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An Automotive Additive Distributor 

Business Opportunity. Hays County Tx. Wholesale Distributor Contact Info: For Inquiry, Availability.  Call me Mr george at 512 665 3388

Why it's perfect for you:

Business Opp Hays County, austin. San AntoniA.

The Money - As much income as you want!

   As one of our additive distributors, imagine 6 months from now having developed 50 nearby accounts, each making you $200 every month! 

   Residual income is the secret - with no limits.

   Getting clients to subscribe to our more profitable way to fix cars is a no brainer. Its the only way our market -the local auto repair shop owner can make 5 weeks income in four.  Having the means for him to now take home an extra $1000 every month is the means for that account to make you $200. Our line of additives, unlike all others, makes this possible. 

   How does the wholesale automotive additive business work?

    We ourselves were once distributors working for people who introduced the business to us and its unusual income potential.

    Motor vehicles need additives to rinse out its 5 systems. Mechanics and quick lubes depend on them for that purpose. Lots of companies sell additives. However, they have to go to a parts stores to get them. Or another vendor. Flush additives are dagerous to the vehicle and installer because theu us solvents or caustics.

    Out line uses no solvents and no caustics - and have a tune up feature in it. And we have 16 more that take care of dozens of other problems vehicle shave that, everyday mechanics miss profiting off of because ther is no additive for them.

    When they see the difference and the improvments to point out to the customers, they become their only other source of extra income. They need inventory filled every month by someone. Thats how you make $200 of that acount. He may earn $1000 to $2000 from them for his part.

   There are no  wholesale additive business opportunites excespt with us. 

    After the learning curve you can average more in a few hours that most people make in 8 hours - sometimes more! Work from home.

    Our wholesale distributor average profit per   client is $$200 a month. When I was a Distributor I would average $10,000 a month with 50 accounts. Some do better. Take a pencil to it, imagine the many prospects to see what the potential is  ----- Then read on.

The Business Opp Hays County TX. Market - There are millions of cars and trucks in Hays County Tx. Most are pass !00,000 miles -  and headed for one or more operating problems. With several thousands repair shops - each looking for an edge to more income, and a way to build a loyal following - Our additives, bought at wholesale and unlimited profit added to them, represent the ideal business for you, and what the car owner and repair shop owner needs.

The Hassles - Having your own business is great, but some businesses are more trouble than they're worth. Having a Business Opp Hays County TX. Mega Power Wholesale Additive Distributor is simple. It fills a need in the market - and is surprisingly impressive every time its installed. A no hassle business. with a product that impresses. Do grass-roots advertising to each prospect, notice what he repairs, then ask him, "How Hard Is It To Produce $500 to $2000 Extra Each Month For The Wife To Pay Bills With?" 

After their reply, you say, "What if I could show you how to produce $500 to $2000 extra profit every month with customers you already have. And spend no extra time doing so? That would solve that problem wouldn't it - if it was easy to do? Hear reply.  And I can assure you customers will came back for even more work a week later - they now go to competitors for? That could even produce more income for you you're missing now.  Can you imagine the good feeling you would have of not longer hearing your wife tall you. "Bill! You need to do something to bring home more money!" It would take a half hour to show you our program. And every month I'll be here to help keep the extra income coming in. And the best part is - it cost you nothing out of your own pocket like other programs charge you! Never! Would you have a half hour to get started now? "

On top of that, this Business Opp Hays County TX. for a Mega Power Wholesale Distributor System is designed to make the initial set up simple. Complete training in a few hours and practice following our proven system can put you in business in a few days. Work your Business Opp Hays County TX from home. Chose your own hours. You're the Boss. Keep all you earn.

The system is followed by Distributors around the world. Sure, there are competitors. However, they sell 50 year old detergent additives. They do return the cars performance. However, Mega Power Returns a bigger engine power and small car fuel economy - with the quietest, impressive  operation - no other product can duplicate. The customer can keep the performance going yearly by a service by the mechanic.  And, they are of chemical nature, for today's service and problem solvers, and tomorrows chemistry anti-wear. Proven by a ride around the block!  Demo comparison, they show show, this is the business to have.

Business Opportunity. Hays County TX. 512 665 3388

What to do before this is taken by another!

See the product line - try it in all your cars. That will give you the know how to show others the Business Opp Hays County TX they can have pumping up their income with your help. Its easy for mechanic to install. Every user admits. They did not know it was possible for their older vehicle to run so good by servicing this way.  For you? The perfect business to be in. Investment is easy on you.  Call the phone number and talk to me about your interest in a better life and if our system is the one for you. george

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