Heavy Equipment Oil Additives from Mega Power Additives make ending dirty engines problems easy, fast, Cheaper

2sticky valves picture cartoon

Why these heavy equipment oil additives works!

This picture shows engine negative conditions causing oil burning, tap, blowby,  and injector causes of loss of power causes in your engine that Mega Power corrects.

Mega Power does the same for transmissions, hydraulic pumps, radiators and power take off system problems. Picture details: 

In your engine, the Mega Power advantage iworks in the upper part of your engine and 5 other areas that need cleaning and conditioning. The first treatment to do so. Order the Mega Power Diesel Heavy Equipment Oil Additives Treatment below.

Why Mega Power Heavy Equipment Oil Additives Work When Other Don't!

The change that Mega Power changes back for you.

When new, your cars, and heavy equipment engine pistons, piston rings, valves,  valve lifters, bearings, and pump parts, and their delivery channels in the engine transmission radiator pumps and such components were shinny smooth, clean, fitted close together.

That's when the air fuel combustion exhaust and oiling systems and the hundreds of internal parts they serviced  had them start easy, idled smooth, run quietly, and had the most impressive power and best fuel economy. However...

Negative internal conditions of wear and tear eventually causes the weakest part to fail - and a $2000 repair is required to replace a $50 part deep inside - that Mega Power will keep going and from failing. That's what your equipment needs right now!

Order now! Experience the benefit of Mega Power.

Mega Power comes as a 5 gallon treatment with each gallon marked to add to the fuel,  motor oil, gear box, and  power steering - with easy to follow directions, to get your truck back to normal inexpensively again!  Pictured below. Order below.

Mega Power Heavy Equipment Oil Additives will keep your equipment going and from failing. That's what needs right now!

Oil additives for heavy equipment, from Mega Power provides owners of older,  even worn  cars, trucks, tractors, and dozer's  a new  less costly way to end their common wear problems, chemically.

What isn't working in your motor that should be working better!

Heat, acid formation, friction and sticky residues are all contributors to a units wear-out. Oil changes do help remove some of those negatives - but not all. Why not? 

Oils and the various fluids meet new car and equipment needs.

Yet, over time, those internal needs require what oil cannot meet. You know that, of course - but the car equipment makers and oil makers say that's all you need. So, in time you spend a good portion of your profits for repair and replacement.

How Mega Power provides radiator, steering and transmission performance-solving solutions.

Since acid-pitting begins most wear and running problems by changing of your new vehicles clean, close-fitting piston bearing, valve, gear, sensor, and seal surfaces into dirty, wear  and friction roughen surfaces - that is what increases wear-out  speeds - Mega Power neutralizes that acid rendering it powerless, then chemically cleans, frees, heals, smooth's and fill those worn surfaces - to return their former like new condition. This ends a running, wear, or performance problem.

Something even the use of the best synthetic oils and fluids cannot do! 

Want to do the serviding of your bumper-to-bumper components to protect them from negatives? Order our Mega Power bumper-to-bumper component set  below. The following details their advantages. 

Something just replacing worn or broken parts cannot do!  So Mega Power Oil additives for heavy equipment has its:

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Radiator
  • Power Steering and
  • Power take off treatments  come with ingredients that render acid powerless, then chemically cleans, frees, heals, smooth's and fills worn surfaces - to return their former like new condition to any vehicle they are added to. 
  • This ends running, wear, or performance problems. So ordering Mega Power for any or all of those components assures you of the best form of car and equipment care. See ordering the complete fuel system and engine transmission radiator and steering systems treatments below. 
  • Order our bumper-to-bumper serving sets Save $100 on each set of 5. Just $200 plus you supply the oil and fluids to do so at more than half off what the dealer charges - but dowe add the Mega Power Products as the real value you are looking for.

   This Heavy Equipment Oil Additives bumper-to-bumper servicing treatment set offers to end any running, wear, or performance problems, or prevent them in any componet.

Ordering Mega Power Heavy Equipment Oil Additives for any or all of those components assures you of the best form of car and equipment care. Includes their complete fuel, engine, transmission, radiator, and steering treatment directions and includes my tech call me hot line anytime you need install help. Order the full set by calling just $$200 below.

Many oil additives for heavy equipment brands, and oil makers say, their products do end or avoid wear problems - and, who selling such would say, "Our brand can't!"  But they don't as this oil additives for heavy equipment video shows.

So, who offers proof that their brand and system ends those conditions and actually can restore and revitalize cars and equipment pass the warranty period?

It is the brand we discovered - Mega Power and promote.

See if the following proves this enough to give Mega Power a  trial run.

Since acid-pitting, friction wear, and residue accumulation of your cars and equipment's once internal clean, new shinny, close-fitting piston bearing, valve, gear, sensor, and seal surfaces occurs, and friction roughening of those surfaces increases - those are the cause of your engine transmission radiator and pump trouble - which Mega Power corrects - thereby providing a like-new performance again!

Mega Power chemically neutralizes acid, heals acids damage, then cleans, and smooth's all those piston ring, and your fuel intake,  exhaust valves, hydraulic valve lifters, bearings, and oil pump parts, and them adds a co-polymer to fill your motor - and transmission - if you install Mega Power there, fill their worn spaces

Why we make the Mega Power Money Back Claim.

When new,your clean, smooth, close-fitting parts provided the most power, zippiest performance, and best fuel economy. Mega Power returns those conditions for you and 15 minutes after a complete treatment - those conditions will return and remain indefinite as long as so serviced. That is what we will produce or there's no cost to you for trying Mega Power - and not being satisfied it does as advertised.


Shipped FedEx to your door or business with easy-to-follow- directions, in many languages, phone help as needed, guarantee.

Oil additives for heavy equipment, from Mega Power provides owners of older,   even worn  cars, trucks, tractors, and dozer's  a new  less costly way to end their common wear problems, chemically.


Since acid-pitting of your clean, new shinny, close-fitting piston bearing, valve, gear, sensor, and seal surfaces occurs, and friction roughening of those surfaces increases Mega Power ends those problems and will become your one best investment that returns a profit to your bottom line year after year!

Order here for car pick up whole car treatments.

Order now! Put Mega Power to work eliminate avoidable repairs and for extending equipment life  - and the best way to invest use of your profits - to produce more bottom line profits each quarter.

Ordering Mega Power Engine$95 Transmission$75 Radiator$65 and Power Steering$65 treatment sets for one or more vehicles is just $200 total. Save $100. Buy as many sets as you like. Chose how many complete sets you need by typing in that amount.  If you just want one set of treatments - just click the OK to order as listed one set of treatments 

Order one or more sets of treatments here. Save $100 on each set.

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