Amazing additive helps caterpillar engine, or any  engine, even worn, power-losing, fuel-wasting ones, to run instantly smooth, more-powerful again. 

That is the real help your cat engine  really needs. Details below.

Caterpillar engine contact info: If on a smartphone, have a question, to order items listed, call me.. george at 512 665 3388

Equipment-operating expense-lowering methods

Your caterpillar engine at some point will have sticky residues, friction, and acid pitting hampering it rings, valves bearings an gear operation. A sign of wear....

An overhaul is one solution to that problem. This is the other. Our way is the best remedy. Here is the whys of both methods, their advantages and negatives.

  • Some cat owners run their engine far as they can with worn engines, then send them in for overhaul. There is no complaint about this - its the traditional way to operate such engines.
  • However, some tractor owners enjoy extending tractor engine running time by up to several years with the help of Mega Power cleaning, conditioners an friction modifiers.
  • For less than a $1000 per unit investment - not $10,000, the Mega Power HD Engine Treatment Program is a 2 step simple service - to help you keep older equipment going years longer an pocketing the tens of thousands now going for premature overhauls.

Says Joey Hackmeyer, "My thinking is this - and it has to do with additives.

Like medicine - and vitamins, who denies such when sick, an to keep well? No one! Mega Power Additives do the same keeping my equipment running years pass the normal because they are the medicine an vitamins heavy equipment needs. Those thick gooey additives sold at truck stops an part stores have very little helping power!

You can instantly see Mega Power's years of medicinal an health restoring product advantages that keeps your older units running, and your bank balance growing by many more thousands - where once it use to go for overhaul an downtime bills. Fuel savings by going 20 to 40 more miles an hours running on fill up - cover Mega Power cost!

Of course, I don't mine my competitors having such greater upkeep expense and down-times. Higher operating expense makes them give a bit hirer bid on jobs I also bid for.

I feel Mega Power is a secret that helps me win more bids now an then - made possible by not needing to pad my bids higher to cover repair an downtime expense. The thousands of hours gained and dollars Mega Power reduces for me, my competitors have not caught on to." ... JH ... want to claim the same? read on!

Mega Power's caterpillar engine treatment covers conditioning an revitalizing of fuel, oiling, an combustion systems - pushing overhaul needs off for many years - even if overhaul seems eminent 

Mega Power is easy to install. Advantages include easier starting, higher gear up hill climbing, clean exhaust, reduced blowby, quieter operation. Years of stronger dependable performance before overhaul. Order Now!  3 day FedEx delivery. sold satisfaction guaranteed. Please Note: 2 refunds requested last 267 days.

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The cost an expense avoidance info at this link.

If on a smartphone, have a question, to order items listed, call me.. george at 512 665 3388

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