The diesel engine protector is a 10 minute Mega Power Diesel Engine top to bottom tune up Treatment. Works fast, with professional results that even most repair shops can't produce.  You add, drive to revitalize!

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Diesel Engine Protector contains a Fuel Injector Cleaner + Cetane Booster, and engine part conditioner.

They are a premium quality fuel treatment which boosts the performance and stability of any diesel fuel it is added to. Diesel fuel treated, yields maximum engine performance, fuel economy, emissions reduction, wear protection, and fuel storage stability, for all types of diesel engines. Lifts the cetane value of the base fuel by 3-6 numbers, which greatly improves combustion, increases performance and power, and reduces emissions. The lubricity agent prevents wear of fuel pumps and fuel injectors. Contains a powerful detergent package which both removes and prevents carbon build up on injectors and in the combustion chamber and in the diesel particulate filter. In addition to all that, contains anti-oxidant fuel stabilizer to prevent oxidation and fuel break down during prolonged storage or down times.


  • Cleans dirty fuel injectors including High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) injectors.
  • Boosts cetane up to 3-6 numbers. Engines run smoother with less power lag and faster cold starts.
  • Decreases fuel consumption up to 8%.Saves on fuel costs.
  • Boosts power. Reduces need to downshift during high-load conditions.
  • Contains maximum fuel lubrication. Protects fuel injectors and pumps against accelerated wear from Low and Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuels.
  • Prevents thermal/oxidative breakdown of diesel fuel. Protects against sludge formation that plugs fuel filters and injectors.
  • Stabilizes stored fuel.
  • ULSD compliant. Contains less than 15 parts per million (ppm) sulfur.

Cetane Boost

Diesel Fuel Conditioner + Cetane Booster contains a special additive which, when blended into typical quality diesel fuel, raises its cetane value by 3-6 numbers. Increased cetane value leads to better and more complete ignition of the fuel, resulting in increase in felt horsepower, better fuel economy and reduced emissions.

Fuel Lubricantion

Diesel Fuel Conditioner + Cetane Booster contains a lubricity agent which compensates for the loss of lubricity caused by Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel requirements. This lubricant contains no sulfur and preserves the ULSD requirement of less than 15ppm sulfur in the fuel, while providing excellent protection against wear in fuel pumps and fuel injectors.

Fuel Injector Cleaning

Diesel Fuel Conditioner + Cetane Booster provides injector-cleaning additives to remove and prevent carbon deposits on fuel injectors and in the combustion chamber. It protects high pressure direct injection systems and helps boost fuel economy and engine performance.


  • Effective in all diesel fuels including ULSD and biodiesel blends
  • Heavy Duty diesel engine fleets of all kinds
  • Diesel passenger cars
  • Stationary diesels used in power generation, compressors, pumps, and industrial work
  • Mining equipment
  • Municipal diesel engine fleets – sanitation, bus lines, school buses
  • Industrial Marine Diesels burning #2 fuels

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