10  popular car additives for engines and fuels to end valve tapping, oil burning, blowby, oil leaks, rough idle, black exhaust smoke, lousy mileage, high mileage lost of power. Extend years more life.

To end valve tapping: usually also causing rough idle, mysterious stalling.

The above picture shows what years of residues causes around the combustion area of each of your motors pistons and valves.

Usually, you pay a mechanic to take apart your engine to hand clean each of these and other parts - which takes a week in the shop and some $2000 plus of your hard earned money to correct.

New products using "problem-solving chemistry" can now remove that buildup of residues in your engine - and transmission, restoring the clean, smooth operation.

A complex action  does so using 6 items in what is acalled a valve treatment - while you drive. Nothing to take a part. Simple to use. Very professional in results - but often dis-liked by many mechanics.

Other uses for this  end valve tapping install it yourself product.

Many car and equipment owners try this product first! iT WORKS IN 95 CASES OUT OF 100. The product is also installed to keep such problems from causin further engine damage - often times permitting you to drive the vehicle for a year or so - until replacement funds can be collected. 

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