New Engine Treatment from Mega Power ends wear & residue engine problems others cannot. Quickly restores strong, long-lasting dependability

Introducing a new and better way to end your out-of-warranty age, wear, and residue caused motor problems from Mega Power.

Compared to old fashion engine treatments like those sold online, in parts stores, and quick lubes, that contain sometimes harmful ingredients like:

  • Teflon powder suspended in oil
  • Powderized ceramic or zinc additives
  • Solvent cleaners
  • Thick, honey-like oil thickeners

Instead, Mega Power uses a new breed of engine treatment chemistry found to end problems that deter your motors power and responsible for performance problems.

As shown below, this product use 6 items for 6 complex areas of your motor, discovered to contribute to, and be a hidden problem contributor. They are easy to install, a few miles driving does the actual restore.

Note howeach item ends one wear or residue problem, and together becomes a total problem-solving advantage. The results restore your motor's strong, dependable running smoothness again.

How Mega Power works to end your problem

engine treatmentwith anti-wear cleaning

and friction modifiers that go where oil and other products cannot to end a variety

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