Contact info: auto tune up and repair options: To ask a car/equipment question, for free tips, order items, call me ... george at 512 665 3388.

Hi! I'm George Chris. I'm a special kind of mechanic. I use additives to fix problems. That's because 99 out of a hundred are those additives the Mega Power Brand can fix or end. I want you to give it a try for your problem.

       If your car is acting up and you're wondering what it could mean?

       If it's an engine or component upsetting problem.

       I like this idea because it reverses any dirty, binding problem to end it.

       Once you give it a try, you will be amazed someone invented it.

Why this fix is so different?

       These are not ordinary additives.

       You already know it ends problems by reversing them.

       This also adds a film to the surface of the upsetting piston bearing valves gears - while removing sludge and carbon deposits affecting the parts.   

       Were you to see the affected parts before the conditining they would look dull, roughen up, and coated with a tar like goo. A month after...

       You would see a clean shinny improvement. The change returns the clean, smoothness and movement back to new like state. 

       The results of this conditioning ends the  sluggish, out of step problem the worn dirty state causes. Can you invision that response?

      This reversal last 10,000 miles. then starts to slowly revert. A touchup treatment resets the original state. 

      You also get to drive them all over again - and if you do so in every component, bumper to bumper as you should - the way I show you to you will enjoy vehicles that always start up smoothly, take off with amazing zip, shift va\elvety smooth, and go 20 to 40 more miles more on each tank of fuel.

      That describes the result we offer a you - requiering  and no special skil nor nothing to take apart to do. 

      They are your auto tune up fand repair option - the fix, the fix and regular servicing of your vehcicles components can enjoy. They are your repair option and vehicle protector offerred here.

       My expertise in this and my sites recipes for them and our products from Mega Power Additives provides car and equipment owners and repair shops the only means to enjoy the means to end the hundreds of wear and tear problems no other means can. 

It could be the ideal fix you've been looking for.

       You come to the right place!

       The fix... Lets start by viewing this youtube video.

 .... Millions of individuals reverse wear and tear caused problem which ends deep-inside our cars component s.  

       How do these additives reverse a problem to end it?  

     Not a wishful idea, but a sound, scientific idea. It ends all types of wear and tear problems chemically. Ending problems the same way done by replacing bad parts with new shinny ones to end the problem they cause. Consider the following to undestand...

  • Internal parts when new start out very smooth and shinny clean. That's what gives it great power, zip, fuel economy and passes it all to the wheels.
  • One thing they have when new is friction. Friction occurs as microscopic contact occurs - so its never notice until late in a vehicles life. 
  • The friction contact though microscopic is intense. The pressure of contact is so great heat rises to the melting point and fusion occurs with the touching part of the opposit surface. As movement continues a weld breaks off a junk - though microscopic. 
  • Over times oil breaksdown. Some of the tarry result will embed in the pockets  friction made. After years of this both friction and sludge overcomes the movement of weaaker parts. That's the problem result. 

 What Results is a problem - you are needing help our additives can end for you.

  • One of our 6 Mega Power additive treatments - one for eaach component, reverses those problems to end it. Then chemically returns the new-like, problem gone state.
  • That's why this should be the additive you service your cars bumper to bumper with. You save your car in a way, and thousands in repair problems fixed chemically ata tenth of repair cost. You have to try it to belive it like we all did.

What problems?

  • Engine valve tap, motor oil burning, motor power decline.
  • Stops ping, lousy fuel economy, stalling.
  • Rough engine idle, Blowby, exhaust smoke, 
  • Rough gear shifts, hang up rough shift clunk ar 60 mph.
  • Cooling system overheating, leaks, and coolant loss.
  • Power steering whine, gear growl and hot running gear boxes.
  • Warn air from a/c cooling vents.

     You will find in a page or two, of reading more detailed to your problem coverage given - and the products to order for thw solution. 

A DIY method guaranteed to remove and end any wear and tear problem. Visot me if in my area. Call anytime for help 512 665 3388.  

My Address. 210 Durango Street. San Marcos, Texas 78666

The web page you go to in a few minutes will show you what to order, guaranteed for your fix. Be shown exactly what to do to installed the product needed to end your wear problem - "making your car road-ready again. - while you drive."

     If your car, truck, tractor, dozer, Rv is actually broken - for that help you need to go elsewhere.

... This site is made to show mechanics how to fix today's cars that act up in some way due to friction and residues - and yet, is not broken.

    Its the new auto tune up and repair options for them. Made easy to do so any one can use them - not just mechanics.

    So spend a little time reading a few pages to understand the product fix principles involved.

    You will become one of the many thousands of others who ended their car problem. But in it, found that this method of car and equipment care keeps your cars running great - by turning back the wear miles - making it run as if having a bigger motor, yet go 20 to 40 more miles distances on each weeks fill up of fuel.


     Having cars and heavy equipment run great, when others, using other methods, pay dearly to repair them, or replace them, years sooner and oftener than you - because of this auto tune up and repair avoiding option.

     You and your family will avoid avoidable problems that cost thousands to fix if left to regular care. 

How I discovered this auto tune up and repair avoiding option.

    At first, as a mechanic, I discovered them in the process of trying to avoid my own engine and transmission problems because  I knew friction, wear, and sticky residues caused those problems.

    Now, you can do the same to end your car problem just by following a few simple steps.

    Soon, you will have to pay to get in this info. Right now, Check it out for free.  By Bookmarking this auto tune up repair options page in your favorites. Pass it along to friends and facebook news - I's appreciate that

How to get started.

      Next Click a button on the left.

      They are on every page, to help you. Read that page. You will see it helps mechanics learn thi new expertise - you can easily use to end your car problem.

      Contact me, by phone for specific help, if you prefer that -

      I'm a mechanic; that's what I paid to do. 1 512 665 3388.

     In that way, you'll identify the troubled car component problem for you, its wear, friction, and residue caused of trouble. And how to end those problems, and revitalize your car to run great again - doing so yourself - made easy, fast, inexpensive, our way.That's what you want, right?

How this option ends problems

      Then read on to learn more...You will do so easily, nothing to take a part, chemistry and driving does the actual fix for you. You need these products - I'll show you which ones, to clean up the troublesome areas, smooth out their friction roughen surfaces, and fill their worn away areas with a protective tough coating - that's how new car care chemistry ends your car problem - and nothing else but an overhaul can.

     That is the auto tune up and repair options you have here. This helps you because its done with the newest, strongest ever cleaners, protectors, and anti-wear ingredients known to end those problems – and your problem, when nothing else can.

     On the auto tune up and repair options page you go to from here, you will see this is easy to understand, products that do so, easy to order, easy to use, and guaranteed to work!

     There is no magic here. Just sensible, logical, new remedies, They end hundreds of wear and tear problems.

     You will be glad to know this is now possible by use of new problem-solving chemistry not possible before.

     Each product is proven by actual field use by tens of thousands of car and equipment owners. Your car problem is covered, too. These auto tune up and repair options end wear caused performance, Hi-mileage, tune up - friction and residue caused problems.

     Those problems are mid-stages of wear showing up in your cars life - you didn't expect, problems surely heading your car for an expensive repair, if not stopped our auto tune up and repair options way...

     While this site provides automotive problem-solving help, tips, products, and free phone help for mechanics to use, anyone can call me, easily order what they buy here, and enjoy the same problem-ending results. Phone help included.

What mike found

    Mike says of the help given his car..

    "...I could not believe the increase in power when your stuff ended a terrible valve tapping problem in my car. I was thinking afterwards, "this noise is not my car."

     Well the next day at work I saw my work mate and he looked at me amazed, and asked me what happened to the noise my engine use to have and to make a long story just a little shorter, he too is now a user of your  Mega Power Products Options for his cars.

     And since then I expect it to revert to its old tapping and worn running, but my car drives smoothly, responds like new and sounds like a mean, lean, in tuned machine (music to my ears) and I am having fun with it again. Thanks for the car care help, george." Mike Harris. Virginia

PS: George sold me what he calls his "Worn Motor Treatment. Its listed on his web site. You can call him to see if it will work for your cars. 1 512 665 3388.   

     Like Mike and Doug, in just a page or so you will learn what causes your problem, the product best suited to end it, and easy-to-follow directions, to end it.

     Any car truck Rv boat motorcycle wear caused problem. That's your auto tune up repair options, here.

     So check out our auto tune up and repair options now! You will be glad you did! 

     To find your DIY Do-it-yourself auto tune up and repair options - Do any or all of the following:

  • Bookmark this auto tune up repair options page. Next
  • Click a button on the left for that component or problem button.
  • The page you go to will have the help you need.
  • Many like the Table of Content Reviews of problems covered - down below, as the way to get the help they need.
  • Call me to ask me a question, or place an order...

     Call me at... 1 512 665 3388 ...Or Mail, or Email me for a quick reply at:   Send a money order for your needs. Tell me your item to send you.   My Address. 210 Durango Street. San Marcos, Texas 78666

      In a few minutes you will know what to order, guaranteed for your fix, be shown exactly what to do to installed the product needed to "Up your car mechanically & chemically and end its wear problem - making your car road-ready again.

     "You have everything to gain here, at auto tune up repair, including my help, tips, products and guarantee of nothing to lose but your car trouble and its worry.

     If you want to know why these tips, products, options work... read on, then click the buttons for the help and products and tips you need.

     Spend 5 to 10 minutes reading the auto tune up repair options page your problem is covered to see what I mean, and to order the products to end your car problem - often in minutes - really!

     You and your family deserve to know about and avoid tens of thousands in now avoidable wear and tear repair expenses - and have the best running cars ever!

     What mike said, after trying my product tip for his car.Our auto tune up repair options, Tips, Help given, Products shown, and Principles explained - and Me, are here to help you.

    They are really the finest form of car care you can buy.

     Remember: It's a Do-it-yourself fix. Nothing to take a part. Driving does the actual tune up and repair options results expected are immediate. They are a permanent fix.

     The product needed pays for itself, over and over.I'm the nets expert in all this, to guide you.

     What auto tune up and repair options you are shown can be applied to all your cars, any brand, any age, as a way to add years more dependable trouble-free life - us car buffs enjoy.In a page or so, I'll show new additives to install for your fix.

     I'll explain how they get to the bottom of your sticky, dirty problem-causing problem, clean it up, and end its problem - Your car needs cleaning, freeing, and healing. That is what using our new, high-tech, problem solving chemistry options will do - no other ssite offers.One more thing.

      Using this info I teach mechanics and will show you to make you smarter car care owner. Way smarter than the average car owner. That because people will notice, your way - the car care method you learn here to do, is far better than theirs - and cost way less! That is the smarts you have here!

     So, OK... as Doug said of our help...How so - you may ask?

     You are introduced to the newest high-tech anti-wear based, problem-solving products from Mega Power. These stop, correct, an end costly-to-repair problems ...... and contain the restorative advantages that return like-new performance.

     This is so because .................Well, you'll learn that secret on the page you go to for your remedy.I want you to know you're onto the best help and upscale protection for any new, even your out-of-warranty, high-mileage older and worn cars and equipment.

     ..Each car treated with these products will instantly :

  • "Up" that car mechanically & chemically. 
  • End its wear problem. 
  • Make it better running and road-ready again, running as good as new - 
  • That is the "Up" your cars needs. 
  • Go for it!
  • That's the great auto tune up and repair options we give you. You want all that, right?
  • You, your car, your budget will be glad you checked out this site.
  • Doing so will have you zipping down the road road-ready, trouble-free, and dependable again. 

      That's the DIY help you need - right?For engine, transmission, radiator, steering, or air conditioner system and such.

     One more thing. You will notice this is an educational site for mechanics to up their expertise and learn of new problem-solving products - just like you're about to do.

All help, tips, products and directions are explained in and easy to follow format.

     However, all help, tips, products and directions are explained in and easy to follow format.On the page you go to, You will see how [your] car problem came about, and simple steps to end your problem - like a mechanic can. Ordering and other help given on that page.

    To begin, Bookmark this page as a Favorite so you can find it again.Next, look over the subject buttons on the left - to see if your problem is listed.

    Click it to find tips, products directions needed.If not helpful, check the Table of Contents link page titles below for the help you need.

     Unlike common part store additives our Mega Power does not contain harmful oil-destroying solvents, or high alkaline, metal-eating detergent ingredients, nor is it a thick, gooey product.

Look at all you can gain with this option.

     Instead, Mega Power contains safe, new, field-tested, problem-solving ingredients I list for you in recipe format, you add to your engine, transmission to end its wear, residue, friction problem.

     You'll see which product to use, and how to do so to let driving your car around easily clean, free and remove sticky power-robbing, problem-causing conditions - where even synthetic oil cannot - to quickly restore your car and equipment's great, strong, dependable running performance again.

     That's our auto tune up and repair option.As you drive - driving caused your problem. Driving with Mega Power now frees and cleans your pistons, bearings, valves, gears and such - removing friction and residues, the hidden cause of your problem our research discovered the fix for.

      You'll be glad you found our DIY Do-it-yourself auto tune up and repair site. Millions have already. Why not you!Driving does the fix. Nothing to take apart - my way.

    PS: That's what the auto tune up and repair options is for you here. I want that, and I'm sure you do to!Buy with confidence supported by our DIY Guarantee. You'll have the fastest, strongest acting new product to use, guaranteed to end your internal wear and tear car problem. Satisfaction guaranteed. auto tune up repair avoiding

Table of Contents auto tune up and repair

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