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If you had Superman xray vision and looked into your motor, this drawing shows what your problem area would look like. This shows your motor's dirty-valves and pistons and how they cause your motor's rough isle, perhaps stalling, tap, miss-fire, or power loss  cause - and our fix for it.

Cause of engine runs rough idling, picture

The trouble makers: Take a close look at the two-way arrows going around the valves - the up side down T looking items.

Those two arrows show the problem they cause your motor.

The problem is they are suppose to pop open, then snap close, allowing the combustion process to properly power up your car's horse making ability.

As this just shows the engine - you can bet similar conditions are building up future trouble, if not removed in the transmission radiator and power steering systems, too.  Service products for those components below can be purchased for your vehicles benefit, too! 

Dirty engine caused problem solver.

When dirty, dirty conditions keep valves and piston rings from closing as quickly as they should. Trouble you're having then occurs... Note the "2 way arrows" showing this negative.

"Houston, We've got problems."

When dirty conditions keep them open after the fuel entering cycle they allow the piston to push some of the fuel back out:

  • 2 way arrows: So what happens is there's less power produced on that cycle because it loss the fuel needed.
  • Upon the combustion, some of the combustion will also slip out backwards and set afire fuel ready to enter on the next cycle.
  • Now the next cycle burnt fuel enters and no combustion occurs. A drop od engine speed occurs and you feel the "miss."
  • The miss - now showing up as a rough idle results from those dirty parts and creates the rough idling problem you have. 

Ever have that happen to you?

There are 2 ways to solve your engine runs rough idling problem.

  1. Have a mechanic dismantle your motor. He will perform what is called a motor overhaul for about $2500 to $3500 as the fix.
  2. Install a product invented to correct this problem called Mega Power. Mega Power provides the chemical cleaning way to end your car problem in the fastest, cheapest, best way! Mega Power is what you need to order, below, to end this problem. 

The Mega Power Treatment install is simple, yet performs a complex action that in a few miles of driving cleans up your engine runs rough idling problem. Results provide a permanently smooth quiet running restore state. 

The negative is that if the problem occurs for too much time, engine combustion will literally "burn the valve" - then actual repair will be the only remedy. 

Transmissions also develop a similar valve-shift problem and Mega Power servicing of your transmission and motor will assure you of years more trouble-free performance from you engine and transmission.

To do the corrective action to end your valves, motor runs rough problem, Mega Power uses 2 steps.

  1. You add 3 items to the gas, air intake, and motor oil and drive.
  2. A week later you add 3 more items included during an oil change to complete the cleaning smoothing out benefit. Order Mega Power below. 
  3. Mega Power includes their unique MC+ anti-wear friction Modifier to also extend the powerful protection given by the other engine runs rough ending ingredients.
  4. ingredients included to restore your motor's performance.  
  5. This is a lot cheaper that the costly tearing apart your motor for the cleaning process.

 The corrective action to end your valves engine runs rough problem is the Mega Power 2 step process. 

So, which method  is for you?

Ordering Mega Power

A Mega Power Valve Cleaning Treatment comes with 6 items shown. Easy to follow directions. Phone help if needed. Guarantee. Shipped to your door in about 3 days by FedEx. Just $99 and includes Free shipping anywhere USA location.

Order 2 Mega Power Valve Cleaning Treatments to protect both cars. Comes with 12 items shown. Easy to follow directions. Phone help if needed. Guarantee. Shipped to your door in about 3 days by FedEx. Just $150 and includes Free shipping anywhere USA location. Save $48 during our special.

Order 1 or 2 Mega Power engine Valve and Transmission Treatments, and protect both cars completely - total  $135 each set. Each set comes with 9 items. Easy to follow directions. Phone help if needed. Guarantee. Shipped to your door in about 3 days by FedEx. Just $135 each set. Includes shipping anywhere USA location. Save $48 during our special. Save $48 per set.

Please note: Select our Combo Pak Special. Service all required components and save even more.

Mega Power's Engine Treatment 6 items $99, Transmission treatment 3 items $95, Radiator System Treatment 3 items $75, and Power Steering System Service 2 items $75 - 15 items ON SALE for $249.  Regular $344. Save $95. Order as many sets as you need. FedEx to your door with directions, free phone help, guarantee: usa.

The resulting force of combustion - averaging just under 2000 degrees temperature, will escape following the double arrow out as an escape route - and instantly ignite the next charge of gas, lined-up waiting to go into the cylinder.

    This repeat of the above picture, saves you from scrolling back up.

    I did this so you can look at the double arrow and imagine how escaping combustion gas - moving at blow-out speeds, slip pass your dirty, slow-closing valves, pre-ignite the next charge of gas, and caused your motor to have a rough idle.

    They should be closed.

    The arrow shows the valves still closing as the piston compresses the fuel, ready for the spark to ignite the fuel.

    In your mind, imagine a bit of that fuel - just sucked in, being pushed back out of the cylinder.

    That means there will be a smaller amount of gas to combust - burn, as it explodes to push the piston down.

Two points about this situation as the caused of why your dirty engine runs rough idling, problem.

  1. Since less fuel is present to push your motors piston all the way down, and spin the crankshalf two full spins, as it should, the weaker crank spinning momentum puts a double load on the next cylinder to fire - and engine speed drops. The combination of those two event is one cause of your rough idle.
  2. Install a product invented to correct this problem called Mega Power.

You may hear a "backfire" pop sound as this occurs.

    Or, just feel the motor falter or shake, as this happens.

    The piston, during the next cycle, sucks-in this just burnt, and now expended load of [just burnt] gas.

    As the spark plugs fires - no combustion explosion takes place as the fuel was wasted and burnt-away by the motors previous cycle.

Since no combustion occurred to push the piston down, the motor speed drops. You feel it as a rough idling problem.

Does the above sound like your engine runs rough idling, problem?

    If so, it cost about $1500 to $3000 to tear down the motor, takes each valve out, hand clean them, and re-install them again, to end your problem.

    Or, you can try my method - which has help thousands of such engines end this problem for under $100.

Mega Power ends engine runs rough idling problem

This product, a treatment, is the only know way to ends internal causes of engine runs rough idling, stalling, and power loss, in minutes.

Cost is just $99 total. Shipped to your door. Call me, and I'll send it to you FedEx to your door with instructions, and my phone help, if you need that help during the simple install process. Visa M/C. Call me at 1 512 665 3388 .. george

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