Engine Additives For Ending Engine Problems

Engine additives contact info: on a smart phone, to order items listed, ask a question ... call me george at 512 665 3388.

For Engine Additives to be of some usage, they need to provide what oil can't - for protection - or solve a problem oil caused  - or wear and tear caused - to keep the vehicle going strong.

These 6 additives are favored from Mega Power by professionals to clean and condition the 6 areas where 6 engine problems develop. 

The 6 end over a dozen engine problems that one or more engine area negatives are causing. Afterward, the engine is returned to its like new operation for 12,000 miles. A repeat of the service keeps retuning the engine - or transmission, if so treated, to the like-new state again, to drive all other again.

The 3 are added twice, a week apart, to end even the most complex problems. A little driving is needed after the first 3 are added to the fuel and motor oil. A week later during an oil change they are repeated.

This process is the only way to remove the years of wear and sludge, and to eturn the original clean smooth operation. Description of products:

  1. Red: Fuel system and injector cleaner
  2. Red: Combustion area carbon remover
  3. Yellow: Engine valve and ring cleaner
  4. Red: Engine sludge remover
  5. Yellow: Engine surface anti-wear
  6. Black: Engine worn space filler

You will love the quick way this Mega Power Brand Engine Treatment ends tapping noise, oil usage, and other mechanical problems.

Compare to repair? 

While by repair, replacing of all your valves and valve lifers - when only one is causing the tap is the common $3000 + way by repair.  And 2 weeks in the shop. 

Not the Mega Power Engine Additives. They stop valve tapping in diesels for under $400 for trucks - any size. Under $200 if a car - any brand. 

And supported by a 100% 1 year money back warranty if repair is the real solution. Please Note: No request for refund the last 267 days telling me people are satisfied.

Refund request credited to your cc in 3 days - a receipt of repair is needed. To give your engine the servies it needs - order this engine additives set below. Never will you find this set anywhere else. What you do find is an item priced so high. Not reasonable like mega Power Offers.

Order The Mega Power Engine Additives Treatment to stop valve tapping for cars. Comes as shown with free tech install help by phone. Directions for easy install. Nothing to take apart. Works in as little as 10 minutes. Shipped to your door in 3 days USA. 5 days if Canada, Mexico, Australia. With $35 extra ship charges - added after your OK to do so..

Bonus: Since engine troubles and valve tapping start with radiator slime blocking heat-out flow, making oil run at 300  to 400 degree sludge making temperatures. This bonus,  added to radiator coolant removes slime and lowers engine oil temperature, along with the valve residue removing and treatment friction reducers, you are assured under 250 degree oil temps  - giving your engine [ and transmission] a years longer cooler operating life bonus. $49, but free with your order now - while supplies last. Order by clicking cart button.

Ordering stop car engine tapping: engine additives.

Click this button for Mega Power Engine Additives to End Valve and Lifter Tapping.  6  needed. Just $99 plus $15 s&h. Total $114 ...  Includes  $49 Mega Power Radiator Clean-n-Cool Additive FREE . 7 items total still  $114. Click cart button below for pay/delivery details. End the tap this great way! Save Your cash and avoid an Expensive $3000 repair doing so. Gain years more trouble free car life. Click cart button to get started.

More Engine Additives Specials

Why protect one car when you can do both engines and transmissions and save $100 on  and get 2 Mega Power Transmission Protectors - A $99 value for FREE With 2 Mega Power Radiator Cool Items, and 2 Mega Power Valve Treatments  for today's special. 

Double Up Offer: Save $200, Service your good care too!  For a complete vehicle care and protection service. Includes:

A  2 times $114 = $228 total, now $150, Plus 2 radiator and 2 transmission protectors = A $200 extra value. Totals $428 if bought separately when protecting both vehicles with this get acquainted Mega Power Offer Today!

Imagine in 10 minutes you can end the tap, end the radiator causes of many engine and gear troubles too, and add years more life and protection to your costly to repair engine, transmission, and radiator - while servicing the engine to end its valve tapping - the best way possible - at a great savings. Testimonials.

Avoid thousands of dollars of trouble with these Mega Power Brand Engine End Tap, and Transmission, and Radiator Protectors. Includes = 16 items = A more than $300 value - NOW all for $ 150 and free shipping TODAY. [Get acquainted Offer subject to end without notice]. Click this cart button to gain this 4 item extra radiator and transmission and engine  protection bonus while ending valve tap. Substitute items of similar value if offer bonus runs out.

Click cart button for this 2 vehicle Problem Ending Mega Power Treatments. $150. Save a lot more doing so today.

For diesel Truck Engine Additives that Solve its problem, click here!

 Mega Power  blends and packages more than 35 additive & lubricant products including automotive and industrial lubricants and specialty fluids. that have been exported into virtually every industrialized country in the world.</p>

     Mega Power additive bottles are color coded by application for public appeal. Red for those that go into the fuel. Yellow for cleaners. Black for those added to oils and lube fluids. Blue for radiator.

Our products have been tested and approved by the service and repair business, and national chains, such as Jiffy Lube Association of Franchisees, Midas International, Meineke, Tuffy/CarX and others throughout the years.

<p>What we do best for you: We help you achieve recognition as a supplier of Quality Lubricants, Specialty Products and related Services.</p>
<p><B>Leading in Product Development:</B> We are committed to providing you with non-are-better, quality products, and services; to help your customers produce tens of thousands of dollars extra income, not possible in any other way. <br />
We improve our products through testing, research, and actual in-the-field testing to insure you and your customers have the fastest acting, often unique, no one else can match.</p>
<p>Our employees are vital to the success of our business. They are empowered to actively participate in our quality improvement processes. Our Lubricants Executive Team regularly reviews and monitors our Quality Policy, Objectives, and Progress.<br />
With Mega Power Additive Products and this strong marketing combination, you have A TOTAL PROGRAM to build your future successfully with. </p>
 Business Opportunities as a Distributor</h2>

<p><strong>What we offer<br />
</strong>Since 1984, Mega Power has provided a superior performance line of automotive additives, lubricants, preventative maintenance programs and service equipment to the Automotive, Marine and Industrial markets through a Distributor network.<br />
<br />
<b>The Marketplace</b><br />
The market potential for our additive products is virtually unlimited. Automotive additive sales in the auto lube, tune, and repair retail sector - our market, approached nearly $1 Billion, with a growth potential of $72.6 Billion.

Our market position, as a quality product manufacturer, allows our distributors to earn healthy profit margins. We currently have new territories with explosive growth potentials. See if one is open near you!<br />
<br />
<b>Your Mega Power Investment</b><br />
The minimum initial investment for this business opportunity is a modest ($16,000 to $25,000) and is comprised of start-up inventory and equipment – no franchise fees. We provide the training necessary for you to learn the industry and successfully launch your new business.<br />
<br />

<b><font size="3">To order Mega Power Products for your shop, fleet service, or personal use. For help, Or, for more information about a local business opportunity for your area, call me now George Christ 1 512 665 3388 today!  Email your interest to:  meagpower@grandecaom.net </u></a></font></b></p>

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Profiting off products to help vehicles run better, longer. Like this idea?  Learn of the growing income making advantages of being a Local Mega Power Additive Distributor. Its the way your efforts can earn hundreds more in a days work than any job pays. A local way to freedom no regular job offers. That's what I've been doing here and all my life. I can help you look into the potential in your area. Inquire to learn how to get started. 

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