Top 6 Best Fuel Cleaners and Engine System Additives to Quickly Smooth Clean and Coat Every Piston Bearing Valve Gear Injector 

Top 6 Best Fuel Cleaners and Engine System Additives to Quickly Smooth Clean and Coat Every Piston Bearing Valve Gear Injector: Contact Info: On a smart phone, to order or ask a question,  order items listed: call me ... george at 512 665 3388 

Cleaning is a required once a year engine service.

Most people just clean their motors fuel injectors. That's one system.

They ignore the other five. No problem until enough sticky residues and acid pitting labors a few parts excessively and the car runs poorly.

Cost at the car dealer can run over $1500 to clean all six systems. 

Our method does a better job because we include friction modifiers  - you have more friction as your car ages and this increases wear out speed. So this ingredient - seen in the black items in the picture offer an extra measure of assurances with cleaning and friction modifying at work keeping every part just fine.

  1. Included red item= fuel injector cleaner $69
  2. Intake manifold, spark, and combustion cleaner. $99
  3. Engine valve stem cleaner $49
  4. Engine valve lifter cleaner $125
  5. Engine residue and acid remover. $69
  6. Engine friction modifier. $149
  7. Labor $450

Made all 6 as the treatment to add to the oil and fuel as the service procedure. Results given immediately.

Get our special while the mechanics price is available.

Ordering Engine tune up products Info

    One Mega Power Tune Up Treatment 6 items shown
    Comes with easy-to-follow directions, my phone help if needed, guarantee. Shipped Fedex to your door in about 3 days. 
    Just $65 plus $15s&h= $80 total

    For two car motors 12 items
    Just $120 plus $15s&h= $135 total. Save $25

    Order 6 Treatments 36 items, for fleet or auto garage to resale. Just $330 plus $30s&h= $360 total. Save $100. Shop Labor for installation $25 to $75.

One: MPET #6  $65.00 plus $15s&h=$80.00 total  

To order or ask a question, call me at 512 665 3388 ... george

About: your car's tune up computer

    This device tunes your motor as you drive. For example...

    One reading the computer gets is an engine vacuum reading.

    Mega Power Fuel Cleaners and Engine System Additives Quickly Smooth Clean and Coat Every Piston Bearing Valve Gear Injector

Why engine vacuum is an important engine tune up consideration

    Vacuum refers to the pistons suction strength - which should be around 21 or more inches of vacuum - on a scale of one to 25. The higher the better. The computer is designed to work in that range.

    Vacuum is highest when new. Drops as dirty conditions stick piston rings and valves, and more friction takes over.

As engine vacuum is lost - your tune up problems occur because they are beyond the scope of computer adjustments to correct..

How Mega Power restores top engine vacuum and tunes your motor in the process

    Mega Power Fuel Cleaners and Engine System Additives Quickly Smooth Clean and Coat Every Piston Bearing Valve Gear Injector

    With combustion occurs to power your car a dirty film coats your motors pistons and valves. Each piston has 3 bracelet-like metal rings of steel which fit loosely in groves made for them on each piston.

    Pistons rings are C shaped and want to always expand outward to rub the cylinder wall. This is meant to keep combustion from slipping pass the pistons and keep oil from being sucked up into the combustion cycle.

    When sticky combustion and motor oil residues prevent ring expansion several problems occur making the motor run poorly.

Sticky piston ring and valves cause problems and power loss

    Mega Power Fuel Cleaners and Engine System Additives Quickly Smooth Clean and Coat Every Piston Bearing Valve Gear Injector

    One problem sticky piston rings causes is to allow motor oil to slip pass those sticky piston rings and mix with the fuel being sucked in.

    Combustion fumes also easily escape and mix with your motor's oil.

    Your motors valves also become sticky and they sluggishly take longer to close than normal.

    That means a gap remains such while still closing and allows combustion - which should be pushing your piston down, to escape back into the next income fuel mix, while some escapes into the motor's oil the other way.

    Those negative conditions lower full power development and will drop vacuum to 20 inches or 19. Wear spaces develop and more escape lowers power and vacuum to maybe 16 inches suction.

    Other dirty internal parts also become sluggish causing rough idle, engine miss, stalling, valve tap, and more you press the gas pedal down more to feed more fuel into the mix to produce more power - to replace what is constantly being lost.

    Hidden Engine tune up problems You Can Now End Yourself 

    Mega Power Fuel Cleaners and Engine System Additives Quickly Smooth Clean and Coat Every Piston Bearing Valve Gear Injector

      Piston rings: As your motors piston rings become sticky - these expandable bracelet-like devices wrapping you motor's pistons, fail to keep your motors 1800 degree combustion above the piston and away from oil below. When dirty...

      They let more combustion blowby escape down into your motor oil. Not good of course. Your motor loses a bit of your motor's power as that happens. This makes your engine sludge collect faster - which circulates with your oil. Eventually, sludge sticks your motors 8 to 24 engine valves, and creating your rough idle and stalling problems.

      Those start valve caused performance decline problems - Mega Power Fuel Cleaners and Engine System Additives Quickly Smooth Clean and Coat Every Piston Bearing Valve Gear Injector


    Sticky valves: Like a leaky front door in a blowing storm

      Your sticky, slow-closing valves allows combustion to escape back out where the fuel just came in from - See picture, and it ignites your incoming gas before it goes into your piston area.

      That's no good, and each time it happens, it means the next charge of fuel is already burnt, so it can't produce power - and you feel that negative as an engine miss, rough idle, and if it happens enough, a lousy mileage problem.

      Is that some of Engine tune up, miss, rough idle tune problem? If not, it soon will be if cleaning is not performed. Your motor's hidden area causing tune up problems is shown here.

      Engine tune up, miss, rough idle and re-tune products

      Usually, you do a tune up - It's still not really rigth. And the mechanic says,"you need a Valve Job" - at $2000, to get your motor up to speed again. A valve job is where us mechanic's take apart the top half of your motor and hand clean every valve part. Of course, there is always more that's needed - once you get looking around, a lot more parts seem needed.

      However, many car owners find Mega Power Engine tune up product is what is needed!

    Ordering Mega Power  

    Fuel Cleaners and Engine System Additives Quickly Clean and Coat Smooth Every Piston Bearing Valve Gear Injector

    Keeps your car running better!  Mega Power Fuel Cleaners and Engine System Additives 

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