Letters that sell. Need help writing one? What do you say? Samples from experts. Tips to use so your letters sell - not pitched.

Letters that sell, How to write them, What to say, Samples from experts - below, guide you. That is what the CD, Letters that sell, how-to-write them, is doing for many.

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Sales letters that sell have about 6 basic steps.

1-  Because Customers receive so many, they may junk yours if the envelop message is wrong. 

2- You're Trying to Sell Them Something They Don’t Need?

3- Your bragging about your services instead of selling their benefits.

4- There's no special purpose for the letter.

5-Repeating the benefit details not listed.

6- The buy reasons are not highlighted in the close.

7- No clear reason to buy now given.

Do You Dread The Thought Of Trying To Painfully Sell Services - When You Know Customers Look at You Like Your Trying To Pic Their Pocket – Take Their Last Dime, or Sell Them Something  They Don’t Need. Letters that sell - will help you avoid those pitfalls.

Call us to see if we can help with your budget. Letters-that-sell

Following a brief of your business and its benefits we will write  several letters. Have the public read them for an opinion.

When they say, "How do you order them we know we have a letter that sells.letter can be your sales crew - when written to sell. 

By using 3 simple steps, you also will have more Customers buying services, you could not give away before.

But these letters don't stop there. They then have the two remaining feedback reviews and changes tested for you .  

I hate feedback suggesting I'm Over-Selling. Such Rejection of My Recommendations Hurts me Deep Inside – it makes me gun-shy and Just holds Me Back From Recommending services to the next customer I know needs them. I need letters that sell, help!

From  the desk of George Christ. Marketing adviser

This script and many more are available free online at 

 Sunday, January 6th, 2024

Dear Friend

If you are at all like me you absolutely dread the thought of selling. And the promoting of the sale of services. Yet, there is very good, and quick money in them.

The dislike is the rejection - and I understand it  if you are thin skinned. 

The problem is this. You know the sale of one or two extra services daily can add a couple thousand dollars to each months income. That can easily add up to $25,000 extra take-home income I know is really needed.

Even so, garage owners and their mechanics won't sell services, or even up-grade services - if they have to contend with the types of customer resistance spoken above.

If you don’t know  about that difference the sale of a couple extra services a day could mean to your income - that's one thing.

Here is the other. Since he cost of running or operating,
opening-the-doors-each-day, of your business is paid-for out of the profit from each customer

Lets say,  cost to open your business is $100 a day, $3,000 a month. Plus your wages of $5,000 – that makes
$8,000 expense. That averages to $320 a day overall expense

If your net per day average is anything less - say, $250 per-day-average instead of $320. The shortfall is deducted from your take-home income. Not good at all! 

So you can clearly see, extra income from  - like the sale of 2 extra services per day could make all the difference in the world. Further.... lets say,

If you could average just one sale a day that produced $40 profit – That would give you $1,000 extra profit/income by the end of the month.

– But with a big difference. The $40 is all yours – as expense has been already deducted off the original bit of work the customer came in for. Letters that sell can help you here, in this instance, too

Of course, if it’s tough to make your $200 a day profit average – the sale of additional work is even more critical – and if you can’t sell something extra –  the next problem occurs tell your wife, ”things are a little tight this month.”  I don't have the money I thought I would have - as business is not that good, right now.<

The Solution To Your Problem...

The MP Customer Educational Self-Marketing Program and Letters that sell can help you here, too

This Marketing Program, includes sub-programs, Letters that sell, how-to-write, what to say, samples. They not only guide your message, step by simple step, they also add insight to how to educate your customer, according to their sub-concise, psychological thinking influences. It is there in the mind your message must go. Pass barriers so, your customers sub-conscious is aroused. Your message must reach there as, that is where decision-making, to buy or not by, is handled in the mind.

Here is the point. If you don’t reach this area of your prospect or customers mind, by your sales effort, or advert, Letters that sell can help you here, too! Its difficult for the customer to see reason to buy if you fail to
set the bases for them to decide in favor of your suggestion – as
pointed out by the 3 Ohio State College Professors research shows, and who discovered this key point

For double the power, this program, and Letters-that-sell, how-to-write, what to say, samples, are carefully crafted by the message you learn from the program.

Each month builds in you a variety of methods – all of which provide an effective one to 3 minute customer education. The effect should be illegal Customers end up  asking you to do the suggested service

TO SUMMARIZE WHAT THIS VALUABLE INCOME GENERATORS CAN DO FOR YOU.  THIS PROGRAM PROVIDES AND FOCUSES - Not only does this format OF your message – so it does not sound like your
selling something, it also provides you the exact products customers would want – as having the benefits most desirable to their thinking. In fact, they actually come looking for more and ask for by name – even advise others to come for these products for their vehicles.

Who would have ever thought getting your message across with, letters-that-sell, how-to-write, what to say, samples, that sell extra income services for you

Letters-that-sell, how-to-write, what to say, samples, are your army of super sales peoplle, on the job working - even if you can't.

I used to stay up until the wee hours of the morning trying to figure out a method that worked. The answer came from one of America’s genius additive servicing product inventors, Bud Esterlin and his Mega Power Company, and those Ohio State College Professors whose methods are now the subject of teaching in most business colleges. [One
of the Professors, is making a huge fortune, in his private practice, teaching this very same marketing strategy to giant corporations

If you are looking for that one, single idea to get your business income on the move upward, this is that idea

You can run ads – if yours are like mine and like most garage owners, they seldom bring in enough business to cover their hundreds of dollars cost.

If you run a special, doyou find you cannot get enough volume or the extra work involved, to justify the special? A large business can cut
prices, even sell below cost – a practice called, "lost leaders," in marketing parlance, to draw you into the store. But, you will buy other items the store will make a profit on – so who cares. The customers like the saving –don’t you? But, you can’t do that – unless you have a program like ours and letters that sell

Before using this program, I'll want to tell you, even when I would get close to making my sale of a needed service recommendation sound decent, I would have a problem finding a product that would more than justify the price of the service. Bud  Esterlin’s Mega Power Brand Service Product Inventions just win the customers over – when I tell them, “it will actually make their car or truck run as good as new – or the service is free!

Well then, it is a simple conclusion on their part, and a good idea to protect other vehicles they, theirkids, grandma, relatives, own. Letters that sell, helps.  After all, they can tell almost instantly tell the car or truck runs smoother, better. It confirms what you said Mega Power Service would do

Step By Step Process - The Bud Estelin Mega Power Self-Marketing Program walks you through 60 simple, step by step points, and all you do is fill in the blanks with your own familiar words! That is, letters that sell, made easy

It not only shows you how, why, and what to use educationally

This helpful MP Marketing Program and Letters that sell, builds your sales message for you it shows you how-to-say-it as an educational point. But, they just do not stop helping you at that advantage point.

It Builds The Proof For You! Without positive proof-of-need,
you can’t sell services  So, we asked top garages what they do to show
need on each point. You hear what they say, and explain, to you on the matter.

That way, you get the secrets of the successful – you never would, otherwise. Including, letters that sell.  People who have shops, garages, and customers just like yours – but, found out what works

Not just one single proof – No! You get a fistful of actual, simple 10-second test, to use, like a great lawyer- who presents proof at a critical moment, to prove his case, win-over judge, jury, and decision in your favor. There is no   other way!

Its Easy To Use!  The Bud Estelin "Mega Power is a Self-Marketing Program,” and letter that sell, together become the drive for your income boost.  It is so easy to use, and actually has applications in many other businesses. You never know what opportunity will present it self some day, that what you learned from our program and letters-that-sell, would be applicable to that – where as, without all the education this program provides – you might not know how to tap and profit from the new opportunity.

If now, someone said to you, for $400 a month, they could show you how to produce $800 a month. Every month, month-in, month-out. Would that be a good deal for you? Would you pay someone,
$1,000 a month for a program that would make you $2,000 income, month-in, mouth-out

That is what The Bud Estelin, the Mega Power Self-Marketing Program, and Letters that sell will do for you. Cost is $100 a month, and
we guarantee $300 income at least, from it – or we credit you the difference on the next months cost.

Every month, you will receive Our MP Marketing Newsletter. A $49
valueYou will receive a CD to explain and hear the message you will use - the point-essence of it, of course, to try on each customer. A $99 value

You receive with the starter Kit, a Menu of Services priced out for you, that you can point to. A $125 value

You will receive 4 service kits –
Totaling nearly $400 of service, each having an average of $100 pure profit.

Each kit lets you become familiar with its benefits. You also learn about Bud Esterlin and his genius. How he grew his company from 0 to international. Who, world wide uses his products. This will add to your faith in his inventions – but, your customers will convert you to a belief in them shortly after their use in their cars

Of course, you will use your customers testimonials to support the advantages you are explaining to the customer your talking to - will also enjoy. Very powerful marketing – you do not have now – but need, if you want to increase your sales volume and income  A price list of other products we sell all at wholesale, directly to  you.

Then, each month, mail, call-in, or use our web site, to re-order your next order so you have what you need for the next month inventory

In several days, a package will come with your order. The new MP Newsletter, one comes with each order and, along with the new CD - explaining one more educational marketing-sales message – to use and refine the way you use your expertise best, from the customers point of view, and yours

You will be cranking our your own direct response websites, sales letter and all with in the next 15 minutes!

Everything you need to get started right away is included in one simple
download. Since I know it's 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say YES today! YES today

<p class=copyv align=center style='text-align:center'><strong><span
style='font-size:10.0pt;font-family:Verdana;color:#AA0000'>If you respond immediately, you'll also receive the following BONUS valued $97.00 absolutely FREE

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measly  $47.00  today you can be on your way to having your very own direct sales website online and making money for you in the next 24 hours

This is a small sum to pay, to start finally taking steps towards getting your website online and starting to live the work at home lifestyle

With our Money Back Guarantee you have absolutely nothing to loose and so, so much to gain Look at it this way -- $97.00  $47.00 is really a painless drop in the bucket to be able to get your hands on he
Sales Letter Creator  and start using it right away to improve your lifestyle!

You Really Can’t Afford Not To Invest In “The Sales Letter Creator It's easy to get started right away. Just  click the order link below.

Click here to order right now for only $97.00 47.00 (even if it’s 3:00 am in the morning. Yes Bud Esterlin,  I Just Have To Have This
Incredible Package! Count Me In Right Now

It's Easy To Order...

Click The Button Below To Order If passed letter date, call me... george at 512 665 3388

Take Action, And Get Started
Making A Great Living Online Right Now! Not Tomorrow, Start Today

You are minutes away from being able to get your website online, in an easy and automated way. Our software will practically write your sales letter for you

All you need to do is fill in the blanks, and I promise you if my 8 year
daughter can do it... you can too! Don't you owe it to yourself to try The Sales Letter Creator today?

You will be so glad you can finally stop trying
to get your website online the hard way. Don't spend weeks trying to
"figure it out" let The Sales Letter Creator do it all for you!

To be completely honest with you, if you're doing business online and you're not making money, it all comes down to your sales letter. With a professional sales letter, you can turn a lemon site into an unstoppable selling machine that pumps money into your bank account non-stop. But ONLY if you have a good looking sales letter

The purpose of this program is to get distributors. Give them a direct mail piece to send out to get leads and orders. And deliver what customers buy. We could mail the CD and News letter or they could hand deliver. And talk it up. That plus, letters that sell, is more than what you need to do the job

On the second mailing, double the kit offering for immediate response

The news letter and cd cost $29 a month. Contracted for 60 months by automatic debit credit card charge

A $2 monthly charge plus $15 for the cd, and  newsletter. Distributors publishing cost, $5 each month  successful the price can double

Mega Power and Letters that sell is what you need. Order both, now!

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