, avoid a repair hit to your budget.

    Order this remedy now! End your motor problem with this Mega Power Compression Restoring Treatment. See both links below.

Mega Power engine friction reducing anti wear ingredient.

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