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The place for a method of vehicle Servicing that ends mechanical, operating, and Hi-mileage problems chemically.  Yourself!

Home page2. Thanks for subscribing to our DIY tune up and repair site. Your entitled to all of its value and benefits. Follow the tips below for the method we invented to end vehicle problems most people pay a fortune for - I'll show you to do at lo cost. Call me if hard to do on a smart phone. To ask a question. Order products 512 665 3388

You made a great investment in reading here that will prove to save you a tens of thousands of dollars on car repair and premature replacement expense. I'll show you the right and best way to end your present car equipment trouble. Avoid a lot avoidable repair expenses. 

Lets get started with the easy steps to put car or equipment back on the road, stronger than ever - and free of problems now bugging it. Home page2...

You can do all or any of the following to

  • Select the buttons on the side to find your fix.
  • Scan the Table of Content titles below. See their headlines to find where your problem is covered.
  • Try the links below.
  • Ordering info! On the page your problem is covered you can order what's needed.

Bookmark this page so you can find it again and record my phone number under auto repair to have that number handy..

With this information, you can now end mechanical problems chemically ending such complex problems as valve tap, remove sludge safely, end oil burning, and 400 other internal cause conditions with our tips products directions and phone help.

What results is a huge financial and worry-avoiding advantage while finding the fixed also revitalized your motor, made shifting smoother, ended radiator leaks and overheating, stop power steering whine, and lower a/c system vents - when hi. - Helping them run as if near new again - even if worn out - after its friction and horsepower sucking wasy end by the process. 

 Online ordering. Phone help, too. All guaranteed to please!

How to get started.

Spend a few minutes to see what is best to end your wear and tear car and equipment problem - and "up it mechanically and chemically. Have it running road ready again - avoid the common repair." That's our option. Check it out! 
The place for repairing your car mechanically & chemically. Save  time and money with Our Option - yourself! The place for repairing your car mechanically & chemically. Save time and money with Our Option - yourself!

Welcome to this sites DIY Do-it-yourself
auto tune up & repair options Home page.

You'll get the help to "Up your car mechanically & chemically and ends its wear problems - and make your car road-ready again."

This is the place. Those are the options given here to end your car and equipment wear and performance problems. Don't worry, if not a mechanic..

I'm a mechanic, and I'll help you in all this.

To also help you, this is the Internets largest collection of such DIY help - each product and tip is guaranteed to do as advertised, too!

To find the DIY Do-it-yourself auto tune up and repair tips and products for your car, truck, equipment, or machine problem...

Do any or all of the following:

  1. Click a button on the left.
  2. Look over the Table of Content subjects of problems covered - down below.
  3. Call me with your order, call or email, to ask me a question...
    ... george ...1512 665 3388 ...Email
  4. Each path will take you to the list of all the fixes possible for your problem fix.

Here is another way this site is best for your car care needs

You are shown the newest the new hig-tech anti-wear chemistry based, problem-solving products from Mega Power. These stop, correct, an end costly-to-repair problems ...... and contain the advantage of restoring a like-new performance. The best help and upscale protection for any new, even your out-of-warranty, high-mileage cars and equipment...

You, your car, your budget will be glad you checked out this site.

Doing so will end your present wear residue problem and have you zipping down the road road-ready, trouble-free, and dependable again. For any new new-to-worn-out vehicle. That's the DIY help you want - right. Good for...

Engine, transmission, radiator, steering, or air conditioner system and such. To try these new repair-avoiding, problem-solving products, do the following....

How to use the DIY auto tune up and repair options Home Page to find the solution and fix you need....

  1. You will notice, this is an educational site for mechanics to up their expertise and learn of new problem-solving products - just like you're about to do. All help, tips, and directions are easy to follow.
  2. On the page you go to, You will see how [your] car problem came about, and simple steps explained so you can end your problem - like a mechanic can. Ordering and other help given on that page.
  3. To begin, Bookmark this page as a Favorite so you can find it again.
  4. Next, look over the subject buttons on the left - to see if your problem is listed. Click it to find tips, products directions needed.
  5. If not helpful, below are popular links that will help you.... Check the Table of Contents link page titles below for the right help you need.

Buy with confidence. Our DIY auto tune up and repair options Guarantee. 

You'll be glad you found our Do-it-yourself auto tune up and repair site. The new wear and tear problem-solving products and my tips will get your car up and running, and road-worthy again - often in minutes to a day of driving.

Buy with confidence. Our DIY Guarantee. You'll have the fastest, strongest, safest new product to use, guaranteed to end your internal wear and tear car problem. They prevent avoidable wear problems - so use them to service your good running cars to keep them that way years pass what any other method of care can provide!

Driving does the fix. Nothing to take apart - my way.

Our method will save you repair down-time, and costly repair expense. You will end your car problem that has you now worried! That's what I want, and I'm sure you do to!

These options use the most potent anti-wear and cleaners. Those found to end piston, bearing, valve, gear, and seal wear problems affecting your car. Doing so, customers tell me, ends, avoids or puts-off for years the car problem and its repair need.

To do so, Anti-friction ingredients included, recondition where installed. There is a product to restore your cars engine, transmission, radiator, steering and A/C's dependable performance.

These products - from Mega Power, can do so because Mega Power have ingredients - and my expertise has proven to end 95 out of 100 car problems. This is so as Mega Power and me knows How to show you how to clean, free, heal, an add anti-wear protection to every dirty, worn, problem-causing internal car part. That ends the problem!

I call these, Do it yourself tune up, and repair avoiding options. There is one to end your engine, transmission, steering, and cooling system internal wear, mileage, and residue caused problem. Order them, follow simple install directions, enjoy a like new again zip, performance dependabiblity with our new problem-solving care care products. Millions have already. Why not you!

Table of Contents auto tune up and repair

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