Engine flush your car troubles away
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Warning! Some flushes help - Others are harmful. I'll tell what to use to solve your car problem

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Engine flush, when needed?

To clean our motors...

    Many years ago, Grandpa and dad always mixes some kerosene in the dirty oil of our ill-running car engines. This rinsed-out the gunk on those dirty pistons, bearings and gears - and keeps the new oil bit cleaner.

    Those cleaners were harmful and you took your chance - using them. Most people knew that!

    Solvents destroy the oil lube film on moving parts that keeps them lubricated. Does that speak of a possible danger to the motor? Yes!

I noticed there are online experts:

    I call, Shade-tree mechanics, who still are suggesting a little kerosene, thinner, or transmission fluid, added to the dirty oil, to solve some sludge problem - is a good Idea. That is not a good idea. Here is why...

    In the taking apart of engines - the parts that needed to be cleaned - sticky rings, valves, lifters and combustion areas. That is where the cause of most problems are located.

    They cannot be helped by adding solvent flush or automatic transmission fluid to the oil - as they are way to weak - and also harmful.

Back in the old days,

    The most common use of one solvent or another was to clean out the sludge, just before the mechanic torn apart the motor for repair.

    It did not matter if the kerosene and solvent cause any damage as new parts would be replacing the worn ones, anyway.

We all thought it helped some! But...

    But, back then, every engine was overhauled every two or three years. So, if it helped, who knew?

Did you know...

    Motor flush additives sold in parts stores and quick-lubes today are kerosene or solvents mixes from the Model A days a hundred years ago?

    The bad thing about kerosene and solvent additives as a cleaner for today's engines is this:

Today's cars use

    A thin oil - Ow, or 5w, or 10w weight, because today's engine tolerances are just a hair-width wide - compared to yesterdays engine tolerances of 3 hair-widths wide.

    Larger spaces back then required 30w or 40w weight oil - to lube properly - thin oil would get sucked-out and burned.

Part store, and quick-lube

    Solvent and kerosene flushes sold today are even more harmful to today's engines because of the close tolerances in today's motors.

    There is not much of a film there between moving parts separating your pistons, bearings, and gears.

    With solvents removing the film - damage and danger may follow. So those kinds of flushes are no good!

What is a good cleaner for my motor - to clean & protect it?

    I'll get to that answer in a moment.

    As you can imagine, those part-store, and quick-lube solvent flush products can increase metal-to-metal abrasion and friction. As they circulate, those solvents wipes-away the oil film, and moving parts touch.

    That is no good! And, those products tell you to "never rev up the motor with their product inside.'Does that sound safe to you?

    Read their labels because...

    That type cleaning starts abrasion - and down the road, eats away many years of life off your car life.

What's better? What cleaner can safely end my cars problem?

    Shown below is one of these new cleaners that can...

    Picture. Mega Power Products. 512 665 3388

    Mega Power research has developed

      Engine flush treatments to specifically target a chemical for each of an engines dirty, and friction-prone, performance problems. One will be your remedy!

      Upon use, minutes later - most problems end. Driving continues the good, and remaining problems disappear in a day or so. The motor will hum as good as when near-new again - regardless of age or miles - after this products cleaning treatment - I promise!

      The demo explains how an ingredient called MC+ in the the companies product line cleans and protects - a big improvement over just cleaning, most certainly.

      Take a moment to see this demo... The Mega Power Product Demo...

    More Helpful tips

    Mega Power Engine Flush. When and which for my car?

    When the motor is 4 to 6 years old, or older, it will show signs that it needs cleaning. You can bet its pistons rings, valves, valve lifters, are dirty - and may tap.

    • More oil is consumed.
    • More fuel is wasted.
    • Wear, friction, and residue buildup is a suspect.
    • For today's motors, that is not good.

    That is when Mega Power provides a good, safe cleaning method to get the motor back in good, clean operating shape again.

    The new safe way to clean older, and worm motors

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