New. For great engine performance, try this fast acting engine treatment

For great engine performance again

    This quick acting treatment product cleans, frees, and coats 6 different areas of your motor to restore its power, zip, and performance.

    The 4 cleaner ingreients stops valve tap, oil burning, and leaks.

    Over all, it ups piston compression by freeing sticky piston rings that let combustion power escape down pass the piston - to dirty your oil much sooner, wear out your motor much faster.

    This product ends that problem too. Also...

    A co-polymer coating adds itself to the cylinder walls and, with piston rings working again like they should, oil burning stops.

    A friction modifier smooth rough wear pistons, bearings and valves so they slide without resistance.

Those are a few of the ways this products advantages can go to work making your motor run as if overhauled - but for $100, not $2500.

Mega Power restores engine performance fast.

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