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Engine misfire occurs when 3 conditions develop in your motor.

I'll explain how misfire happens, and an easy, inexpensive way to permanently end it - and when only an expensive repair will end the problem.

I'll use this drawing to represent your motors problem area. It shows the cause of your problem. I'll show you how to easily end it, too.

Notice in the picture the two way arrows. They are the starting point of your misfire. Follow me as I describe what happens.

Mega Power engine misfire ending product

When clean, smooth, and freely moving, to produce power, one valve - the intake valve, opens, lets fuel into the piston area, and closes. And one valve - the exhaust valve, lets the spent fuel out and closes shut.

This cycle is repeated hundreds of times a minute as you go down the road. A zillion times over a cars lifetime.

To produce the needed power to make your car go, the piston squeezes and compresses the fuel to 125 lbs pressure.

Now back to the two-way-arrows, the 3 causes of your misfire problem, and your remedy to end them yourself.

Over time, oil and gas breakdown residues collects thru-out your motor and some settles as a tar-like film on the stems of your motors valves, on your spark plug firing tip, or as carbon chucks to hold your valves open, and this causes your misfire problem.

If the spark fails to fire from a lean mixture - causes by the valve not sealing properly, misfire occurs.

This tar-like goo puts a bind on the valve stem creating resistance so their closing snappiness disappears. If this is the case.....

When the spark sets off the fuel burning process and your dirty intake valve is still closing, instead of being closed already, the burning fuel follows the two way arrow back out to the next fuel charge, and ignites it.

When that happens 3 new negative conditions appear.

  1. You feel a disruption to your motors smoothness - because there is no fuel to burn and the motor falters.- the actual misfire.
  2. You may actually hear a pop - the backfire, as the flame burst on backwards to the out side of the manifold its in.
  3. Since there is no next charge of fuel - it just burnt up in the backfire, a misfire and rough idle develops.

So, combustion residues and oil breakdown residues cause engine misfire.

To clean, protect, and smooth this vital area of your motor requires 6 different products, installed in your motor in a certain way - which is covered below.

This Review now gives you a link to the product and new easy way to stop your engines misfire. To restores your motors compression, power, an quiet engine valve tap. Engine misfire product

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