Use engine repair additives...

do THIS when your engine is having a problem.

The common way to fix today's engines is out of step with reality. The Slo-wear Engine Reconditioner is why...Common engine repair methods are out of step with additives

engine repair additives
Give the engine this Mega Power Engine Treatment so every system is cleaned and conditioned as soon as possible.


Because, according to research, your engines breathing and oiling system causes most engine problems! 

With your engine bathing in dirty conditions it causes your car problem.

Between oil changes...

  • After years of oil changing, what was too thick to drain out, stays behind.
  • Those contaminates cause premature engine, transmission failures of some sort. So, removing them is always the right step.
  • Mega Power's Engine Treatment brings together the fuel, air intake, combustion area, exhaust, and oiling systems

Mega Power's way to end engine transmission troubles.


You would think an engine flush additive is a good idea.  Not so!

Commonly sold additives in part stores and quick lubes are quick rinses and with no real cleaning of the 6 systems to facilitate original function that dirty conditions upset.

Most engine flushes and fuel injector cleaners are solvents and often they clean to well, by striping away the lube film between your engines surfaces - and now friction gets a greater foot hold causing your trouble.

What are in those residues - and what can end the trouble they cause?

Where does the source of trouble start?

Know engine transmission causes helps.

  • Combustion contains acids: 
  • Up to 2000 degree heat occurs from combustion of fuel. Coolant takes most of this heat away from the top metal and transfers it to the outside.
  • That's why motors are so cooking hot. 
  • Oil also draws heat away and dissipates it.  With combustion mixed into it on a long term basis, an acidic stew is made.
  • Fuel, with hundreds of ingredients turn acidic when burned.
  • Heat and acid sludges the fuel in the injectors and makes fuels spray wetter instead of in a fog  to burn properly. Start by removing this problem with item #1 below.
  1. Clean up the combustion area of carbon and free sticky valves and rings - when dirty make noise, allow combusion to escape into the oil, using item #2 below.

Engine repair additives
How Additives End Engine Transmission Troubles

Slo-wear Engine Reconditioner recovery starts by adding item 1 and 2 to the fuel tank.Slo-wear Engine Reconditioner recovery starts by adding item 1 and 2 to the fuel tank.

Engine repair additives continues.

  1. Dirty combustion areas conditions - the most expensive repair area to repair, pushes combustion gases that escape pass dirty piston rings, up to 5 gallons of acids that eats away smooth long wear surfaces. Pits the surface to increase power robbing friction. Removed with item #3 below.

Trouble to reduce with Engine repair additives

  1. Gas and diesel fuel also slips pass pistons in compressing cycles.
  2. Up to 5 gallons of gas or diesel that weakens oil and cause more oil breakdown, of course more metal-to-metal contact, more friction, faster wear out. Removed with item #4 below.
  3.  and up to 100 gallons of moisture. Moisture dilutes acids and spreads it all around with the oil, and makes gravy out of good oil we call sludge. Removes with item #4  below,
  4.   up to a cup of sludge,.which  causes valve tapping oil burning compression blowby oil seal leaks, smelly exhaust, a smelly engine  and oil spots on your driveway. Removed with item #4 below.
  5. Smooth out and heal acid pitted surfaces with item #6.
  6. Add a tough yet slippery co-polymer film to fill worm spaces and close up wear gaps to like when near new for what completes a Slo-wear Engine Reconditioning service. 
  7. Any weak part is first to bog done and that your engine problem. Removed with item #6 below. Repeat at future 6000 to 12,000 mile oil change to renew again for another year of strong service.

  8. Always Start with #1 #2 and #3 in the fuel and oil to begin service.
  9. Any weak part is first to bog done and that your engine problem. Removed that weakness following the install steps above..

More so as wear occurs. And..where does all that crud come from?

      It all comes from the forces of combustion that powers your engine and occurs on top of your motors pistons - and some always slips past your pistons dirty, lazy piston rings mixing with your oil. 

Its commonly know oil does not wear out! 

You change oil because its contaminated.

So.... change your oil now for $40 and drive to see what happens next. 

If you still have a problem you have several choice:

  1. Get your mechanics opinion.
  2. Do the costly repair he recommends.
  3. Try our option - above, perform in a 2 step engine service. This to see if conditioners can stop the contamination and bring your motor back to life. Sure, you can do the nengine service your self. Have the lube and oil shop replace the oil. 
  4. Our engine service - installed in over a million engines over the last 10 years always works to end engine transmission trouble.
  5. Our engine service is easy to install into the gas and motor oil, in 2 steps a week apart.
  6. Driving then cleans up and reconditions the internal to a like new instant operation - ending it problem.
  7. For the price of a good night out on the town with your wife or date - in a few minutes you can can a great running engine and transmission again - guaranteed! Direction included along with free help if needed anytime by phone from a tech. shipped overnight usa. 5 to 10 days elsewhere in the world with a extra freight charge of $60
Slo-wear Diesel Engine Reconditioner. 3 gallon treatment just $299 plus ship cost  [$40 to $60] FedEx to your door.Slo-wear Diesel Engine Reconditioner. 3 gallon treatment just $299 plus ship cost [$40 to $60] FedEx to your door.
Click to order.
Items 1 to 6 in Slo-wear Engine Reconditioning Treatment for cars  motorcycles.Sent FedEx to your door overnight. Just $99 plus $20 s&h total $120 usa else where ship cost $49 total.Items 1 to 6 in Slo-wear Engine Reconditioning Treatment for cars motorcycles.Sent FedEx to your door overnight. Just $99 plus $20 s&h total $120 usa else where ship cost $49 total.

Engine repair additives

PS: The worst thing you can do is not imagine what's going on in your engine! Recondition it before it fails the above way.

PS PS:  You get lazy let real trouble occur… is when the motor is OK and you get too comfy when things are going well. 

 stop driving for the next repair - instead Slo-wear it years into the future.

That's almost always a massive blunder. 

I've lost count of how many engine blew up not following this advice.

End engine repair additives

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