Automotive component servicing is now made easier. With wider protect and easier, safer flush procedures. A How To included shows that bumper-to-bumper component servivng procedure in 2 steps. Dirty fluid flush starts the service. An an item to stop that components problems. A protector is added with it to end, or prevent internal troubles...
To reduce fright cost, the oils and fluids should bought locally at a parts store. A Mega Power Component Treatment covers chemicals  for all 5 systems. Cleaners.  Conditioners. Protectors. Problem Ender.
The 5 kits cover the motor oil system flush, and 4 motor protectors. and flush and 2 conditioners for each of the following. Transmission fluid change fluid change, steering fluid change, radiator coolant fluid change. An A/C compressor anti wear.

Automotive component servicing How To.

The idea is a 2 step procedure. Order items needed below,

  1. Add the cleaners and conditioners to the old fluid.  Run or drive the car for 10 minutes. 
  2. Drain out the old fluids. Replace with new fluids. Add protectors designated for the new fluids. Directions walk you thru each components service.

   Imagine how sweet your car will run when all 5 components are cleaned of sludge, trouble causing acids. And the best anti-problem protection added with the new fluids - fluids not included. Get fluids from a parts store.  [The fluids needed to be obtained locally are a Filter, 5 quarts good oil. 3 gallons ATF transmission fluid. 2 gallons full strength anti-freeze. Nothing needed for power steering or a/c component servicing].

The 5 automotive component servicing How To Kits. 

Tips. Some choose to add the cleaners to each component and then go to a quick lube to do the change out of old fluids for new. Protectors included are added after new fluids have been installed. Each is marked for the correct usage.

Savings. Protects the cars 5 components in a one day do-it-yourself service. It easy. Save over $1000 to $1000 dealer labor service fees by doing it yourself.  Imagine doing it yourself! I've made it easy.

Vehicle Problem Ending Service. Dual Purpose. 

This stops the problem or leak if any. Dual purpose prevents them in the future. Their number one advantgage for you.

The service nips infant trouble appearing problems and full blown ones. So, you add both features in one service. 

From this Mega Power Brand  of additves listing - what I use in my shop, package to do a bumper to bumper servicing of your vehicles. And REPAIR SHOP RESALE.From this Mega Power Brand of additves listing - what I use in my shop, I have package the items for you to do a bumper to bumper servicing of your vehicles. For the do-it-yourselfer, and REPAIR SHOP RESALE.

    Ordering componet servicing additives and their How To .

    Click on the one  link that interest you, or click all 5 one at a time, to learn all about their benefits.

    Mega Power Engine/Tune-Up Treatment. About $80+$20 s&h

    Transmission Treatment About $50+$20 s&h

    Radiator Treatment About $40+$20 s&h

    Power Steering Treatment About $40+$20 s&h

    Air Conditione Tune Up Treatment About $20+$20 s&h

    Or click the cart buttons below to order all 5 service kits to service one vehicle. 

    These 5 sets cover one vehicle's bumper to bumper component servicing. Guaranteed to last 2 full years. I noticed the protection last up to 4 years. But the fluid weakens in 2 years.

    On sale.  Only $200+$20 s&h= $220 Total. Save $about $100. 15 items included for the one vehicle bumper to bumper component servicing treatments.

    Click this cart button below, to order a vehicles bumper to bumper component servicing package. 5 included. Other deals below.  

    This Automotive component servicing How To package doubles as a every 2 year component servicing for a good vehicles required 25,000 mile servicing.

    No finer bumper-tobumper protection

    offered by anyone else.

    Their dual Purpose:

    To prevent troubles and stop troubles system wide.

    Now in one product gain problem solving, and Add anti-trouble protection to each component. Following the 2 steps included with each treatment. 

    Now, gain a new-like operation again when changing out its dirty fluid with these treatments. Includes directions, free phone  install walkthru. Gurantee. Guantee last 2 years. Free replacement if a problem developes, to update servicing after any system repair.

Order all 5 service kits for one bumper to bumper component servicing. $200+$20 s&h $220 Total. Save $about $100 15 items cluded for bumper to bumper component servicing to last 2 years.

Ordering 2 sets of products for both your car bumper to bumper component servicing requierments. Just $200.  Save $100. Click cart button to pay. 

30 items included for both your cars bumper to bumper component servicing. $300 total includes shipping. Click cart button below for this package. 

Order 6 sets for 6 cars at $100 per set of 5, per car. $600 total including shipping.

Ordering 6 service kits, 90 items, for 6 cars/pickups bumper to bumper component servicing. Save $about $600.00 over seprate pricing. Just $600 total includes shipping. Click cart button below for this package. 

Bumper to bumper worrys flushed away.

    Automotive component servicing How To. Here are the products and directions needed to service your vehicles every two years...

Click on the links below to see their product details. It will open up in a separate page.

...Call me, if you like to order by phone, not Online.

These by Mega Power Additives come with simple install instructions. Shipped fedex in 3 days to your home or business.

You can order the one or all 5 component package Treatments. An save $100. Also save Hundreds in labor cost as they are easy to do on a Saturday morning. I'll walk you thru the steps.

...Call if you have a question and to order by phone instead. Thanks for you order..... george 1 512 665 3388

What is car equipment componet servicing ?

    It is the every 2 year required dirty fluid change out of the cars 5 components. Usually a dealer or quick lube does it. However, I've packaged them so the car owner can do them. Here's  the what and How To.

    Consider. You can change out dirty oils and fluids for new ones as the minimum service. Its like washing and then putting oils or creams on your body to keep your face and body young looking and healthy. However...

    Just changing out your cars dirty oil and fluids for new is harmful. How so!

    It leaves dirty asidic, sticky acidic gums inside. They continue eating away at critical parts right beside the new oil or fluids.

    Knowing they are the cause of costly repairs when left inside, smart people follow our servicing methods.

    They offer more than a fluid drainout and new fluid replacement. Drain out leaves acids inside and sticky residues inside, known as the cause of automotive problems. 

    These automotive component servicing How To kits do a complete service of all 5 vehicle components. They offer:

  • Internal cleaning and removal of acids. 
  • Acid neutralizing, and 
  • Addition of 2 protectors to keep troubles from appearing in your your automotive components.
  • With this lesson you can do all 5 components. 

    Automotive component servicing How To verses The cost of repair.

    If not following our method, the cost of damage from acids and friction repair can be in the many thousands of dollars when ignoring your car servicing.  I know - I've tried it. Paid the price dearly. Then, as mechanic seen car owners pay thousads for what a $200 to $400 service  $1000 to $2000 dealer service can precvent. But Note: part store additives can't cut it. To weak. Thats why they sell them! We discovered the Mega Power Brands components treatments the smartest way to do so.

    Test prove our Mega Power Brands treatments work - with over 50 years in usage. Each comes with a full on-the-spot money back if failure of the system occurs during two years.

    Order the following automotive component servicing How To Treatment. They offer trouble free operation for years to mcome. You made the right decision with us.

    Our bumper to bumper servicing products contain :

  • a cleaner, 
  • a stop leak, and two
  • system protectors.
  • They provide you all 5 of your cars components decades long trouble free protection.  Order all 5 sets for $200 + $20 S&H = $220 total..

    Our bumper to bumper directions. Each of the 3 items in each component treatment provides a whole system cleaning.  With the new fluid the protectors and system problem solver is add.  A clean system prevents toubles. The pror=tectors stop trpobles in the making. It follows hat  cleaning of the system during a 5 to 10 minute cleaning run and them a system drain out of the dirty fluid  makes way for  clean new fluids and our 2 protectors.

    Our Treatment continues its features with 2 more treatment items in the kit, added with the new oil or fluid. One for the problem solution, and a problem preventative. They are the fix recipe.

    They make the best product to stop leaks and operating problems. Offer system wide anti-trouble protection. The 5 bumper to bumper servicing products are: 

    Mega Power Engine Treatment. About $80

    Transmission Treatment About $50

    Radiator Treatment About $40

    Power Steering Treatment About $40

    Air Conditione Tune Up Treatment About $20

The difference in our bumper to bumper servicing products is they do more than stop leaks -if existing. They remove the acidic leak or operating problem cause. Adds a stop leak. Read the following...

Ends problems  that start 2 ways.

1- Because acids shrinks seals causing leaks, and eact away smooth rubbing surfaces. Our treatment removes both problems. What can that mean for you? 

2- Adds a protective smmoth surface to them. This adds one more demision to problem ending factors contributing to longer life. Can you see it purpose? 

Did you know?

Common additive brands are harmful

Mega Power Treatments Offer Protectors

We love Mega Power because:

 More Automotive component bumper to bumper servicing products How To.

You can easily install a Mega Power Treatment to and save hundreds of dollars while doing so....

There Automotive component servicing How To.

As you can imagine, beside stop leak advantages: Mega Power revitalizes  each moving part with extra lubrication.  It helps the many O-rings slide and rub as they should. Seals, and gaskets inside everywhere - stops their internal and external leakage.

The cleaning ingredient neutralizes acids, reducing a big wear reducer. This makes the cleaner a great engine, transmission protector.

More Did you know bumper to bumper servicing products info.

Now you know the difference between a additive and a treatment?  

 A treatment like what we offer really protecs for a much longer time than you can imagine. 512 665 3388

    They remove acids, the cause of leaks, and the number one and two engine transmission killers.

    With about 14 million failures expected this year - with a cost of repair at $2000 to $5,500 each, you can see it pays to take care of your car bumper to bumper with this treatment.

    Bumper to bumper servicing products Directions.

    Our Cleaners, cleans and removes the gooey acidic residues that hinder part movement andcreate repair needs.

    You add the cleaner to the dirty fluid for 5 minutes or so - then drain and replace the old fluid with new.

    The second and 3rd items smooths and coats wear-roughen gears and such. They are added to the new fluid.

    They reduce friction and provide a noticeable internal cooling of the fluid temperatures. The 3rd cause of most engine and transmission problems. 

    The second and 3rd items contain special protectors to smooth and seal the surfaces of gears, shafts, pump pistons, converter, clutches, so they move without chafing.

    Mega Power ends the 3 causes of bumper-to-bumper problems. Not just one! And this helps extend the motor, transmission, steering, radiator, and A/C component dependable life. With 4 ingredients - including a "friction modifier called MC+ in them, you are sure have total bumper to bumper servicing products protection."

    For new to older high mileage vehicles.Provides smoother power and stronger shifting, and provide years longer, trouble-free life.

    By smoothing wear-roughen and friction worn surfaces, and then by layering a protective coating over the surfaces of your pistons, bearings, valves and gears - for added protection. Mega Power advantages stops the leak, ends shift, reduces high heat, rapid wear, tapping, ends poor cooling problems, too.

    More bumper to bumper servicing products How To.

    That is because common part store type stop leaks use solvents to swell leaking seals. Additives that use solvents turns rubber seals to mush. This causes an even bigger problem later on - many people tell us.

    I put a cut-up portions of a seal into test tubes with every stop leak I could find - and that is how I found out solvents in part store stop leaks degrade the seal in their softening process.

    Our Mega Power, uses a "seal conditioner" and is 100% safe. It revitalizes  internal partsback to normal.

    End: Bumper to bumper servicing products