Dirty Fuel Injectors Tips. Trouble Shooting, Products,  Cleaning Tips. 

Dirty Fuel Injectors tips. Trouble shooting, Products. Cleaning Tips Contact Info: George Christ. Help Ordering Questions call me 512 665 3388

Dirty Fuel Injectors, Troubleshooting, Cleaning Tips 

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    You will see how cleaning dirty fuel injectors, and internal cleaning features are the way to clean.
    Explains How the simple install you can do restores your cars great performance, minutes after the install. It's easy for anyone to do so. Not just mechanics.

About: dirty fuel injectors Tips

    These finger-size devices - one for each piston, spray gas and diesel fuel into a fog for proper combustion.

    Injectors become dirty 3 ways

    1. Oily ingredients collect in our fuels and drop-out. When they collect inside the injector barrel, they choke down the flow causing a shortage of fuel and is one cause of your rough idle.
    2. A smog recycling tube inside your motor vents combustion fumes that escape pass sticky piston rings and mixes with your oil. 
    3. This acidic oily stream of fumes is constantly dumped into the same area where your fuel injectors are located. Then burnt to reduce smog - covered elsewhere on our site.
    4. Those fumes coat layers of goo on the injector tips. When you shut off you motor the temperature in this areas skyrockets to 300 degrees. 
    5. That cooks those oily fumes such they choke, fouls or limits the injector spray. The injector fuel fog becomes a squirt - and this cause idling and one of the causes of power loss problems. See our picture.
    6. Not exactly an injector problem - but those dirty fumes coat the air and fuel intake channel, and combustion area. This causes a performance power loss problem. 
    7. When cooked by the engines heat, this velvety coating acts like a blotter and tends to dump and over-enrich the 16 to one combustion mixture to maybe 20 to one - and makes for sluggish engine performance and a rich, smelly exhaust.Our product described on this page instantly ends all the above and other problems on friction and wear described here.
    8. If your car truck tractor is 4 to 25 years old this product is for you! Order this product today - and enjoy the like new performance you're being robbed of by what is describe here. .. george.
    9. To have a questioned answered about your problem, or to order this treatment, call me at 1 512 665 3388. 
    10. I know! I'm probably the only authority on the internet with research expertise offering suggestions that actually work for such vehicle wear and tear problems.
    11. I personally guarantee this product as advertised here - or your money back.

    More about your injectors and the right kind of care for them and your motor

    When dirty, the spray become less fog-like and wetter. This burns incompletely – causes harder starting, rough idling, power loss, and a smelly exhaust. It often chokes up the exhaust catalytic converter - a power losing negative – that also adds more pollution to our air and water.

    Our Fuel Injector Cleaner treatment ends all that instantly!

    Just add 3 to the gas and oil. Repeat with 3 a week later. Simple. Quick Results.

    To order one Mega Power Dirty Fuel Injectors Tips and Engine Cleaner  6 items. with directions, phone help if needed, shipped to your door in 2 days Guarantee. Just $80+ $15s&h= $95 total.

Our Mega Power Dirty Fuel Injectors Tips Ends Those Problems Instantly!

Step One

    To just clean dirty fuel injectors tips

    You add the red bottle #S, to the gas tank - that's it. That is where all other injector cleaners stop! Not ours!

    To end problems caused by other dirty components in the top of the motor. Also install the yellow bottle #I into a vacuum source; I'll show you where. And...

    Add the black bottle #E to the motors oil.

    Driving does the cleaning fix and makes the product work. It's that easy.

    The 3 items together clean the idle circuits, combustion system, emission system, spark plugs, catalytic converters, and frees sticky rings and valves - ending the problems they cause. What about ending friction in the bottom of your motor to help restore power robbing problems there?

Step two

    One week later, completes the treatment by installing the remaining 3 products are during an oil change - for the bottom of the motor, like this.

    Add the "F" cleaner to the dirty oil. Run motors for 5 minutes.

    Replace with new oil and filter. Add the two products "5"and "6" to the new oil. Shortly there after, the motor will purr and run as if new again! That how you do it!

Why 6 different products - instead of one, as is the common method?

  1. The inventor, Bud Esterline, found these 6 products did a complete and thorough job every time. Not a half job. That's why. I'm the tech expert on proper installation.
  2. The common method is to clean dirty injectors. Most ignored the other problem causing areas - because nothing was invented to address those dirty areas until Mega Power came to be. 
  3. Dirty fuel injectors Tips include ending friction wear out your motor faster - except a $2000+ motor overhaul. This treatment puts off the need for it!
  4. With Mega Power, you clean your injectors and also the following areas. Those contributors to cutting years of good usage off your cars life. 
        In the fuel tank Mega Power cleans and removes condensation - a contributor to making gas and diesel fuel acidic= bad. A fuel breakdown factor that weakens fuel and causes valve and ring sticking - another power reducing effect this product ends by freeing sticky rings and valves.
  5. No injector cleaner sold except Mega Power removes excess friction, the number 2 cause of power loss, by absorption. 
        This restores power to the wheel to help you go faster, with a bit less fuel.
  6. As oil breaks-down, it forms sludge in the motor and blocks oil to
        Your valve lifter - this causes the tap tap tap.It causes 2 to 24 valve stems to bind and closes valves slowly, instead of snappy fast as they should. This reduces full combustion power development and slows the speed down. 
  7. You feed more fuel to the motor to get your speed back up.Sludge sticks piston rings, causing more oil to get to the combustion area and burn - making blue exhaust smoke.Mega Power quickly and safely removes oil breakdown residues - end the problems they cause - as the injectors are cleaned
  8. Certain emission parts become dirty. makes the exhaust smell, produce smog, kills vegetation. Mega Power can clean dirty injectors and the motors emission system; to reduce exhaust pollution to the lowest levels possible.

  9. Our Dirty Fuel Injectors Tips and Treatment Ends All That Instantly! For a powerful return to great performance.

  10. To order one Mega Power Dirty Fuel Injectors Tips and Engine Cleaner  6 items. with directions, phone help if needed, shipped to your door in 2 days Guarantee. Just $80+ $15s&h= $95 total.

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