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    A green or orange puddle is a sign of an anti-freeze leak. Overheating may be another. Sometimes, vehicle owners may complain of a weird smell in the car. Engine coolant leaking on hot engines, or from the cars heating system create the odor. Our stop leak recommendation stops those leaks.

Here are the causes of coolant leaks and new remedies to end them.

    A hole - in the radiator, a gasket, a hose usually caused by the acid-eating nature of coolants.

    While coolants seldom loses their anti-freeze protecting ability, decay of metals [rust] combined with coolant breakdown turns coolant acidic in most vehicles by about their 4th birthday - some vehicles in 2 years. Sooner or later a hole develops.

    - the common practice, does not remove the acidic nature of coolant. Special cleaners that stop leaks and neutralize acidity is what you need - shown below.

    The common remedy. Adding a stop leak, made up of fibers or pellets, is the usual stop leak remedy. However, fibrous stop leaks often stop up the radiator tiny cooling tubes and can increase overheating. The product we recommend stop leaks without the need for fibers.

A New, Safer Stop Leak Remedy from Mega Power

    The Mega Power Radiator Stop Leak Treatment is a 3 part product to stop your leak. Mega Power works like blood, on a cut. When exposed to air, it coagulates, stopping your leak.

    As you can see, a treatment takes care of more than one problem. Mega Power stop leak begins by cleaning, neutralizing, and removing your cooling system acids and sludge. And stops the leak in the process.

    Mega Power's other ingredients increases the stop leak action and adds acid-fighting protection. That is the protection you need.

    Extra cooling efficientcy. Mega Power Stop Leak ingredients works to draws heat away from your motor's combustion area faster and transfers it to the out side 10 to 15% faster. Mega Power does so by packing more coolant molecues together per square inch - taking away the space between them. This advantage reduces the motor's and transmission's heat-sink load.

    Indirectly, this helps extend year's-longer engine running dependability and life by its extra cooling efficiency. By the body of the motor and transmission being just 10% cooler, oil film strength remains high, preventing less oil breakdown and metat to metal friction contact. You need Mega Power in your motor, radiator, and transmission for total longer life protection.

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