Fuel injector cleaner 3 strengths:
Add to fuel tank
For pressurized  cleaning
For diesel injection

What you should know about fuel injector cleaner

Injector cleaner products come as a detergent or solvent based cleaner.

Which is better?

Detergents, once put in gasoline and then outlawed by the GOV for its valve sticking problem was pick up as the additive BG44k, Chevron, type products. Those product found in most part stores.

Solvent based injector cleaners also vary in strengths.

Those we favor show instant cleaning ability.

If you suspect you have dirty injectors its because you have  some type of performance or running problem. Dirty injectors usually change from spraying a fog-like spray to a dribble spray. The gas won't ignite if in dribble form.

Or containing a solvent cleaner, formulated for the 1980's fuel injector gum problem - gums are not a common injector problem, today.

Today's fuel is solvent-rich and no gum deposits are found in today's fuel injectors. However they do collect a different tough coating. That coating needs chemical removing additive ilike in the Mega power Brand we recommend. Anyway....

Dirty fuel injectors are rare and can go a lifetime trouble free - with the help of better brands of fuel - which add better cleaners to your gas or diesel fuel. When dirty and troublesome - our chemical anti-wear cleaner will clean them easily. By direct injection, or through the fuel tank. For diesels - you can see it clean injectors as you watch, by adding it via the fuel tank.

So, what is the problem with your motor?

Like your body, your engine and transmission accumulates sticky, tar-like residues. Their acidic nature pits and bogs-down the once new, smooth surfaces that ran your car zippy, and problem free.

With more friction, too, over time, and wear - on your pistons, bearings, valves, and emission parts, a sluggish natures takes over and deters your cars power in many little ways.

Get rid of one of problem - say, cleaning your fuel injectors, the others keep going negative, no doubt helping to cut your motor or transmission life in half.

So, does that sound more like the condition of your motor and its mileage?

Your cars and equipment real problems - a simple remedy

While owners of additive companies still promote older fuel injector cleaner products - there's good profit in them. And...

Some additive companies have added engine flushes to they product line - that have turned out to be harmful. Or added thick gooey oil conditioners to their fuel injector cleaner product line - or, added Teflon like powders to a product, to help snag business from car and equipment owners having a performance problem.

However, many car owners are finding rapid wear problems with the above type products - usually promoted by quick lubes and parts stores.

Mega Power fuel injector cleaner research

Noting that many power-deterring and poor performance conditions grow in your motor as miles and time go by, Mega Power Research sectioned off the 6 sub-systems in motors - including the fuel injectors, to find out why.

Testing and finding what cleaned injectors best and safest, Mega Power coupled that ingredient with each systems best problem solver, making it into a top fuel injector and motor cleaner treatment. Shown here.

Sold originally to mechanics - and now on-line to anyone. Mega Power's Fuel Injector Cleaner will restore your car or equipment motor - and transmission performance, if you service your transmission with Mega Power, too!

Very few, if any products sold, have as varied problem-solving, problem preventing use as Mega Power. Its added to new steamship motors, as an aid to cutting tough metals in machining, used as the warranty oil by some car makers. Ends - and prevents over 20 wear and performance problems in cars and heavy equipment.

People who know use Mega Power in brand new and rebuilt engines to complete the "break-in process" - meaning, the product allows the pistons, bearings, valves, gears and such, smooth-in in about 100 miles. 

If your new or rebuilt motor or transmission does not "break-in" and complete that phase, its tight-fitting parts build up friction and wear out - in the warranty period - hopefully, not shortly after, when you pay for the fix.

Order Mega Power Fuel Injector Cleaner below

Simple Directions 

To clean your fuel injectors and 6 of your motors sub-systems.

I put a number on the caps of each one to make uasge even easier. There are 2 steps.

  1. 3 items marked #1 #2 and #3 are added to your gas tank, motor oil, and vacuum intake air. They are in the picture above with a three on the carton. You drive for a week, and as you drive Mega Power cleans your fuel system, fuel injectors, idle valve, manifold, combustion area, piston and rings, valves, and emission system and mufflers are cleaned. Power and performance improves immediately. It feels and drives like when your car was near new. 
  2. In a week, you do an old change. Just before your oil change you add item #4 on the cap to the oil, run motor 10 minutes, then do and oil change. To the new oil add #5 and #6 to the new oil. More power appears as these reduce friction to the lowest levels possible - a power restoring advantage. And put a slippery coating called MC+ on every part. This adds more power pass-thru and slams the breaks on wear out - providing a new-like performance for years to come. A touch-up product is added every 6000 miles to keep every system clean and producing the anti-wear factor going for you.  Dealer prices run over $200. Mechanics charge over $100.

That is the Eco smart way to clean your fuel injectors, and restore, and preserve your cars and equipment dependability- YEARS PAST WHAT OTHER METHODS OF CAR CAN PROVIDE.

Ordering Mega Power

Mega Power Fuel Injector Cleaner Treatment includes 6 items. Includes easy-to-follow-instructions, guarantee, my phone help to guide you, if needed. Shipped by FedEx to your door in 3 days.

  • For One Treatment: $84 plus $15s&h= $99 total
  • For Two vehicles: 12 items. $115 plus $20s&h= $135. Save $25
  • Fleet/auto repair: 6 Treatment 36 items. $200 plus $25s&h= $225

To ask a question, or place an order by phone, call me at 512 665 3388

Mega Power Fuel Injector Cleaner is a "add-an-drive" product. Driving performs the cleaning and conditioning process. Nothing to take apart.

By its complex chemical cleaners and anti-wear conditioners, strong enough to remove the hard carbon deposits in and on your fuel injectors, you are using the strongest safest cleaner sold in the market place.

Mega Power's Eco-smart DIY fuel injector cleaner also ends your motors wear increasing friction, to restore like-new power, and maybe add 20 to 40 more miles distance on each fuel fillup. Years longer life is assured - as customers tell us. Our fuel injector cleaner Home Page Index.

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