Should I let my mechanic remove my cars catalytic converter - or, what do you suggest?

New product cleans catalytic converter in minutes. Tips, help, product ordering info.

Taken for Yahoo answers:

  • "What a Beautiful thing the catalytic converter is! Believe it or not!

    Here's why I saaaaaaaay that. The Gov made car makers add this sorta look like muffler to change gas that does not burn during combustion completely - into less poisonous gas and water with that device. Of course, the car makers could have easily designed better engines - but no, its cheaper for them to pass the buck to the government. So the Gov said, reduce exhaust pollution - not make a better engine. Hey! Isn't that the job of big business, anyway. fattening their " pocket at the expense of yours? So, to reduce poisons the "cat" converter is there.
  • So, this device does help to keep our air, trees, rivers, children and older, frail people's lungs from excessive posioning.
  • However, when the catalytic converter gets choked up with carbon your car will dispaly all kinds of weird tune up type problems.

    "If its plugged up, replace it - at a muffler shop; its cheaper there, aaand that will set things right. However...
  • A "cat" converter can be cleaned, and so can a half dozen engine sub-systems that overload the "cat" converter with carbon.
  • Cleaning: "One company, Mega Power,. makes such a cleaner. You can order the product and install it to end that problem for a fraction of a converter replacement expense. End of Yahoo answer.

What you should know about cleaning a catalytic converter.

The problem.

After your new car warrantee expirers, your motor will have accumalated enough sticky residues and friction to have it work under an extra internal load burden - that now overloads ideal combustion levels.

With more friction and the restrictive movement of dirty pistons, valves, bearings, and gears, less power is developed, and more horsepower is absorbed along the way to speeding you down the road as fast. Your road speed from dead stop, and highway speed will drop 5 to 10 miles per hour from 70 to 65 or 60 as a result.

So, you feed more gas to the mootor unknowingly to keep that speed up - and you go 20 to 40 less milles on a fill up.

You think your car is showing signs of old age, and near worn out.

"Not so," says George Christ, a tune up teacher.

  • George explains: "When you have lung congestion, a runny nose, you just don't operate at full power and efficentcy. Its the same for your motor.
  • What you need is a very good and comprehensive medicine in both cases, says George.
  • I recommend the Mega Power Motor and Emission Cleaner as the best product ever invented to rid the motor of years of sticky residue buildup. and the elimanation of excessive friction.
  • For 1/5 the price of a new catalytic converter, Mega Power's Treatment will show a "5 gas emission exchaust test" reading go from excessivly high to the lowest levels possible, and engine vacuum will climb from 15 to 20 - the level the motor had when new!
  • I recommend to all my mechanics to add Mega Power catalytic converter cleaning to to all tune and repair services - as the best way to reduce car pollution, and have the car run again, as good as new! Price for the service and product run about $150. Fuel savings will pay for that expense many times over.
  • Some mechanics just do fuel injector cleaning, but that means 8 other dirty conditions and friction remain. Mega Power cleans all 8 areas, not just one or two.
  • Mega Power includes 6 items. 3 for the top of motor and catalytic converter cleaning. And 3 for lower, oiling system and emission system cleaaning. The product is easy to install, and any one can do so, not just mechanics. Results occur in 15 minutes of driving.
  • Take emission test in 24 hours or 200 miles of driving.
  • Mega Power last for years, and promotes years longer, great running dependibility, too! Your motor needs it! It will protect your motor and and end your cars smog-making ways. Order it below while its on your mind. Shown here...

Price and ordering info

  • One: Mega Power Motor and Emission Cleaner. 6 items as shown. Comes with easy to follow instructions, guarantee, and phone help, if needed. $65 plus $15s&h=$80 total.
  • Two Mega Power Motor and Emission Cleaners. 12 itens. Comes with easy to follow instructions, guarantee, and phone help, if needed. $125 plus $15s&h=$140 total. Save $20.
  • Six Mega Power Motor and Emission Cleaners. 36 items. Comes with easy to follow instructions, guarantee, and phone help, if needed. $300 plus $25s&h=$325 total. Save $95.
  • To ask a question, or to order, call 512 665 3388... george

Other wear and performance problems Mega Power ends.

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