Race Car Engine Fixing Products Now Maybe Fixing Your Engines Problems


Race Car Engine Fixing Products Now Maybe Fixing Your Engines Next  Problem.

 A Race Car Owners "Winning Edge Discovery" Now a Tune Up Secret Explained For Ending Bumper-to-Bumper Vehicle Problems. Millons of Vehicle Owners, Mechanics, Equipment Owners Are Using Them - To Keep Their Vehicles going.

Can you end your vehicles problem this way?

    Hi! I'm George Christ, and I worked for that race team selling their amazing "winning edge additive" to repair shops. Why Would Repair shops Want them? 

     And, How Can They End Your Car's Equipments Problem?

     Certain additives can remove sludge, friction and their binding actions that suck away the cars power. 

     The same wear and performance problems slowing down a race car's engine, transmission in one afternoon's grueling race is equivilent to 10 years street driving.

Those grueling conditions aew exactly what causes over 400 kinds of vehicle problems - but over 5 to 10 years stret driving.

If they can the problem causes of sludge, friction and their binding causing problem the problem goes away.

There is the secret.

Worn MT feeder 6x6

  Today, specic additives are still in use To Tune Away  Engine Big and Small Engine problems... 

      Along with more recent scientific discoveries covering bumper to bumper problems, the Mega Power Brand offers a new way to ending engine transmission radiator steering an a/c  operating problems - avoiding their repair need - as the fix. 

How you can start using the same secret to end you vehicles problem.

     A Winning Racing Team’s “Secret Formula” NOW are saving drivers $thousands in repairs ..

     Of course, a $4000 to $10,000 engine or transmission repair takes the problem away - and everyday tens of thousands of vehicle owners spend that kind of money doing traditional repairs. 

     But it doesn't have to be just corrected that way if it hasn't failed.

Why Their Discovery Can End Your Vehicles Problems.
The product works to smooth wears rough surfaces and their tar-like coating causing the engines eventual downfall.

Ending these conditions also means the horsepower is no longer absorbed. Less friction and less sludge to choke down power results in more horsepower. Toward end of a race having less friction and a cleaner engine means more zip.

     If you use this treatment additive to remove sludge, friction and their binding actions it could help keep you vehicles going troublefree.  

     This race cars owner's - the Justice Brothers ... in this one race discovered this additives ability to end actual mechanical problems  -  during a race - lead to a winning formula.

Their Amazing Discovery! 

      With no hope of winning, lagging behind futher in the pack with each lap. In desperation, they called the car in and added the additive  Wynn's Friction Proofing to the motor's oil. To Their surprise...

      This new additive feature discovery....

     Already knowing the Wynn's Additives gve a racy, bigger engine amazing power, feel during repair shop tune ups, the brothers tested it again in this race to see what happeded.

     Seeing their car drop back in the pack as the race laps pilled on. Pulled the car in. They decided to add the additive to the engine during the race to see if the additive could cut down on friction, not have it suck its horsepower awa. Perhaps help the laboring engine gain a few spots higher for race points. 

Their previous discovery about this additive.

      They already new from their car repair business this certain additive eliminated several common engine tuning problems. 

      It ended a common, slow response "cough, backfire" headache every mechanic in the world has trouble trying to adjust out  after a repair. An engine's slow response, cough, backfire is caused by a dirty and wear-roughen engine parts that drag on movement - upsetting the snappy operation it use to have.  


Its Included in Your auto tune up and repair option I'll send you. 

    The ideal timing position is idle, then snap open carburetor throttle to full wide open - and the engine speed should reach 5000 no backfire, no sluggish rise in speed, no faultering quicker than you can release the throttle. Auto-tune-up-and-repair-options.com are using those additives to end engine and shift and overheating problems - returning the new like snap,  avoiding thousands in repair expense dirty engine and components operating problems, for trying them.

     The Race Teams Other Discovery.

      Vehicle owners use these additives to turn back mileage 50,000 miles on vehicles to redrive them all over again.

    Two discoveries resulted from that big win for the Justice Broithers you now can benefit from.

    Their additive addition during the race gave the oil additive a new feature no one ever heard.

    This additive helped the engine overcome a wear-mechanical problems during the race -  Giving them not only that  winning edge - but doing so Race after Race engien and gear dismantling for repair...

 Fame and fortune resulted.

    They discovered common engine and gear replacements of worn parts were not present. The adiiitves features prevented normal engine and gear part WEAR OUT!

     Fame and fortune came from promoting their additive usage way and a new business - selling the product to mechanics in repair shops everywhere. I worked for them promoting the products for a living. And in my auto repair shop business.

     Since then newer discoveries in additives keep solving more and more automotive and diesel equipment problems.  What I show you to use HERE are today's updated with latest scientific researched versions - making them even better for the car owners desire for an alternative to auto repair.

How auto tune up and repair options will end your vehicle problem. 

For my part I have this web site to detail how the brand Mega Power Additives are helping mechanics learn their features and installs.

     Retired and helping friends tune out problems in their cars - I wrote down all the recipes that those additives fixed.  And t put them as my auto-tune-up-and-repair-options.com recipes.

What the race team as mechanics discovered I discovered. 

So can you.

       The Justice Brothers, mechanics, and race car builders like every mechanic using these additives ended spending hours setting the best spark to other than "factory specs," or different specs that works better in older vehicles. Once chemically cleaned by the ingredients no other additive has. Factory timing worked best. 

Can anyone give their vehicles an additive cure?  

    Sure! I call them my automotive tune up and problem ending options.

    They offer a clean, friction removed, smooth shinny surface reversing the problem cause.

    It's important to the vehicle owners safety because - you don't want your car or truck lagging slowly, coughing, spitting, gaining speed laziely say, when pulling into traffic and the coming car is approaching much faster than you anticipated - you want your engine and gears to rocket you forward out of the way. That is the option you are buying!

    But if dirty, with friction, and set at factory specs its slowly increases in speed, coughs, or backfires - keeping you in harms way a slit second longer. YOU WANT THAT? NO!

       Or, you are in your car, truck trying to cut across traffic and in the traffic break, you step on the gas to go and the engine backfires, coughs, bucks, slowly raises engine speed. Taps, looses compression, burns oil, can't shift fast and smooth quicker. Runs overheated. Full of sludge. Sweat on your forehead pops out.  - That momentary stall means you are in danger of getting hit by the approaching care.  

     Although, nearly every mechanic sends out the car to the street "older running." For not knowing better.  You don't half too - The auto tune up and repair additive treatment can correct the problem. Order them on the page for engines and gears in the menu.

    You can't solve the real tune up and internal problem without our race car proven auto tune up and repair option for the engine transmission radiator steering and a/c systems.

    You'll see every mechanic under every cars hood spending sometimes hours snapping the engine throttle from idle to wide open  - time after time, observing the engines response, looking for the ideal spark setting - moving the spark distributor -  it should be 5 degrees? 6? 7? 41/2? before the piston reaches the top dead center.

   The problem is not in timing adjustments - though they think so. Its in the sluggish valves pistons gears and their dirty friction horsepower eating state the car arrived in - at the car dealer showroom years earlier was clean shinny, smooth and powerful producing. 

  Back to the timing dirty cause of your vehicle problem.

 I promoting that race team additive found to return that new like, clean, smooth ideal tune state state to every engine transmission radiator steering a/c system. 

Its in each treatment sold here - giving your vehicles the fix out of a can power. And long term endurance the race team discoveries revealed  - to end your vehicles problems.

The race team discoveries can end your vehicles problems.

   Today, its known every vehicle wear, operating, and mechanical upsetting problem originates from dirty, friction loaded conditions the brothers discovered.

   While mechanics still fix cars by repair, others - including tens of thousands of car and heavy equipment owners are "fixing their similar car problems by the race teams discovery of the power in those special additives.

Order and try them yourself. Have them in 3 days.

Give them  a 90 day proof of their doing so. 

   The ideal timing position is idle, then snap open carburetor throttle to full wide open - and the engine speed should reach 5000 no backfire, no sluggish rise in speed, no faultering  quicker than you can release the throttle. 

  adjusting the spark timing by moving the spark engine has an ideal spark time made to go off an inch before the piston rises to the top. 

and the resulting explosion  up oil to lubricate and clean engine valves - called Wynn's Friction ProofingImagine what that can mean in your life faced with a $3000 to $10,000 engine and gear repair and find, for under $500, you smoothed the problem away by driving like they discovered to do.

Everyday, since their race car revitalizing discovery, tens of thousands are discovering its their secret vehicle revitalizer, too.

The list of vehicle engine, transmission radiator, steering a/c, 4x4 axles helped is of every conceivable problem - of course, it can't fix what broke. Some other site can help you if so.

...includes even the most expensive brands of cars, pickups, diesel rigs, farm, RV, boat owners, ocean going ship owners, motorcycle, machine owners, more winning race engine builders, and even brand new cars on the assembly line. 

It's secret -

The vehicle component, the operating, or mechanical problems may be different. Upsetting, but the results are always the same. The end of the internal problem, and a revitalizing racy response appears.

George Christ - America's Online Additive Expert for performance and mechanical problem-solving, an endurance says, "not all additives sold in the market place can end problems, nor add revitalizing features, nor add to the life of the vehicle by comparison. Three company's continue to spread their race winning formula." They are the auto tune up and repair options we cover here.

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