Using Mega Power automotive additives solve performance problems. Contact Info: On a smart phone, to ask a question, order items on line, call me at 512 665

Using Mega Power automotive additives solve performance problems.

Nov 12, 2016
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Bummer deal! Do you notice a film on your inside windshield, also? If so, acid from anti-freeze going acidic ate a hole in the heater, which is hidden just above the passenger floorboard. Some people pay several hundred dollars to a $1000 to replace it. Its a h---- of a job. My method is to neutralize the cooling system to rid it of acids - as they als0 play h--- with engine manifold gaskets [1500 to fix]. Here's a web site that gives the tips and exact product you need to neutralize and stop the leak -in a bout 15 minutes for way cheap. More info here... George says: Using Mega Power automotive additives solve performance problems and provides radiator leak ending solutions.

Radiator cooling system: Contact info. On a smartphone, Have a question, to order items listed, call me 512 665 3388

There are 3 services explained, and 3 products explained, for 3 radiator negatives, explained - and the best servicing method for radiators: More info here...

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