New product provides engine transmission tuneup options - to restore your car equipment strong performance, by ending wear, sludge, oil burning,   rough shift problems.  

Engine transmission tuneup options Contact info: If on a smartphone, to ask a question, order products listed, call  at 512 665 3388

So, your engine or transmission is not running right! Is this the problem?

As your cars pistons. bearings, valves,  and gears change from their clean, new-like, shinny, easy-moving state to a dirty sluggish condition, those sluggish negatives cause your engine transmission problems.

I'll take you thru common remedy's. Then show you what new to end your car problem.

  • Typically, a check with your mechanic reveals the problems above.
  • He may suggest the 100 year old dismantling, cleaning and a rebuild with new parts to get your engine transmission running great again. A   $2000 plus expense - as his remedy.
  • The local quick-lube people may suggest trying their engine transmission flush service.
  • Your friends advise against engine transmissions flushes sold by quick lube and part stores. That's because, as flush products remove residues, they often plug the oiling passage ways. Such flushes, they say, often destroys an engine or transmission in a few months time.

New products from Mega Power provide engine transmission tuneup options which end performance problems, while providing ingredients that actually add years more great  dependable to cars and equipment .

How Mega Power provides new solutions and better engine transmission tuneup options that end performance problems.

  • Since most additives just are weak or ineffective to do any good removing the variety of different residues in different areas of your motor and tranny.
  • Mega Power research tested hundreds of ingredients to see what works in the 6 engine, and 3 transmission internal systems, to come up with a new option to end such car troubles. 

Mega Power engine transmission tuneup options

  • If you had a tune up, and still have problems, this review shows you the new Mega Power DIY pour-in-and-drive INTERNAL tune up for your engine or and transmission that will end its problem.
  • In engines, Mega Power found a 6 item formula to end miss, stalling, rough idle, power loss, and lousy mileage, tap, oil burning and other performance problems.  Shown here.
  • Driving does the actual fix! Nothing to take apart. And not for $2000 like a mechanic might charge you - but just under $250 if the mechanic does the install. Under $100 if you install it yourself. It's easy to install.

For Transmissions, Mega Power found 3 items needed to clean your sticky shift valves and wear roughen gears - to end slippage, hang up, slow shift causes of your problem.

If overhauled, Repair cost can run over $2000. If the mechanic does the Mega Power treatment, cost is around $250. Under $100 if you install it yourself. It's easy to install. Shown above

Ordering info for transmission

Mega Power for your transmission includes 3 items shown, easy to follow directions, guarantee, phone help if needed, delivered to your door in 3 days by FedEx.

Our other specials listed below

Engine Directions: Following simple directions in 2 step a week apart , 3 items clean the top of your motor from the fuel and combustion side. 

  • A week later during an oil change, the other 3 clean the motors bottom oil side.
  • Together Mega Power cleans fuel, intake, combustion, and piston  of carbon - the trouble makers - and those features end problems and restore great performance again.
  • From the oil side Mega Power cleans valve stems, piston rings and oiling delivery systems. Other hidden causes of your motor's problem.

Transmission Directions:  Use 3 items in a 2 step, week apart  method to correct those same hidden causes in your transmission, to end its problem.

  • A high 95% success rate has us guaranteeing Mega Power for skeptical people who may not want to chance this option. In this way they can request a refund after actual repair showing us the repair invoice for a full refund. Order now!
  • Occasionally, Mega Power works but does not entirely end the problem. Customers are satisfied Mega Power did some good and keeps their cars going without getting worst. Ordering Info:

Order 2 Mega Power Tune Up  Engine Treatments.

    Includes 12 items shown. Shipped by FedEx to your door in about 3 days, Easy to follow directions. Phone help if needed. Guarantee. Just $80+ $15 s&h= $95 total.

Most times, the 6 items shown here are all your motor needs to get it running good as new, for a perfect auto tune up. We say this because...

    Many customers use Mega Power in their "good cars and equipment" to keep them clean, and to add years more great like-new dependable services from them -

    In older out-of-warranty motors, the restorative factor is really appreciated by the owner as a like-new zip and performance returns.

    Order a treatment for your motor.

    It needs that kind of love for the love it has shown you so far. Right? They come with easy to follow steps - and my phone help as your installing the treatment, by calling me directly.

    Order a treatment for your motor now! It needs it, right?

    It needs that kind of love for the love it has shown you so far. Right? They come with easy to follow steps - and my phone help as you're installing the treatment, by calling me directly.

    Order one Mega Power Tune Up Treatment.

    Order Mega Power for two cars Save $30

    Order Mega Power for two cars: 12 items. Just $115 plus $15s&h= $130 total. Save $30. Comes with easy to follow directions and my personal phone help, if you need it.

    Mega Power for your transmission.

    Includes 3 items with easy to do directions. Cost. $60+ $15 s&h= $75 total.

    Order Mega Power for your motor and transmission 9 items. shipped to your door in about 3 days with directions and guarantee. Just $135 total. Save $15.

    Phone in specials

    Order for 2 car motors and transmission save even more and your cars, too! Just $200 for 18 items needed. 

    Phone in orders only on that special, please. Tell the operator you want the 2 engine and 2 transmission Treatment special phone in deal, for $200. A savings of over $100.

    Order now, or to ask a question, call me.... george at 1 512 665 3388

    Shipped FedEx to your door in about 3 days.

    Call in, or Email your order, or to ask a question, call me at 512 665 3388 ...Email: ... george

    Call in, or Email your order, or to ask a question, call me at 512 665 3388 ...Email: ... george

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