Cleaning catalytic converter yourself product installed in 10,000 cars with Good as new results.

Cleaning catalytic converter. Your car or truck catalytic converter is an exhaust muffler-like device. It contains exotic ingredients that when burning hot - its normal temperature, changes your motor's normally harmful - tree, water, and air polluting combustion exhaust into less harmful pollutants. 

When dirty, this device will choke down the performance of your car.

While replacement is the usual remedy, at about $400 to $1200, a new product from Mega Power will clean and restore its efficiency - and Mega Power offers several desirable, repair avoiding advantages other brands do not offer... for under $100...

Besides clean converter operation again, Mega Power cleans 6 motor sub-systems restoring for you, your original near new-like vehicle power, zip, and performance - customers tell us.  More below including ordering info...

Mega Power's cleaning catalytic converter treatment restores your smooth engine power, lowers emissions - an is easy to install - shown here. Just $75 plus $15 s&h= $90  total.  Metal feeder tool - not included, just $125.

This Do-it-yourself product - made for mechanics, is simple enough for any non mechanic to install - with perfect catalytic converter cleaning results

Easy to follow directions call for 3 item to be installed for top of your motor fuel and converter cleaning. 3 for your motor's oiling system/

If you've been told your converter is at fault and needs replacement, you will want to try cleaning it with Mega Power first, as its needed remedy. Order now~

Ordering Mega Power. Simple, fast way to end a complex problem

To order a Mega Power

One Mega Power Cleaning Catalytic Converter Treatment. Includes 6 items shown, easy to follow directions, phone help if needed, guarantee. Shipped FedEx to your door in about 3 days.Just $75 plus $15 s&h= $90  total.

Converter cleaning along with emission system cleaning with Mega Power in 10,000 cars. It includes instant cleaning of your motor's piston rings, valves, fuel injectors, and emission system parts and sensors - wherever fuel, air, oil, and combustion goes.

Cleaning - shown by an increase of engine operating vacuum from 15 inches to over 21 or higher.  This is like  a near new engine operating at its peak efficiency. And, of course, this is the method needed to clean your dirty converter at the same time, guaranteed!

Cleaning of your motor's piston rings, valves, and your dirty converter all needs to be done - and Mega Power figured it out for you, so you again have the restoring of the best running car or truck,  ever!

Rapid results in 10,000 cars include instant cleaning of your motor's piston rings, valves - shown by an increase of engine operating vacuum from 15 inches to over 21 or higher.  All like  nr brand new engine operating at its peak efficiency. And, of course your dirty converter in minutes, guaranteed!

Why cleaning of your motor's piston rings, valves, and your dirty converter all needs to be done - and Mega Power figured it out for you, so you again have the restoring of the best running car or truck, ever!

As shown in this picture of your cat converter problem comes as a results of your motor's dirty pistons, sticky piston rings, and lazy closing valves, and combustion blowby recirculating they  residues from collected or made here! Then, travel into, and plugs-up your catalytic converter - choking down exhaust - like your stopped up noise stops your breathing effectively.

Mega Power cleaning catalytic converter treatment starts there to insure converter cleaning results stays clean - and makes for the best tune up you ever got! A better advantage for your motor and your budget!

Mega Power cleaning catalytic converter treatment restores lousy gear downshifts problems going up hills, due to low engine vacuum.

When it comes to what's causing your motor a loss of performance, maybe a gear downshifting problem, the car's muffler exhaust converter is a likely cause. However....

People, even trained technicians get it all backwards as the cause of the problem and the replacing the converter - or cleaning it, as the real answer.

Mega Power friction modifying cleaning catalytic converter treatment included.

What's happens in your converter results from years of inside your motor dirty-up, and choke-down residue eventually crawling into and making for cleaning catalytic converter a all of a sudden necessity.

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